Becoming Aware

Becoming Aware of Becoming Aware by Jim Self

A shift is occurring within the hearts of humanity. We are finding a new passion within and recognizing that who we are counts. “I Am valuable, important and significant. I matter and I have a contribution to make!” This passion is igniting within each of us. This shift is taking place across the world in every town and village and in the hearts of each child, woman and man. A connection is being made one heart to another. In this connection of caring, sharing, giving and receiving, a spark within the heart ignites and grows.

This awakening consciousness has no limits. It is a shift that is taking us all into a higher dimensional awareness; a higher, more aligned way of life. We are “becoming aware of becoming aware.” We are beginning to remember who we are. We are recognizing imbalances in our lives and asking ourselves, “What’s really important to me? What truly makes me happy?”

The answer isn’t found by gaining more of the world outside but in gaining more of the “me” within. In our rush to the top we have left a part of ourselves behind. We have traded respect for competition, kindness for advantage, and giving for taking. We’ve lost touch with our “Inner Guidance,” which always directs us to a higher, more vibrant place. This higher place is a place where cooperation, support and understanding create deeper trust, friendship and compassion. From one way of life toward another.

This transition is not only altering our consciousness, it is changing the world around us. A shift, by definition, is the “movement from one position to another” or a “change in direction.” The third-dimensional world as we have known it is crumbling around us. The old ways were designed by governments and corporations to support and provide well-being to its citizens. These outmoded ways no longer work. All of these systems are deteriorating: governmental, legal, health, social services, education, food quality, political, monetary, protection of the environment, and more. All are broken. But now, when we look a little deeper, we find there is a new passion growing. Individuals, groups, and companies offer new ideas that clean the Earth, recycle waste and create new power sources. More companies offer employee ownership, day care, equal pay and much more.

The creation of Heaven on Earth is unfolding before us. We are at the beginning of this new way of life, not the end. But each of us must awaken now. Each must make the shift within. Many are awake while countless numbers are still fast asleep — but not for long. We will each experience becoming aware in our own unique ways. For some it will be powerful and alive; for others it will be slower and more cautious, but we will all walk a common path. A tool to expand your choices.

 Allow me to offer you an exercise that will rapidly take you down this path. This exercise will interrupt your third-dimensional habits and assist you to remember who you are. First, create a list of words. Pick words that make you feel good. Select words that you would like to be known by in your world. For example: insightful, kind, respectful, purposeful, gracious, gratitude, integrity, dignified, caring or helpful. Make it a long list, choosing words that will help you remember your “Self.” It is within the words that you will awaken. Next, choose four or five of those words that make you feel especially good as you experience them. Try each of them on and see how they feel.

Then, take one word each day for a week and BE that word. Demonstrate this word in every situation and notice how it makes you feel. You will notice that when you become intentional about being the word, you feel more alert, aware, present in the “Now” moment and in charge of yourself on your own terms. If you find you have slipped out of the word, simply smile and become the word once again.

One note of caution however: This exercise produces side-effects that generally lead to feelings of certainty, well-being, command and happiness. Yes, there is a shift occurring and the shift is within you! Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author.

Copyright © 2009 Jim Self. All Rights Reserved.

October 14th – Fight for our World

Below you will find two videos which hint at the happenings of Oct 14th. There have been many diverse channelings popping up around the world about this day; All of which have very similiar messages. 

Though I do not believe we need to fight darkness, I am a firm believer in directing your thoughts and attentions toward the light to increase the vibration of consciousness among humanity. 

And now for your viewing pleasure…

Working with Herbs for Ascension

Herbs and Single Tones Language of Light Herbs by Sherry

Herb:  Echinacea Purpurea
Echinacea Purpurea assists initiates in releasing cellular trauma during the transmutative process of ascension. In essence, this herb assists initiates in the act of biological forgiveness. Cellular trauma is recorded in a particular biochemistry that is often related to viruses and disease. As such trauma is released, it is not unusual for some initiates to become ill or feel ill. Echinacea will assist in boosting the immune systems at such times for a more rapid biological transcendence through the trauma.
Herb: Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto will assist initiates in ascending into the a new structure upon a biological level, which is crystalline. Saw Palmetto assists with the transmutative process during which the cell re-composes itself into a new genetic structure. In a deep way, Saw Palmetto is acting as a bridge to assure that the new crystalline genetic structure becomes physical in the act of biological ascension. Those who have difficulty bringing the ascension into the physical may therefore call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest our herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Ginger
Ginger assists initiates in increasing the metabolism of the digestion and cells in act of ascension. Ascension requires that crystalline cells continue to consume more and more sugar as the entire form moves up in vibration. Ginger will trigger the cells to consume more so that one’s biology may continue to ascend. Ginger is a good tonic herb that can be added to the diet daily if desired.

Herb: Chamomile
Chamomile assists in opening the heart and processing the pain inherent in ascension to a biological level. Chamomile will comfort initiates in one’s deepest moments of seeming darkness that one is transcending. In the biology, pain is associated with toxic substances one is releasing. Chamomile will attach to such substances and assist them in being removed through the waste management systems in ascension. Chamomile is a good tonic herb to have daily if desired.

Herb: Feverfew
Feverfew will assist initiates in learning to breathe deeply to collect the oxygen required by an ascending crystalline form to subsist, and to continue to ascend. Conscious breath is an autonomic nervous system function that was long lost in the fall of man. Feverfew will also assist in the return of the biological mechanism and the repair of the brain stem so that ascending initiates will experience an ongoing ability to consciously breathe. For those who experience shortness of breath, one may call upon our kingdom for support, or may ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Nettle
Nettle will assist initiates in transcending the ownership patterning that leads to attachment upon a biological level. Biological ownership is equated to certain “toxic” biochemical substances that cause a density of form and a lower vibration due to an ongoing loss of chi upon a molecular level. Nettle assists in clearing out such substances so that one no longer loses chi and may ascend upwards in biological vibration. If one has been exposed to toxic chemicals in one’s life prior to ascension, one may call upon our kingdom for support; or one may ingest the herb as one is so guided from within.

Herb: Lobelia
Lobelia assists initiates in transcending biological level slavery. Each is enslaved in the seeming requirement to provide enough to subsist; so much so that it is a deep seated fear that one may not have enough. Lobelia assists ascending initiates in releasing the fear of not having enough, allowing balanced giving and receiving to become the new foundation one ascends into, after which there is always enough. Upon a cellular level, Lobelia assists with proper distribution of blood sugar making sure all cells within the crystalline form are fed. If one is having difficulty with portions of the form failing to develop or that have lost development one had previously ascended into, one may call upon our kingdom; or ingest the herb is one is so guided form within.


 Herb: Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose will assist initiates in releasing the biological fear of separation. Separation is a biological phenomenon in which entire cells or organs may be cut off from communication with the rest of the form due to decay or disease. Evening primrose allows all parts of the form to learn to communicate and relate to one another again in ascension. If one has a part of the form that is failing to become crystalline, one may call upon our kingdom for assistance; or ingest the herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Angelica

Angelica assists ascending initiates in the redistribution of resources upon a biological level so that all cells receive enough sugar, water and oxygen to subsist; along with the amino acids, lipids or minerals required to transmute to the crystalline form. In essence, Angelica assists initiates in embodying unity consciousness biology. If one is having difficulty with certain cells embracing the unity blueprint, one may call upon our kingdom; or ingest the herb is one is so guided from within.

Herb: Lady’s Mantle
Lady’s Mantle will assist ascending initiates in the development of the thymus gland and the pituitary gland. The thymus is a master gland that handles all autonomic functions of the form, including blood flow, blood pressure, waste management, and cellular metabolism. The pituitary is the master ascension gland that develops 1000 nodes over time, each of which is necessary to the ascent of the entire form. If one is having difficulty in the proper development of the thymus or pituitary in ascension, one may call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Red Clover
Red Clover assists each organ in assuming the function that it is required to do to support a crystalline cellular structure. Red Clover assists in anchoring the blueprint for the unity based system for an organ by organ, gland by gland set of instructions. Those who are having difficulty with a particular organ or gland in ascension may therefore call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb is one is so guided from within.

12. HOPE
Herb: Skullcap
Skullcap assists with balancing the hormones associated with the nervous system and brain so that ascending initiates may maintain the right amounts of all substances required to ascend. Often times depression is a biological issue in which the biochemistry in the nervous system is off causing either highs or lows of an emotional sense. Skullcap strives to balance the chemistry so that one remains in a greater level of inner peace in ascension. If one feels depressed, call upon our kingdom and if guided, ingest the herb for a time.

Herb: Chaparral
Chaparral assists initiates in ascending into biological peace. Biological peace can be equated with a system that is free of viruses and agents that destroy the biology. Chaparral assists in transmuting all viruses and bacteria harmful into agents that either support ascension or are pushed out of the system through the waste management functions. If one is overrun with an infection in ascension, call upon our species or ingest the herb is one is so called from within.

Herb: Comfrey
Comfrey assists in the balance of chi and electrolytes required in the form any given day, week or month of ascension. Upon an energetic level, Comfrey assists in assuring that there is chi running through all channels, and will assist in unblocking unstuck meridians. Upon a biological level, Comfrey assures that there are the proper salts in the system to assure adequate lubrication and non-dehydration. If one finds oneself lacking in chi, call upon our kingdom, or take the herb if guided from within.

Herb: Urva Ursi
Urva Ursi assists initiates with releasing excessive fluids and salt no longer required by the emerging crystalline cellular structure. Urva ursi also assists in the release of toxic substances through the urine, and in the regeneration of the bladder and kidneys of the form. Upon an emotional level, Urva ursi assists initiates in letting go of the past and embracing the new foundation that ascension brings. If having trouble letting go, or difficulty with the bladder or kidneys in ascension, call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb is one is so guided from within.

Herb: Yarrow
Yarrow assists ascending initiates in anchoring the ascension blueprint for the entire form from one’s ancient red ancestry. Each initiate has a history in one’s ancestry of a crystalline form; it is the purpose of yarrow to assist in uncovering and decoding this blueprint making it available to those who are ascending at this time in history. If one is having difficulty with one’s overall ascension grid work, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb is so called from within.

Herb: Horse Chestnut
Horse Chestnut assists ascending initiates in opening to the dreamtime realities that surround oneself. Upon a biological level, such an opening is created through a particular set of nodes upon the wild gland which as they develop, augment one’s sensory perception. One may call upon our kingdom to support the opening to the nonphysical realities, or one may ingest the herb to support the development of this particular part of the brain in ascension.

Herb: Osha
Osha assists initiates in standing in the truth that one’s ascension translates into within the physical life dance. Upon a biological level Osha supports the ascension into one’s biological truth from one’s ancient red ancestry. Each initiate has a unique truth, and this translates into a particular bandwidth of vibration that is expressed energetically as well as within the biological organism. If one is having difficulty discerning one’s truth, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if one is so called from within.

Herb: Vitex
Vitex assists initiates in pushing forward in the continuous biological transmutation process of ascension. Ascension requires a certain stamina that is cellular and physical, and vitex will assist in revitalizing the system so that one does not cease moving forward in any given phase of ascension. Upon an emotional level, Vitex will assist in the reparation of the will centers including the will to ascend. Call upon our kingdom if one feels that they have lost the will to live, or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Astragalus
Astragalus assists the ascending initiate in holding one’s boundaries so that one may continue to ascend. Upon a biological level, boundaries equate to the division of form between ascended and non-ascended portions of the form that remain in decay or scar tissue. Such portions of form are separated off until they can ascend so that they do not cause deterioration of the whole. Viruses and other toxic substances are quarantined so that they do minimal damage. This Astragalus assists with, and if one finds oneself in need of support in holding one’s boundaries, call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Devil’s Claw
Devil’s Claw assists ascending initiates in awakening non-crystalline cells so that they may ascend into a new blueprint. In a sense, our kingdom supports the return of consciousness that is cellular and biological in nature to all ascending species at this time in history. If one is having difficulty ascending a particular part of the form, call upon our species for support, or ingest the herb as one is so guided from within.

Herb: Bloodroot
Bloodroot assists initiates in learning to consciously dream and access dreamtime so that one develops and internal relationship with one’s inner allies. Bloodroot will also assist the body in entering a deep sleep state to rest. Ascending bodies require rest for the purposes of regeneration. As the consciousness retracts, the body may realign without the confines of the persona and the stress of one’s daily life. If one requires rest or desires to open to dreamtime, call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb is one is so called from within.

Herb: Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape Root assists in balancing the busy outer activities with the internal need to spiritual quest upon the path of ascension. Upon a biological level, Oregon Grape Root assists in the metabolism of oxygen into all cells, but in particular into the nervous system and brain. Oxygen deprivation is one manner that humanity lost consciousness long ago; and therefore it is our species purpose to assist in the assimilation and transportation of oxygen to all parts of the ascending body. If one feels oxygen deprived or in other terms tired, or mentally drained, call upon our kingdoms or ingest the herb if so called from within.

Herb: Lady’s Slipper
Lady’s Slipper will assist initiates in experiencing the joy and communion between body, soul and earth, and with the nature kingdoms including the plant, animal and mineral species. Upon a biological level, Lady’s Slipper will assist in assuring that there are enough minerals to all parts of the form requiring such to sustain the cell life, or ascend the region of the form. If one is having difficulties with the ascending bone structure or bone marrow, Lady’s Slipper can assist. Call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if one is so called from within.

Herb: Corydalis
Corydalis assists ascending initiates in separating from others so that one can more greatly discern one’s own truth in the path of ascension. Upon a biological level, Corydalis will assist the immune system in developing to produce all 18 forms of white blood cells required to support a crystalline form. If having problems with the development of the immune system in ascension, call upon our species or ingest the herb if guided from within.

Herb: Blue Cohosh
Blue Cohosh assists initiates in taking action to bring about change in the life dance that supports ascension. Upon a biological level, Blue Cohosh assists with the elimination of wastes through the intestinal tract, and the development of an ascending digestive system and waste management system. If one is having difficulty eliminating, embracing change or letting go, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if so called from within.

Herb: Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera assists initiates in becoming fluid in their life dance, dancing only with those that serve one’s ascent in any given interlude or exchange. Upon a biological level, Aloe Vera assists in the development of mucous like substances that allow for fluidity of movement throughout the ascending biology; whether that movement be food through the digestive system; fluid through the veins and arteries or lymph; or fluid that suspends the brain in the cranial cavity. If one is having difficulty with fluidity, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Shepherd’s Purse
Shepherd’s Purse will assist initiates in staying on track in the purpose that one has taken form to fulfill upon. Upon a biological level, Shepherd’s Purse will assist in the development of the spleen and develop marrow to produce crystalline blood and all components therein. Crystalline blood has a different biochemical structure that is far more efficient at carrying agents either to feed the cellular structure or toxins to be disposed of either through the pores of the skin or the waste management systems of the form. If one is having difficulty with one’s blood in ascension, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb as one is so guided from within.

Herb: Burdock
Burdock will assist initiates in learning to operate in integrity with one’s truth as an ascending being. Upon a physical level, Burdock assists with the assimilation of nutrients through the intestinal tract, and the development of a vegetarian tract for those species that consume flesh at this time in history. The ascending intestinal tract has stronger enzymes that are secreted in small pockets to assure that food is adequately broken down and the nutrients therein absorbed. Call upon us if one is having digestive problems or take the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle will assist initiates in remaining in balance in the dance of life. Upon a biological level, Milk Thistle assists in balancing the ratios of fat to protein to mineral to sugar required to hold a crystalline form together, and through the process of ascension. For those who tend to gain too much weight or fat, or not expand enough in ascension, our kingdom can assist in coming to balance so that one hold’s one’s vibration in ease. Call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb as one is so guided from within.

Herb: Chickweed
Chickweed will assist initiates in learning to honor oneself and all others in the dance of life. Upon a biological level, chickweed assists the ascending form coming to a state of biological honor, in which each cell, each gland, each organ and each system receives what is required to be sustained and continue to ascend. If one finds that portions of the form are deprived, call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Horsetail
Horsetail assists initiates in learning to consciously dream weave or intend their heart’s desire. Upon a biological level, horsetail assists with the stepping down of one’s biological dream for ascension into physicality. The form is a giant receptor for a dream that steps down into form; horsetail assures that the dream for one’s ascension steps down into physicality each step of the way. If one is having difficulty manifesting one’s dream for biological ascension, call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Poke Root
Poke Root will assist initiates in lifting the veils of illusion so that one may more clearly see the truth of the matter. Upon a biological level, Poke Root assists in the detoxification of mucous that gums up the ascending form. An ascending form is continuously releasing mucous filled with unneeded substances in the new genetic structure. If the mucous builds up too much, disease or cancer can be the result instead of ascension. If one finds oneself filled with too much mucous at any point in ascension, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if so called from within.

Herb: Passion Flower
Passion Flower will assist initiates in discovering their passion for life. Upon a biological level, passion flower assists with the development of the crystalline nervous system. The crystalline nervous system is a different biochemical formation that runs not upon epinephrine or nor epinephrine which gives the flight or fright response or feeling prior to ascension. The crystalline nervous system is far more relaxed and at ease, more akin to how one feels after a runner’s high or after consuming chocolate; alert, energized but relaxed. There are many stages of nervous system development, and sometimes nerves will spasm causing back aches. Call upon our kingdom at such times or ingest the herbs as one is so guided from within.

Herb: Mothers Wort (Bell Wort)
Mothers Wort will assist initiates in the movement of the creative energy to assist one’s dream in stepping down into form. Upon a physical level, Mothers Wort will assist with the transcription of the DNA into physicality. If there are distortions in the DNA, Mothers Wort will assist in uncovering the karmic cause of the distortion, and then rectify it. If one is having difficulty with a portion of their genetic encoding for ascension, call upon our kingdom, or ingest the herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Wild Yam
Wild Yam will assist initiates in owning their sexual energy flow and kundahlini energy system necessary to the act of ascension. Upon a biological level, Wild Yam assists with the assimilation of the element of fire. Fire flows freely through the meridians from the earth mother feeding the cells with the chi necessary to assist. Fire also flows from each cell which in the act of cell metabolism creates fire that contributes to the vibration of the whole. Wild Yam assists in the management of fire so that all cells within the form are warmed. If one has issues with fire or sexual wounds from the past, call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest the herb if one is so called from within.

Herb: Cascara Sagrada
Cascara Sagrada will assist initiates in allowing the friends to come and go in the dance of life within ascension. Upon a physical level, Cascara Sagrada will assist with the elimination of the waste management systems, and in particular the large intestine. In ascension, it is important to keep the bowels moving so that the toxins do not build up slowing down the process of ascension. If one is constipated, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Sorrel

Sorrel will assist initiates in learning to commune with soul, earth and nature for guidance and healing. Upon a biological level, Sorrel assists with cellular communication. There is an intricate modality of cellular communication that is biochemical in nature. Such biochemical communication develops and is managed by the thymus and pituitary glands, and includes messages to increase or decrease the metabolism along with when to produce more blood cells or varying kinds, along with a host of chemistry required for neural function along with limbic function. If one is having difficulty with communication upon a biological level, call upon our kingdom for support or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Valerian Root
Valerian Root will assist one in embracing one’s life dance in the moment and as it is. Upon a biological level, Valerian Root assists in the relaxation of the muscular structure so that the structure and function of all body parts is sustained. If one is having muscle spasms in ascension, or feels stressed, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if one is so guided from within.

Herb: Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh will assist humans in supporting the greater good of the whole in attempting to build community with one another. Upon a biological level, Black Cohosh assists with all parts of the form sustaining their particular function in contribution to the whole, plus the orchestration of the whole into a symbiotic set of relationships that sustain the life and health and well being of the ascending form. If one finds oneself ascending into disease, call upon our kingdom and ingest the herb if one is so called from within.

Herb: Alum Root (Alumstone)

Alum Root will assist initiates in honest communication without pretenses or masks, and in learning to love oneself as one is in the moment. Upon a biological level, Alum Root assists in the dismantling of old systems and the movement into new systems that support the form in entering the regenerative paradigm. Alum Root is directly involved in the new systems, such as the Joy Hormonal system development in ascending forms. If one is having difficulty with the new systems, organs and glands manifesting in ascension, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if guided from within.

Herb: Hops
Hops assists initiates in learning to communicate with one another and one’s guidance in ascension. Upon a biological level, Hops assists in the development of 18 nodes in the nervous system that allow for greater sensitivity to the etheric body. As initiates become more sensitive to the etheric, one can detect blockages long before they manifest in the physical by choosing to clear the associated karma. Call upon our kingdom if one has difficulty sensing the etheric body, or take the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Cramp Bark
Cramp Bark will assist initiates in opening to communicate with the unseen worlds around oneself. Upon a biological level, Cramp Bark assists with the regeneration of the reproductive systems which evolve to produced many new hormones necessary to regenerate the cellular structure and youth the form. If one finds oneself aging rather than de-aging in ascension, call upon our kingdom for support or take the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Datura
Datura assists initiates in translating one’s current language into the language of light so that all species may understand oneself. Upon a biological level, Datura assists in the development of command hormones that instruct the various systems within the form to a more greatly refined degree necessary for a regenerative biology. If one is having difficulty with a particular system within the ascending biology of the form, call upon our kingdom for assistance, or take the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Flax
Flax assists in lubricating the form with the necessary fats that suspend movement through the various systems within the form. There are 18 forms of fat in a crystalline structure, and each performs a different modality of lubrication necessary to the sustenance of the whole. Flax assists in anchoring the blueprint for all forms of crystalline lipids and then assuring that there is enough of each to retain lubrication throughout the form. If one is having difficulty with lubrication in ascension, which may be symptomatic with dry skin, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb if so guided from within.

Herb: Echinacea
Echinacea assists the ascending form in the development of the crystalline immune system. The crystalline immune system is a more complex structure of 18 forms of white blood cells, each of which has the capacity to destroy and consume various toxic substances from waste matter to viruses to bacteria that would destroy the form otherwise. If one is having difficulty with the development of the immune system in ascension, call upon our kingdom or ingest the herb as one is so called from within.

Herb: Golden Seal
Golden Seal assists the human ascending blueprint to find it’s truth and resonance within the new consensus of ascension of all other humans. Each human holds a particular truth that supports the ascent of the entire human species; it is the purpose of golden seal to assist humans in ascending into their biological truth in relation to the interrelationships to all others of one’s species. In essence, golden seal is also assisting with the reconstruction of holographic knowledge and truth that shall one day be shared amongst all humans. If one is finding difficulty in finding one’s place in the ascent of the whole, then call upon our kingdom for support.

48. GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS (I like to call this spirit or Creator)
Herb: St. John’s Wort
Saint John’s Wort assists humans in understanding their role as god goddess in form, and in the greater dance as a member of the consensus known as earth. In essence, St. John’s Wort assists humans in finding their truth in relationship to all other species upon earth, and in releasing inter-species karma that one may have acquired over time and in one’s history and ancestry. If one finds it difficult to commune with other species, then call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest the herb if guided from within.

Working with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension

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Hopi elders say earth changes are upon us

Hopi Elders Say Earth Changes Are Upon Us
by Simon Hunt

During the past week there have been a few events that
deserve our attention, thought, and examination.

In an unprecedented and totally unexpected way, Hopi
Elders for the first time in history have openly
shared their sacred, and heretofore secret prophecies
with the world. Robert Ghost Wolf, noted Native
American Prophet and author arranged for two Hopi
Elders to appear for three hours on the nationally
aired Art Bell show (out of Pahrump , NV ) and freely
discuss their sacred, and heretofore secret
It has been said by many who have had limited access
to the prophecies in the past, that the Hopi
prophecies of the coming earth changes are among the
most ancient and accurate available.

The Elders have come forth at this time because they
believe that we have passed the point of no return and
major changes are imminent, beginning within the next
few months.

It is their hope to “soften” the effects by appealing
to all to return to a simpler, more spiritual way of

Last month at Spiritual Endeavors (and returning again
this coming month) noted author, environmentalist, and
channeler, Rev. Fred Sterling carried much the same
message. Rev. Sterling emphasized that “The Great
Shift” has already begun.

It is happening now. In other related recent events,
Gordon Michael Scallion, Robert Ghost Wolf, and other
modern day prophets began predicting major Earth
Changes, especially noticeable in the state of
California among other places, beginning this summer.
And now the Hopi Elders have gone on national radio
with the same message.

So, the Earth is changing? The Great Shift is upon us?
What is one to do? I offer the following in reply.

First of all, if you are in denial – get over it. Open
up your eyes. Take a look around.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Perhaps it’s a little different than it’s ever been
for your locality?

Try to find out what’s really going on. You won’t find
out by watching Hard Copy, or even the Evening News.
Try Nexus magazine at your newsagent. Read back

You’ll have to get away from the latest political
scandal of who is sleeping with whom and dig just a
little deeper to find the things of real importance.

Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the
first time in history, that are spinning the wrong

Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the
ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200

Did you know that during a seven day period in early
June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the
California – Nevada border near Mammoth Lake ? (Gordon
Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic
eruption there this summer.)

Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an
extremely fast wind current that flows through the
upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in
recorded history?

Did you know that all over North America , migratory
birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds?
And that salmon are no longer returning to their
spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the
world have stopped having children?

OK, so much for denial.

Once you accept that change is happening, LET GO OF

Realize that it is a time of change and not
necessarily a time of fear. Fear clouds good judgement
and put heavy blocks between the inner intuition,
which will be so important during this time, and your
conscious mind. The earth changing will not kill you;
it changes all the time! But fear, denial, and not
being open to your Inner -Self and your intuition may.

Once accepted, and FEAR IS NOT AN ISSUE, investigate.

Learn all you can about what is happening. The
Internet can be an invaluable tool here. Through the
Internet, you’ll be able to discover what you’ll never
hear on the six o’clock news. You will no longer be at
the mercy of news programs governed and determined by
entertainment ratings.

When one steps out from under the umbrella of
mainstream media and begins to learn what is really
happening in the world, there is often the tendency
towards anger.

“Why hasn’t anyone told me this before?”
“Why isn’t this on the News?”
“There’s a conspiracy going on to keep us in the

My advice here is to let it pass. Finding out who’s
responsible and the inner workings of the government
or large conglomerations is a tangent that will not
only waste your time, but probably lead you into
deeper anger and fear and further away from love and

Instead, take the path advised by the Hopi Elders and
offered to the world on June 15 over national radio.

Rediscover your spirituality! “If you change now, and
change your life around, it will help in the
alleviation of much of the terrible outcome from the
cataclysms. There is a lot in store for all of us. And
the intensity of this will be a lot less if we can all
settle down and behave, and not be in the actions that
we are right now.”

The Hopi Elder went on to explain that it makes no
difference whether your spirituality falls in line
with an organized philosophy or religion, or if it is
something that you have come up with and practice on
your own.
“Practice your spirituality, whatever it may be, like
you have never practiced it before.” And realize that
your consciousness affects the outcome.

Your consciousness effects everything.

Realize that your thoughts, words and actions of today
contribute to what the world will be like tomorrow.
There you have it.

Four easy steps to surviving the earth changes and all
the prophecies.
1. Keep your eyes open.
2. Let go of fear.
3. Learn all you can.
4. Live your spirituality.
It all sounds pretty simple. It almost sounds like it
could even be fun. And that’s a very important point
to keep in mind. Fun. True spirituality is fun. Very
big fun. Joy is probably a better word; bliss perhaps
even better. If your spiritual path is not leading you
on a path of joy, I would suggest that it’s perhaps
time to start shopping around. I have come to the
understanding (and it has taken a lot of sorrow to get
here) that experiencing joy is the most spiritual
thing that one can do in the course of their day.

Joy is infectious. It changes and charges the very air
that you walk through. It lightens the hearts of those
around you. And in these troubled times I can think of
no better healing energy to saturate the Earth with.
Joy! Why not take a few moments during each day just
to pause and think of something that makes you very
happy? Try it. You’ll like it.

It might even become a habit.

Well, I guess there’s only one more point that need to
be addressed here. It’s usually the position adopted
by most skeptics and those in denial as a
justification for their position.

“What if the Hopi Elders are wrong?” “What if Gordon
Michael Scallion, Robert Ghost Wolf, Edgar Cayce, and
all those other modern day prophets are wrong?”

“What if the weather changes back to the way it has
been in the past?”

“What if the birds, and the fish and babies come

“What if there are no big earth changes?”

“What if absolutely nothing happens at all?”

To this I can only reply, “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

We’d all be able to breathe a collective sigh of
relief and joy, take a look around at the Heaven we’ve
created here on Earth, and take great satisfaction in
the fact that we didn’t have to go through Hell to get

Yes indeed, “WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE?”

2012 Unlimited philosophy

1. Humanity and Planet Earth are currently going
through a huge change shift in consciousness and
reality perception.

2. The Mayan civilization of Central America was and
is the most advanced in relation to time-science
knowledge. Their main calendar is the most accurate on
the planet. It has never erred. They actually have 22
calendars in total, covering the many timing cycles in
the Universe and Solar System. Some of these calendars
are yet to be revealed.

3. The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The sixth
world starts in 2012.
So we are currently “between worlds”. This time is
called the “Apocalypse” or revealing. This means the
real truth will be revealed. It is also the time for
us to work through “our stuff” individually and

4. The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means
it is up to us, as
co-creators, to start creating the new world and
civilization we want now.

5. The Mayans also say that by 2012- we will have gone
beyond technology, as we know it. We will have gone
beyond time and money. We will have entered the fifth
dimension after passing through the fourth dimension
Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into
galactic synchronization with the rest of the
Universe. Our DNA will be “upgraded” (or reprogrammed)
from the centre of our galaxy. (Hunab Ku) “Everbody on
this planet is mutating. Some are more conscious of it
than others. But everyone is doing it” –

6. In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up
exactly with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.
This cycle has taken 26,000 years to complete. Virgil
Armstrong also says that two other galaxies will line
up with ours at the same time. A cosmic event!

7. Frequency, NOT Time, is speeding up (or
collapsing). For thousands of years the Schumann
Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth has been 7.83
cycles per second, The military have used this as a
very reliable reference. However, since 1980 this
resonance has been slowly rising. It is now over 12
cycles per second! This is ‘like’ saying a day rushes
by in 16 hours instead of the old 24 hours. Another
interpretation is, we, or rather Consciousness have
been down this same road seven times before over the
last 16 billion years. Each of these cycles of
Creation runs 20 times faster than the last one. The
same amount of Creation is paced 20 times tighter.
This is why time seems to be going so fast. It is not
“time” but Creation itself that is accelerating.
[edited by MT]

8. During the Apocalypse or the time “between worlds”
many people will be going through many personal
changes. The changes will be many and varied. It is
all part of what we came here to learn or experience.
Examples of change could be- relationships coming to
an end, change of residence or location, change of job
or work, shift in attitude or thinking etc.

9. Remember, in any given moment we are making small
and large decisions. Each decision is based on LOVE or
FEAR. Choose love, follow your intuition, not
intellect and follow your passion or “burning inner
desire.” Go with the flow.

10. Thought forms are very important and affect our
everyday life. We create our reality with thought
forms. If we think negative thoughts of others this is
what we attract. If we think positive thoughts, we
will attract positive people and events.
So be aware of your thoughts and eliminate the
unnecessary negative or judgmental ones.

11. Be aware that most of the media is controlled by
just a few. Use discernment! Look for the hidden
agendas. Why is this information being presented to
you? What is “their” real agenda? Is it a case of
problem reaction solution? Do “they” create a problem
so that “we” react and ask for a fix, then “they”
offer their solution? The “solution is what “they”
really wanted in the first place.

12. Remember , almost nothing happens by accident.
Almost all “events” are planned by some agency or
other. Despite this, it is a very exciting time to be