Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight

A wonderful explaination of the human body, brain and energy system from a neuroanatomist experiencing a stroke.



Adorn yourself like a goddess

I’ve been swimming in my creativity lately and boy is that lucky for you! Christmas is rapidly approaching and you need to find those perfect presents for those many goddesses around you. Bedazzle their divinity and everyone around them with a one of a kind creation just as unique and gorgeous as they are.

 I will be adding more daily so keep an eye out for more adornments for both you and the home. 

www.EsotericEnchantments.etsy.com  : )


Many blessings to you and your loved ones ~Kat

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Todays work

Went to work today making a present for someone I love dearly. I was going for a fall theme while making the leaves, but the green of summer just kept calling me so I added in two types of jade. I think it’s name should be the last glimpse of summer. I was pretty impressed with it so I thought I’d share.

The last glimpse of summer


In response to this post, I’ve been asked to list a necklace of the same fashion.

I strive to keep everything one of  kind, so you know your getting something really unique, so here’s a similar design with a twist.

You can see more here:  Etsy :: Autumn Leaves