Groovy blast from the past

Some good Beatles tunes, with a nifty message. Will make you laugh, tap your toes, and perhaps even provoke some deep thinking.

How To Heal Yourself

If this video resonates with you, I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter and listening to his FREE teleseminar broadcasts. He does a wonderful job of explaining the mind-body-spirit connection, and how you can “tune into” your higher consciousness and take control of life.

Breast Cancer your doctor will call a bug bite.

No lumps and undectectable by mammograms this Breast Cancer is one even few doctors know about. Watch the video below to learn more and pass it on to all the women you know.

If you are suffering from this I urge you to contact a holistic doctor, often you have the power to cure yourself just knowing your symptoms.  Despite common belief WE know our bodies better then our doctors, don’t accept the death sentence they readily hand out! Also check out my blog posts:

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Global Strike: April 15, 2008

On April 15th 2008 join with the millions of Americans who now know about the IRS fraud. Join us in the largest grassroots awakening action the world has ever seen. Arm yourself with truth in the form of “America: Freedom to Fascism” DVDs

It is up to you to wake the people from their slumber, the day to do it is coming up.

Need to know more? A complete understanding can be found in this video:

Mellow and Beautiful

If you’ve never heard of Mazzy Star aka Hope Sandoval, here’s  your introduction. She’s been a favorite of mine for over ten years, and one of the out of the norm forms of music I like to dance to. Enjoy!

Russell Means and The Republic of Lakota

I would like to point out that we are all human beings here on this earth. We all have our own stengths, weaknesses, faults, motives and dreams that enable us to learn our lessons here upon mother earth.

I believe the video above speaks of Russell’s dreams. The article below will show you a little more about Russell and his character. I ask that you keep an open mind and not judge this man. Recognize that he, like us, is human and reaching toward his dreams.  ~Kat

Click this link for A different view of Russell Means.

More info can be found at:

A Deeper Understanding

In these times of change I believe it is crucial for humanity to lay down what they have been taught to believe is right and wrong in terms of the way society interacts.

We are taught from an early age that if there are three flowers and an orange on the page in front of us, that the orange is differant. But in the big scheme of things how differant is that orange? Both flowers and oranges provide food, both grow in soil naturally, both are a part of this earth. One is not better then the other, they are both a part of the whole.

I have been learning lately that there is a ton of things that we as a society label as differant, wrong, or disease. When we do this we view things as seperate from ourselves. A disease is not something we catch. It is a variety of symptoms that we have allowed to become a part of us through our interaction with the world. If we do not like this part of ourselves, we have the power to change our habits and release what we no longer want.

What society has labeled as mental disease, is often just a different understanding of the world around these people. I do not consider them odd, or wrong, but rather enlightened folks who have come to this earth to show humanity just how inaccurately our perceptions have been molded. Do the guru’s we seek for enlightenment not show us the world through a different set of eyes? Do they not interact in a different way then what is termed normal?

In the video that follows, I ask you to keep an open mind while watching, for this beautiful being has done her job well. I wish for you many blessings on your path to a deeper understanding. ~Kat

Superiority Questions

What would you do with 720 million dollars a day?

Cure yourself of Cancer