Groovy blast from the past

Some good Beatles tunes, with a nifty message. Will make you laugh, tap your toes, and perhaps even provoke some deep thinking.


Create a Rainbow Bridge for 2012

Part 1:

Part 2:


A little odd and a tad overbearing in delivery; but  humorous and strangely comforting to us lefties.

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Mellow and Beautiful

If you’ve never heard of Mazzy Star aka Hope Sandoval, here’s  your introduction. She’s been a favorite of mine for over ten years, and one of the out of the norm forms of music I like to dance to. Enjoy!

Crow and Kitten Friends: Animal messages

More messages from our animal teachers. Beautiful.

 To see more check out this blog entry:  Animal messages for these times « Kat’s Musings

DNA Activation

Amazing energy, can you feel it’s pulse? 

Chakra Meditation Videos

It is available online in 3 parts:

Part One Root and 2nd Chakra:


Part Two: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat


Part Three: Third Eye and Crown

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