Importance of YOUR Actions

Connecting the Grid, the Importance of your actions
Trine Cecilie Johansen
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Connecting the Grid, the Importance of your actions

Where there is Love, there is Willingness to Change.


Love the Earth as yourself: Love every country, town, humans, animals, plants and the ground as you love yourself. If you cannot feel love, imagine that you feel it, embracing it all, and it will slowly come to you. This act will enhance your love for yourself and the Earth, and change you both, as you and the Earth are One. Earth is part of your light body and your physical body. 

You have energetic circuitries called meridians and layers in and outside your body called the aura, and also does the Earth have layers of interconnected energetic grids inside and around it. You have a flow of energy running through your body, entering your crown running to the bottom of your spine and your feet and out making a closed circle by going into the crown again, this making a shape like a doughnut. You have also a similar circuitry running the other way from your feet and bottom to your crown. This is called a Tube Torus. The Earth poles are similar to the entering points in our body; Life Force energy is streaming from and to the Source, in and out from the entering points. The grids inside and
around the Earth are similar to, the same as your energetic circuitries.

Earth Healer, Light Worker

As you connect with the grids by intending, feeling and visualizing a light connection from your heart to the light layers, and send your love and light to them, you heal Earth and yourself. If you have unserving emotions and thoughts against yourself, other beings or countries, you are damaging both yourself and the Earth. Everything is a part of you. Every being is a cell in your body. Every country is a greater part of you. So if you feel pity, shame, hatred, fear or do not care for a country or a town and the beings in it, you are sending the same destructive emotions towards great parts of yourself.

the human electromagnetic antennae.jpgAs you connect with your unserving thought forms and emotions and heal them with acceptance, forgiveness and love, you also heal the global circuitries of the same thoughts and emotions, since all is energy, running in different frequencies. Frequencies are in this case a combination of energy vibrations, speed, sound and light.

Unserving emotions such as hatred are of a low vibrating, dark and slow frequency, emotions of unconditional love and gratitude are of the highest, fastest vibrating frequencies, radiating clear light. There are grids created of fear, hatred, jealousy, all unserving emotions. And grids blue_planet.jpgcreated of Love. The purpose for light workers is to transform all grids into Love Grids, containing different frequencies, aspects of Love. This you do by transforming yourself into containing only that of Love, by releasing all unserving thought forms and emotions. Every time you have released an issue containing unserving thought forms and emotions, you connect with the grids in and around the Earth, intending to connect with the grids of the collective unconscious, unserving emotions, and you will heal this grid with your own releasing process. When going through the process of accepting, forgiving and loving yourself, you have the key to send this out in the grid, you send healing to everyone having the same issues and emotions. Intend and imagine Perfection, affecting all beings on Earth, and Earth herself.


You are One. And when you are aware of this Oneness, imagining and being aware that you and the Earth are One, with the same heart beating, you become even more One. The energetic connections are strengthened. When you focus on these connections to the Source, the Grids and Mother Earth, your thin threads of light are becoming thick ropes, then strong rays of light. Every thing you now do, think and feel, will affect the Grids. When you hate, you send Hate to the Grids. When you Love, you send Love to the Grids. You send it to every being on the Earth, because All are connected to the Grids, they can not live without them. That lightbody6 alex g.jpgimportant is your Doing and Being.


Maybe you think: “If I don’t consciously connect with the Grids, my actions will not affect it”. You are wrong. You are always connected, and whatever you do affects it, consciously or not.

Do you want the world to be better? Consciously connect with the grids and Be and Do better. Transform yourself. Work with yourself, releasing all unserving thought forms and emotions. Love yourself at all times, in all states of Being. Forgive yourself and be patient with yourself. Ask the Divine Beings to help with your Transformation into Unconditional Love. Love without judgement of any kind.


In co-creation, Metatron and Trine.

New Moon in Pisces – 3/7/08

>>> “We don’t see things as they are-
>>> we see things as we are.” Anais Nin
>>> “Perfection is a road, not a destination.
>>> ****************************************************
>>> PHASE RIGHT NOW: are you making intentions?
>>> Making wish lists? Thinking about what SPECIFICALLY
>>> Would make you happy?
>>> A PISCES (dreams, intuition and visions) New moon
>>> And it happens on the 6th. Article on balsamic moon
>>> Is on my website for more information, please read it.
>>> ***************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> In Federal way, LEARN astrology by your own chart.
>>> *******************************************************
>>> Wednesday March 05, 2007 A BUSY and bright day
>>> Today the moon in Aquarius touches Learning (Mercury) at
>>> 6:06am. Then Venus (love) at 11:10am, and then
>>> At 1:46pm the moon touches Neptune (intuition)
>>> What a great day for me to begin a new class, and for
>>> You to step outside the box, and create new thoughts,
>>> New ideas and new visions for yourself and the world.
>>> At 1:46pm the moon moves v/c after a touch down
>>> On Neptune so illusions and dreams are strong and
>>> Intentions MAGICAL
>>> Today we enter the MAGICAL MYSTICAL DARK
>>> Of the moon or Balsamic moon phase (article on my
>>> Website about how to use the 2 days before the
>>> New moon ..
>>> Today carries new information; ground breaking shifts
>>> and some wonderful gifts if you listen observe and learn.
>>> Which will be our kiss (keep it simple sweetie)
>>> – Color today pink for love of all things
>>> – Use rose quartz for the same and to help love yourself more
>>> – oil of cedar to clear your mind and space
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> Thursday February 06, 2008
>>> For creating your wishes for that new moon tomorrow.
>>> Today with the moon into Pisces at 2:53am I bet you had
>>> Some wild dreams last night? We begin the day with some
>>> Strong and powerful energy towards intuition and feelings.
>>> Mars the planet of action, now in Cancer and retracking
>>> Where it has traveled in your chart for the last 90 days
>>> Reconnects with the moon in Pisces and things can seem
>>> Much bigger and more important than they really are.
>>> 10:21am as the moon opposes Saturn you may find something
>>> Slipped through the cracks and has to be done over again, but
>>> The energy is there now to do it much better.
>>> At 11:04am as the Sun and Jupiter play well together
>>> MORE IS the name of this day.
>>> GOOD: or not so Good JUPITER is super sizing
>>> The day as the moon in PISCES
>>> Encourages our imagination. GOOD or not so good?
>>> Remember just because you think it , does not mean
>>> It is true.and at 4:03pm as Venus the planet of
>>> Material and physical love touches Neptune the planet
>>> Of higher consciousness love, we have a romantic evening
>>> For lovers, and those of you who want to be lovers.
>>> Sit down tonight and DREAM YOUR LIFE, create
>>> Your life and how you want it to be. WRITE IT down
>>> And go to sleep reading it..over and over..what can
>>> It hurt? AND I have seen this come true for so many..
>>> And tonight is magic, remember..
>>> – Color today green for healing
>>> – Peridot for the same or amber to ground and
>>> connect you to your own wisdom & helps you manifest
>>> – Oil of rose for love
>>> And the kiss for today is get going and use today to
>>> see more clearly into our own inner issues TLC is
>>> the kiss for today. TLC in all that you do.
>>> TENDER loving Care.. AND please
>>> Make those intentions tonight. PLEASE:::
>>> Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
>>> by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
>>> So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
>>> Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
>>> Discover. -Mark Twain
>>> *********************************************************
>>> BEGIN TO make those intentions and wishes and LETS
>>> create our desires.Instead of living in someone else’s
>>> Ideas of our lives, lets dream our own lives..and begin
>>> By writing it down..GET IT CLEAR:::Only when you
>>> Are clear do you get exactly what you want.
>>> Daydreams are fertile ground for the imagination.
>>> While daydreaming rational thought goes out the
>>> window, so new perspectives can find their way in.
>>> – Linda Naiman (Dynamic Graphics
>>> Magazine Dec/Jan 03)
>>> *******************************************************
>>> NEW MOON FRIDAY March 7th
>>> 9:14am at 18 degrees of Pisces PST
>>> The new moon this Morning at 17 degrees of Pisces asks that
>>> We BELIEVE and get the VISION of what we want in order to
>>> Create our life. After spending Tuesday night with a group in
>>> Seattle Listening to DEEPAK CHOPRA I really think that we
>>> Are all on the same page.. The things we desire are all there,
>>> We just limit ourselves with pain, fear and things which we
>>> Have been told. And now it is time to
>>> Believe, dream and connect into the energy of the ALL and
>>> It is there. Whatever it is for you and this moon
>>> certainly asks That we do this and more.
>>> At 1:05am the planet Mars (remember this planet is still
>>> In that retrograde pattern) Makes an OPPOSITION TO
>>> Pluto in Capricorn. TIME TO DO THE WORK is here:
>>> 7/54am the moon makes a WONDERFUL aspect with
>>> Jupiter Faith and luck, also in Capricorn.. (more work,
>>> Yep) but maybe the dream can do some of the work for us?
>>> 9:14am the sun and MOON touch (sun the light and now)
>>> Moon our emotions and the past (in Pisces) asking that
>>> We bring dreams forward and bring them into the LIGHT:
>>> 11:03am the moon makes a v/c or times out after touching
>>> Could not make this up. Look on an astrology calendar and
>>> You see this and more. WOWOWOWOOW:::
>>> – Color today your dreams favorite color
>>> – Kiss for today, is begin now to plant the seeds
>>> Of KNOWING you can do your dream, and
>>> If you do not know your dream, that today you
>>> Will begin to LOOK for it and it will find you:
>>> – I shall use RELEASE TO let go of all that holds me
>>> Back from my joy
>>> – The stone of choice for this moon would be for me
>>> Personally something grounding like Amber, agate,
>>> Obsidian.IF you need lightening up and want to
>>> GET INTO THIS FLOW? Pearls from the ocean,
>>> Lapis Lazuli to remember your Sacred soul.
>>> Golden topaz to light a fire under you..
>>> Or anything that feels safe and empowering.You know
>>> I NEVER recommend opals or moonstone don’t you? IF you
>>> Are strong and brave and courageous and fearless, those are
>>> your stones. IF Not? Then lets leave those until WE are all
>>> of the above which will be VERY SOON, right?
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> ******************************************************
>>> REMEMBER NEW MOONS are seed planting and for
>>> The Seattle area this chart for this new moon has:
>>> And inner connection.
>>> *****************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> (if you do not know or want to know astrology skip this)
>>> Taurus rising with the chart ruler VENUS the planet of
>>> LOVE IN AQUARIUS in the 10th house of how we are
>>> Seen and career. Sitting next to North node (what we
>>> Need to learn, Neptune (intuition) Mercury thoughts
>>> And Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, which
>>> Is kind of the break the rules which do not work for
>>> The good of the all sign.
>>> Vesta: Sacred connection, the moon, the Sun, Uranus all in
>>> Pisces in the 11th house. HOW many of you got onto Oprahs
>>> New free Group? You are already seeing this chart working
>>> In people who are there to help you in groups.
>>> With CERES (Unconditional love and nurturing in Taurus
>>> In the 12th house of the unconscious mind) and
>>> The PART OF FORTUNE (the g spot) there also in
>>> Taurus. GET Out.connect with nature and
>>> Realize that we have the potential to do
>>> Just what we believe we can do .
>>> But PLUTO and JUNO in the 8th house in this
>>> MOVE FORWARD) and Jupiter (faith) in the 9th house
>>> Of Higher power says, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU IF YOU
>>> BELIEVE IN ME .(whatever higher power is to you)
>>> ********************************************************
>>> How to be happier?
>>> Decrease your willingness to endure
>>> discomfort. — Abraham-Hicks
>>> ********************************
>>> Saturday March 08, 2008 Now we are asked to do the work
>>> The moon moved v/c at 11:03am yesterday setting the stage for
>>> A time of transformation with that New moon. Things begin
>>> To heat up today at 6:23am when the moon moves into
>>> Fiery Aries and many of us will be doing the
>>> THIS anymore thing)
>>> Challenges from the moon in Aries which wants us to
>>> Take care of ourselves first, please, thank you. To Pluto
>>> (transformation) At 8am and Mars (actions) at 8:45am
>>> Ask that with these rough aspects (SQUARES) in astrology
>>> Lingo.
>>> Today We are asked to solve problems to FIRST SHIFT
>>> our positions to see from another Way. NOT the other
>>> Persons way. Just be willing to see it differently. Deepak
>>> Said the most wonderful thing. HE said my least favorite
>>> Word and made it into MAGIC:
>>> he said
>>> “ONLY in uncertainty can we find the Brilliance
>>> Of creativity and new ideas” So, lets be ok with being
>>> UNCERTAIN today and know that we do not know
>>> It all and that is OK:
>>> At 12:19pm the sun touches Uranus (change) Remember
>>> Last night at 11:03pm the moon touched this planet
>>> (moon was emotions) the sun today is the LIGHT shining
>>> On change. which could make this a wonderful day
>>> If we are ok with uncertainty.
>>> – What you do or are today is nothing compared to what
>>> you can be or do tomorrow is our KISS of the month..
>>> – Color today purple for spiritual connection
>>> – Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self
>>> – Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you
>>> “Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” –
>>> Meister Eckhart, 13th-century mystic
>>> *****************************************************
>>> URANUS are both about REVOLUTION: SO be ready
>>> For some wonderful new things to happen this next
>>> Year: WITH eclipses in Aquarius and the NORTH NODE
>>> there, we are truly in the TIME OF AQUARIUS
>>> ****************************************************
>>> Sunday March 09, 2008 CLOCKS SPRING FORWARD PLEASE
>>> Today the Moon in Aries plays nicer with other planets
>>> Than it did yesterday. At 12:53am we had the planet
>>> Of linear and logical ideas touch Neptune ..the planet of
>>> NON Linear ideas.. WILD Dreams should have been the
>>> Outcome for some of us.
>>> At 11:52am the moon makes a Square to Jupiter. Jupiter
>>> In Capricorn says you can do it if you work for it. The moon
>>> In Aries says “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW”
>>> 9:16pm brings another great Neptune aspect and 11:01pm
>>> Mercury gets into the act with a great aspect of connection,
>>> And vision and this just could be the night to have that special
>>> Talk with someone and share your visions for your future.
>>> Magical energy this last few days: READ my March overview
>>> For these magical days and more on my website…
>>> STAY LIGHT ON YOUR FEET; it will all change
>>> within an hour anyway:
>>> – Color today white for purity of thoughts and actions
>>> – Use pearls and lapis lazuli for the same
>>> – Oil of Idaho Tansy to fight cold and infections,
>>> strengthens the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system
>>> *******************************************************
>>> These were sent to me this week by
>>> JoyRae Freeman 206-417-8778
>>> Master Healer, Spiritual Warrior,
>>> Radio Producer, Matchmaker, Writer, Teacher/Coach
>>> When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
>>> a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from
>>> many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their
>>> actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
>>> They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow
>>> — Old Native American Prophecy
>>> (personally I think we are here don’t you?)
>>> “There are no passengers on spaceship earth.
>>> We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan
>>> Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love alone.
>>> This is an eternal law.– Buddha
>>> ************************************************
>>> Monday March 10, 2008
>>> Happy Monday as we shift gears at 4:09am and
>>> The moon IN ARIES moves v/c or times out until 9:14am
>>> when it will enter Taurus .The v/c is ruled by a
>>> Great aspect with VENUS (what we love) so this one
>>> Should not be a problem.
>>> With lots happening of a very
>>> Good nature Astrologically today should carry you
>>> forward in your Projects and you should find the
>>> energy more stable.
>>> A GOOD MONDAY I think.
>>> After 9:14am when the moon enters Taurus we have
>>> Building and not so great for changing peoples minds.
>>> So concentrate today on building the ship, and if possible
>>> wait for another day to reconstruct the building plans
>>> Planets playing well today are 4am the moon and
>>> VENUS . 10:53am the Moon and Pluto (transformation)
>>> 12:47pm the moon and Mars (action) and 3:43pm the
>>> moon and Saturn. HARD WORK PAYS OFF TODAY
>>> – Color today Green for healing
>>> – Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect
>>> you to your path
>>> – Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the
>>> Blues and is called the SECURITY OF SELF stone
>>> – Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and
>>> physical energy
>>> Kiss for today is DO the work and get the reward. or
>>> Make the plans to do the work, lots of very good and
>>> Practical energy is available for us this Monday ..
>>> Honesty and optimism are great, but they require
>>> your physical and emotional commitment to transform
>>> them into something tangible. Be a planner now because
>>> your use of time and energy can make the
>>> difference between success and failure.
>>> Is a GREAT kiss for Today also..
>>> *******************************************
>>> (COME To Everett tonight to learn about your
>>> PRENATAL Eclipse or get a cd if you cannot come)
>>> RSVP AT LEAST 48 hours prior please.
>>> Tuesday March 11, 2008
>>> Think outside the box to build your dream
>>> Today the moon in Taurus is working hard to connect
>>> you To faith (Jupiter) and we have until 10:58pm
>>> tonight another hard Work day as REENFORCEMENTS
>>> have arrived to help us build. Remember we have
>>> a Grand trine of Earth energy for the next 2 and 1/2
>>> years. AND each month when the MOON IS IN AN EARTH
>>> SIGN you have MORE MAGIC TO help you achieve clarity
>>> if you desire it?
>>> 10:58pm tonight the moon makes a rough aspect with
>>> Neptune. I see this as I must change my ways of working
>>> (MOON IN TAURUS) to get my vision (Neptune)
>>> The next couple of days are great for communication
>>> So use this time to set those NEW MOON intents.
>>> Want a job, use the next 48 hours to reconnect or
>>> Connect with prospective employers, want to rework
>>> A relationship, an idea?
>>> So how about you Use this time to connect and you will
>>> Be amazed how the Sky is cooperating with us if we
>>> Are willing to GET OUT OF THE BOX our minds
>>> Put us in with all those excuses..
>>> Not enough time???
>>> Don’t say you don’t have enough time.
>>> You have exactly the same number of hours
>>> per day that were given to Helen Keller,
>>> Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa,
>>> Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson,
>>> and Albert Einstein.
>>> H. Jackson Brown
>>> AND HOW MANY OF YOU know that I did not write my
>>> First astrology article until I was 53 years old? OR do my
>>> First lecture until then? I know time is scarce but remember
>>> That your VALUES are where you put your time. What
>>> Are your values? AND where does that time go? Lets put
>>> It into US ..ok?
>>> and please remember it is NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN
>>> YOUR HEARTS JOY and to begin to help change yourself
>>> and by doing that. TO CHANGE THE WORLD::::
>>> “Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure:
>>> where your treasure, there your heart; where
>>> your heart, there your happiness.”
>>> Saint Augustine
>>> Color today whatever the heck speaks to your OWN TRUTH:
>>> And use the stone of the same.for me I shall use:::.
>>> – Color Peach for love and passion
>>> – Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work
>>> well today OR if you are visionary? Today is the day to
>>> get out the MYSTIC stuff Labradorite, Moonstone, Opals,
>>> Crystal Balls and other visual stones as we have practical
>>> magic mixed with Faith and spiritual connection
>>> these stones ONLY IF You feel disconnected from source
>>> and are FEARLESS) As these stones amplify connections
>>> to others and INCREASE whatever you have going on.
>>> I am always amazed at the tearful clients i have sitting
>>> there draped in Moonstone or some other YIN STONE:
>>> Remember GOLD IS YANG and SILVER IS YIN or
>>> receptive…. if you are too receptive Silver and
>>> the above stones are not your cup of tea..
>>> For myself personally..I shall use RUBY or citrine.
>>> WOOS that
>>> I am.I always am blocking energy rather than trying to
>>> Connect in to it.Unless it is nature, or the ocean, people
>>> carry their energy on them, and not many of us can handle
>>> our own stuff…much less picking up too much from others.
>>> (AND that said) I got ill at a group recently hooking
>>> into someone who was having labor pains. AND I HAD
>>> THEM…and they HURT::: lol….. today i shall use…
>>> – Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology
>>> for all you manifest
>>> – Kiss if you work hard, you get great results today
>>> – The oil for me today will be THEIVES as I am
>>> In a large group in Everett. See you there?
>>> “The blessings for which we hunger are not to be
>>> found in other places or people. These gifts
>>> can only be given to you by yourself.
>>> They are at home in the hearth of your soul.
>>> “- John O’Donohue
>>> *******************************************************