Meditations with the elders

Meditations with Native American Elders Nov. 6

“It is well to be good to women in the strength of our
manhood because we must sit under their hands at both
ends of our lives.”

The woman brings us into this life and nurtures us as
we grow up. When we reach our manhood, she supports us
and sings the songs to help the family grow. The
Elders say we must look at the woman in a sacred way.
We must realize how special her powers are in bringing
forth life. The woman will bring balance to a man. The
woman will help him see. It is said, behind every
successful man is a supporting woman. Maybe we should
examine how we are thinking about women. The Great
Spirit says we should honor them. Are we resepecting
and honoring our women today?
Grandmother, Grandfather thank you for our women.
Today, let me honor them.
By: Don Coyhis
A Cherokee Feast Of Days – Nov. 6

We all handle hundreds of decisions every day—dress
or pants, cereal or pancakes, coffee or tea, this
project or that, shopping or banking, park here or
there, and so on. If we really knew how many decisions
and details we attend to each day, we’d be
overwhelmed. Sometimes we’re over-whelmed even without
knowing the exact number! But few decisions are more
important than this one: what words we use with those
around us. Even on our busiest day, we can find time
to say, “Great job!”, What a lovely dress!”, “Thank
you!”, and most important of all, “I love you!”
Remember to keep life and love at the top of the list
of decisions you have to make each day. You’ll be
happier, and others will be too.
Is not kindness more powerful than arrogance; and
truth more powerful than the sword?

By: Joyce Sequichie Hifler