The Real Secret

The word spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus, meaning “breath”. Spirit is the breath of life. The word intelligent is from the Latin, intelligentia, meaning “choosing between”. Spiritual Intelligence is our ability to choose between spirit and ego. We consciously practice spiritual intelligence when we intentionally choose spirit over ego, love over fear, and the highest good for all over selfish interest..

The Voice of Spirit is the voice of our Higher Self. My Higher Self is that which has never left its creator. All Higher Selves are connected as One. I connect to my Higher Self through my soul. My soul is my dream self — that part of me that has wandered through countless life experiences trying to find its way back home to the Higher Self. My soul desires to wake up and remember who it is..

I develop my spiritual intelligence when I join with my soul and choose to identify with my Higher Self, my Spirit. In this state of identification I realize that I am not my body. I am not my gender or my profession. I am not my ethnicity nor am I my religion. I am not my life situation, my illnesses, my financial position, or my status in society. I am not my problems and I am not my past. Spiritual identification has me detaching from all forms and experiences and seeing myself as a spiritual being in this human experience..

Many people in spiritual circles like to call on angels, Jesus, or other beings of light. This is good. Many others make use of rituals, tools, methodologies, and programs to learn and grow. This can be good, too. As we develop spiritually we come to realize that we are the light. You and I are the light that we seek. There is nothing we can seek that we don’t already have within us. There is no person, program, or methodology that can do it for us. Nothing, of itself, will bring you the light or awaken you. It is your intention and willingness that that leads you to the power that lies within you..

This is the real “secret”. There is nothing out there you need. Love, peace, prosperity, and wholeness are already within you. When you trust in this completely, you have all that you need in the physical. When we are hung up on the form–the car, the house, the bank account, the great body, the great relationship– we make the form our source. The source, God, is within us, and is always available. We are not separate from God, and that is the secret..

We are born into this world not knowing the secret. If we knew it, we wouldn’t need to be here. Yet, we are here, so there is something to be learned. Both our tendencies to live from spirit and our tendencies live from ego are manifested in the physical world by way of the Law of Attraction..

The film and the book, The Secret, is an inspiring piece of work about the Law of Attraction. Certainly you can use the Law of Attraction to build the life you desire. It should be noted however, that both Hitler and Stalin successfully used the Law of Attraction. The movie indicates that wealthy power brokers have always used the Law of Attraction. This is where spiritual intelligence comes in. When you create, are you creating from spirit or from ego? ..

Another point The Secret makes is: “Anyone can do this.” Do what? Create a $4 million home? Own several luxury cars? Live a wealthy lifestyle? If this is true, then are we to conclude that those of us who are not enjoying these riches have something wrong with our thinking? On this basis we would have to make Donald Trump one of our primary spiritual teachers, and Bill Gates would be the world guru..

Each of us has an individual purpose to be played out in this life. For some, having great wealth is part of their purpose. For others, it may not be. Some people will practice changing their thoughts and emotions and find quick success. Others may practice for twenty or thirty years and find no change in what they have manifested. Neither scenario conclusively tells us where someone is in consciousness. The relationship between cause and effect is not linear. It is unlikely that you will think a negative thought today and the next day something bad will happen to you. Consciousness is made up of your awareness, understanding, and knowledge (or lack of). The physical manifestations in your life are not predictable to the ego mind..

For example, you may have a deep issue with unforgiveness. At the same time you are healthy, wealthy, and have good relationships. In spite of your wealth and health, you feel badly. In another instance, your unforgiveness may play out as indebtedness, poor health, or hurtful relationships, or all three. In truth, you don’t know what you signed up for when you came to this life. Cancer may manifest from deep anger, or maybe you signed up for the cancer experience to learn something else. Our life experiences are not rewards or punishments. They are opportunities for growth that we have agreed to on another level of consciousness..

I have heard people say, “I would rather be unhappy and rich than unhappy and poor.” Unhappy is unhappy. If you are very unhappy, wealth can provide plenty of distractions that keep you right where you are. Whereas, if you have a load of debt to contend with, you may be motivated to do the work. It is possible to be deeply indebted and ecstatically happy. If you can maintain that happiness the debt will probably dissolve in time. Whether it does or not is not the point. The important thing is that you have found inner wealth, peace and joy within, and that you have stopped identifying yourself with your manifestations. No one is luckier than you. The danger of finding wealth in the physical before you have inner wealth is that you will think the physical wealth makes you special..

Great wealth, excellent health, and beautiful relationships are wonderful to experience, but they are forms. Forms are effects. It is the cause that you focus on as a spiritually intelligent being. At some point in the spiritual development process, having nice things seems important. Further on your path, you just don’t care about stuff anymore..

Being anti-materialist, promoting the image that you are just not into stuff, is no different than the rich person who identifies himself with his wealth. The attention is still on the form. Being “non-materialistic” doesn’t make you special. Whether you have a lot of stuff or not is irrelevant. What counts is your ability to detach from it and to recognize that you really don’t own anything. You are not your stuff (or lack of stuff). You are a spiritual being on the road home to your Higher Self..

The secret to your inner joy and wealth is your spiritual intelligence, your ability to choose between spirit and ego. There is a beautiful three step process based on a book called The Song of Prayer from A Course in Miracles. In the first step, you give all of your goals, your problems, and your concerns to God as a gift. Once you have emptied yourself, you join in song with God. That is, you identify with your Higher Self and immerse yourself in its love. In this state you know that you are blessed and loved unconditionally. The third step is called the Echo. That is, miracles show up to remedy problems or that help you achieve your goals. The real miracle is your ability to let go and identify with spirit. This creates inner wealth, inner health, and inner love..

We are 100 % responsible for our lives. This means that opportunities abound for us to respond by shifting our attention to our spiritual identity. Responsibility is not blame. Responsibility is power and opportunity. It comes down to this: in this very moment, who is running your life? Is it spirit or is it ego? Is it love or is it fear? If you are feeling anything less than peace, your ego is having its influence. Remind yourself that you are not your body, not your situation. You are a spiritual being. In this lies your strength. In this thought you know that low self esteem, self condemnation, and blaming others are illusions. They are just stories you have told yourself..

Be the real you. If you knew that you were a powerful spiritual being, how would you stand? How would you carry yourself? What would be the expression on your face? What kinds of thoughts would you allow into your mind? If you knew that you were unconditionally loved, how would you act? What words would you use? What would be your tone of voice? This is one way you practice spiritual intelligence. You become aware, and then you become who you really are..

This awareness, understanding, and knowledge allows you to approach life with confidence. The essence of the successful use of the Law of Attraction is confidence. When you approach life with utmost confidence, your world responds. Confidence based solely on externals, or even based on knowledge of psychology, is fragile. Confidence based on spiritual strength is power..

This is the secret the world has kept from you–that you are God expressing as you. Each moment that you choose to live from your spirit is a powerful and expansive moment. Each moment you make this choice you influence others. You are a light. You are a blessing to the world..


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Energy of the new moon in Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon: November 9, 2007

By Barbara Hand Clow

The New Moon in Scorpio always drives us deeply into our inner life. There we find ourselves contemplating our relationships to everyone and everything, and trivial issues fall by the wayside. At the same time, we are completing the last few days of the “advanced unifying synthesis” of Day Five [see my Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind], and I have something very important to say about this 2007 synthesis. Many of us can now feel that what each one of us creates is critical to the survival of our own species, a realization that is meant to permanently imprint in our minds during the Scorpio New Moon. This is new because until now, few people could imagine that they have an impact on the whole, that each of their personal actions counts. Meanwhile, there has been a great ongoing conflict within the Mayan Calendar movement over whether the Calendar ends in 2011 or 2012. Now that I see how much our personal actions matter, I can see that this seemingly innocent Calendar argument is stealing our attention from our critical survival needs. Specifically, those who attempt to understand the Calendar by means of time acceleration through 201l are increasing their own positive evolutionary potential by intentionally processing and releasing regressive evolutionary patterns, such as the National Underworld wars. And those who focus on 2012 discuss only the end moment, which encourages humanity to be passive just when we need to be the most attentive. Furthermore, the 2012 crowd often dishes out hideously fear-based catastrophic scenarios, such as Whitley Strieber does in his recent novel, 2012: The War for Souls.

For those who are working with the time acceleration model through 2011, on November 19 we will be entering Night Five of the Galactic Underworld, a 360-day period when we will experience a significant breakdown of the material world and a dismembering that precedes the metamorphosis coming during Day Six. Therefore, I begin this New Moon analysis with a brief analysis of the Calendar conflict, since it is now hindering evolution itself. Let’s get our facts straight: According to science, the closest alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun on the galactic plane/Ecliptic crossing occurred in May 1998, which I described in detail in my 2007 Fall Equinox reading as well as in The Mayan Code. Meanwhile, the 2012 crowd focuses on the 2012 Winter Solstice as the closest alignment. It will not be, since the alignment already occurred in 1998, and this is exceedingly important because the energy coming from the Galactic Center is so potent. In 1998, Earth physically changed in ways that were measurable; I discussed this extensively in The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and The Mayan Code, a factor that may the most important change in Earth in thousands of years! Next, because the 2012 crowd ignores the actual galactic energy intensification a few years ago, they also miss the critical leap-time acceleration on January 5, 1999, the opening of the Galactic Underworld. The Galactic Underworld time acceleration may be the only factor in existence that can enable us to make the critical leap of 2011/2012 to becoming an enlightened and peaceful species!

Regardless of all the focus on the end point of the Calendar, the 2011 crowd are deeply connected to each other as they share in a massive group intention to advance evolution by utilizing the qualities of the Days and Nights of the Nine Underworlds to process and release the past. That is, they are co-creating the apotheosis of their own species, a level of consciousness that has never occurred before. As this Great Work formulates, the 2012 crowd chew their nails while awaiting their demise at the end of time, a silly idea from apocalyptical Judeo/Christian religion. Meanwhile, I believe our species is going to make it regardless of those who wallow in wimpy fear. I will read the Scorpio New Moon looking for influences that can help us choose courage over fear, belief in the future rather than crawling like the living dead toward the apocalypse. It is time to remember how to strive for life rather than give in to weakness, as our courageous amphibian ancestors did when they first crawled onto land 315 million years ago.

The New Moon in 17 Scorpio is in a grand trine in water to Uranus in 15 Pisces and Mars in 12 Cancer. This potent configuration inspires compassion and spiritual transformation founded in deep truth and courage, yet its shadow side is always nameless fear. It is always hard to grasp the potency of trines, especially grand trines. Often, what they can teach us comes through our emotional bonds. So, this month you have much to learn from families, partners, and even people in the world, since the Galactic Underworld is aggressively connecting all people at this time. Mysterious, newly-direct Neptune in Aquarius squares the lunation closely, which challenges each one of us to seek answers in other dimensions and in unseen realms. This month we will frequently feel gentle prods and pushes from spirit guides. If you follow these signals with your heart, you may realize that using our wills to just go forward with new things is the solution for many things now. Every year, the New Moon in Scorpio asks us to remember the potency of our wills and to remember how to use them as our central creative tool. Well, Neptune squaring the New Moon will activate our wills, and then the trine from Uranus in Pisces will make it easier to take action on what we see and feel. Mars in Cancer trining the lunation emphasizes that the only real security we have is to demand what we want-and then to wait for these things to come to us. Yet, there is much more going on with Mars in Cancer; Mars retrogrades in 12 Cancer on November 15, and I think this retrograde Mars will create great change, confusion, chaos, wonder, and new creative paths.

Before I analyze the unusual Mars retrograde that begins just after this New Moon, I want to note that Mercury’s retrograde motion during October was a warning of just how potent retrograde planets can be. Mercury retrograded at 9 Scorpio on October 11, went all the way back to 23 Libra on November 1, and will be back to 9 Scorpio on November 17. All kinds of chaos showed up in the financial markets and in our personal lives during this retrograde, and the last of its residue should clear on November 17. Mars retrograde at 12 Cancer is a much bigger deal, especially because 12 Cancer is almost exactly on the natal Sun of George W. Bush and the United States (1776 USA chart). This Bush/USA Sun conjunction explains why so many Americans have so much trouble seeing what Bush is doing to their country, since Bush mirrors the USA. Cancer expresses our need for security and the depth of our emotional strength-issues that are soon to be sorely tried. Mars in Cancer (and even back into late Gemini) from November 14 until May 2008 indicates a depressed mood in the USA when the people will realize what they have lost. Whether they can turn against the outrageous militancy of the Bush cabal remains to be seen. I maintain this will only happen when people realize the military is gobbling up their precious resources, and the Mars retrograde could wake people up. During the retrograde period from November 14 through the end of January 2008, the Bushites will feel like taking aggressive actions such as attacking Iran, but this will backfire on them because the public will not agree.

Meanwhile, the media will be using global warming and the 2008 election to distract the public from what they should be paying attention to. Many times in the past, especially during 2003 and 2004, I have written about transits to 1776’s Neptune in 22 Virgo squaring Mars in 21 Gemini-the aspect in the USA chart that causes America to be very confused about war when the “leaders” brashly get involved in conflicts that drain the country, such as Vietnam and Iraq. Both the Vietnam and Iraq wars were ruled by transits to the USA’s Neptune squaring Mars. Well, after Mars retrogrades on the USA’s and Bush’s Sun sign, it goes all the way back to 24 Gemini and goes direct on the USA’s Mars-square-Neptune on January 30, 2008. There will be great tension between the Bushites and the people as it pulls back (retrogrades); then, when it goes direct on the USA’s Mars, there will be a major turnaround in events. Of course, this could indicate an invasion of Iran, but based on my 2008 Night Five predictions in The Mayan Code, I think there could be a major turn toward peace in the Middle East. At any rate, watch what happens when Mars retrogrades on November 15 for signs of what is to come. No matter what, this transit will have noteworthy effects in politics and finance. Of course, because the retrograde is in Cancer (home), the sub-prime mortgage crisis will be a major issue during this period. I will be watching this transit all the way up to May 2008 when it passes beyond 12 Cancer. Of course, for those of you who know the USA chart (see the Methodology), Mars also crosses and re-crosses the USA’s Jupiter-conjunct-Venus in Cancer, another indicator of serious trouble in the housing sector.

Very much like the aspects to the New Moon in Libra last month, these potent aspects to the lunation suggest important times, and you may have profound creativity as well as contact with many dimensions this month. Yet, since the Mars retrograde aspects Bush’s and the USA’s Sun, the housing crisis will instill great fear in the masses. Perhaps facing insecurity with their own homes is what it will take to awaken their compassion for the millions of Iraqis who have been driven out of their own homes and country and have lost so many family members. The more we can see how we are all part of the larger pattern, the closer we are to stopping American adventurism, so go into your deepest feelings and see and feel as much as you can. As I noted last month, now that useless old patterns have been broken up by the Jupiter/Uranus squares, it is time for Americans to learn how to process loss. Intend to see the meaning of your losses and consider the implications for others as America releases domination in the world. Let go of any desire to be on top of a mountain constructed by militarism and greed. Also, Mars in Cancer quincunxes Chiron newly-direct in Aquarius, so this transit is a huge healing for all Americans, as they are deeply challenged to remember their original ideals.

During the New Moon in Libra, Jupiter exactly squared Uranus for the last time, and many old patterns are changing. All of a sudden, Turkey is moving into Iraq while there is great instability in Pakistan. These areas were all theatres of conflict during Day Six of the National (829-1223 AD), so already new patterns that will bear fruit during Day Six of the Galactic (November 13, 2008-November 8, 2009) are arising. These new patterns will play out during Night Five, beginning November 19. I will go into these issues during 2008, but my point here is that there is a lot of shifting and changing right now, and it would be smart to watch Condeleeza Rice moving around the Middle East. You will be very surprised to see what happens during the next year. And, remember, most wars end only because the warring factions are exhausted. Nothing good ever comes out of them, only pain and loss.

We shift our attention to Jupiter moving close to Pluto on the Galactic Center. Jupiter will reach Pluto in early December, when the great planet will expand the awakening of galactic consciousness that has been happening during the Galactic Underworld (January 5, 1999-November 28, 2011). Pluto has been transiting the Galactic Center during 2006 and 2007, and Jupiter will expand and ground this force in the material world. During the New Moon, Mercury in 28 Libra squares Pluto on the Galactic Center, which suggests new knowledge emerging about our Galaxy this month. Yet, changes in our perspectives come in subtle ways and often go unnoticed. For example, there is a group located in Tucson, Arizona, called “The Dark Sky Association (DSA),” that has been assisting American cities to cut light pollution; this will help us see the night sky again, as well as help animals who suffer from light pollution, especially birds. You may have noticed that San Francisco darkened their lights last month for a few hours just to save energy? Now the efforts of the DSA are bearing fruit, and many cities and communities are saying they want to darken the sky so they can see the Milky Way again! Hooray for the Galactic Underworld!

Meanwhile, Venus in Libra squares Pluto on the Galactic Center, which suggests that balancing work will be coming from the feminine principle this month. I don’t know about you, but I have been enjoying a female presence in Congress with Nancy Pelosi, and in the election campaign with Hillary Clinton, the so-called “Her”. This is a good month to give meditation energy to the feminine force, and perhaps there will be revelations coming from women in the military. Lastly, Saturn in Virgo is close to the lunar South Node (exact on Oct. 13), and structures are being examined more closely, such as military contractors like Blackwater. The way American tax dollars are being used without public consent is outrageous, and I would say scrutiny will build under Saturn in Virgo, and it will expand when Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 19.

As for your personal reality, do everything you can to remain financially sound and simplify your life. Jupiter moving into Capricorn will be the first trigger for the cardinal squares between Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra, and Uranus in Aries, that will form during 2008-2010 and will restructure the financial systems of the world. Entering Night Five of the Galactic Underworld begins the restructuring of resources, yet Night Five is also about deepening and opening our hearts. As the old saying goes, you can’t take it with you, so let go and share as we propel into the deep time, the Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld.