THE 14th Annual SOLAR WAVE 2008 ~ Phase Two

     The Living Gaia Prayer Wheel Activation!
     Equinox ~ September 22nd, 2008 ~ 1 to 3 PM your local time all across the Earth.
     This is a Joyful Invitation to the Awakening Masses of Gaia to come together in ONE UNIFIED HEART to Activate our Planet as a LIVING GAIA PRAYER WHEEL!  We Invite all to join together with like-minded, heart-centered souls to create an Unstoppable Tidal Solar Wave of Light and Positive Mass Awareness, to harmonize all discordant energy on Gaia, and to initiate a spontaneous Awakening of Humanity! 
     With the Power and Light of the Creator that is within each of us, we can usher in the age of PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, COMPASSION and IMPECCABILITY, that has been prophesied by many ancient traditions.
     This will all occur during the powerful window of unlimited opportunity at Equinox, and is combined with the multiplying potential of 13:30 LOCAL SIDEREAL TIME, and the grace-filled rotation of the Earth as a living Prayer Wheel.
     “Again and again some people in the crowd wake up.  They have no ground in the crowd … they emerge according to much broader laws … and carry strange customs with them … and demand room for bold gestures.  The future speaks ruthlessly through them.”  ~  Rilke
     What is the catch you ask?  Does it sound to good to be true?  The fact is … that there is no catch.  This opportunity is free, green and supports all living things!
     There is a powerful time each day on the planetary grid where our sixth sense abilities are 400% times more effective.  When we use this knowledge and join together at this powerful time, our efforts will be multiplied within the harmonizing effects of Equinox.  We can heal the [our] Earth and Awaken Humanity!
     Have you ever felt like you were here on the Earth for a Special Purpose?  Do you feel that you are potentially … THE VERY ONE … who could help tip the balance of our dimension back into the LIGHT?  You are RIGHT!  You are the ONE! … but … do you want proof?  You will not have proof unless you are willing to go out on a limb, be bold, and believe in the light that you know we are.  Are you ready to prove that you are that powerful, and that we can heal the Earth and Awaken humanity?  Keep reading ~ The Ancient one and the Earth have a plan.
     Ancient traditions understand that the EQUINOX is a powerful time to initiate changes in our material world and shift into a new reality.  On Equinox, the Earth and the Sun are in perfect balance and harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and centered between Heaven and Earth.  This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.  For 24 hours, the Earth heals itself in this balancing energy of a Solar Wave.
     The Tibetans understand the power of spinning the Prayer Wheel to send healing energy across the planet.  Could it be that the Prayer wheel is a representation of the spinning Earth?  Native American cultures know that the medicine wheel is a reflection of the Earth.  The medicine wheel is used for ceremony to heal and bring balance back to the Earth.  So why not use the Earth herself?

 For the last 14 years, thousands upon thousands of light workers, peace-keepers, shamans, healers, gods and goddesses, angels, and saints, from around the globe have joined together to work with powerful Equinox energy in a 24-hour Solar Wave of Light and creative potential.  But this event is nothing new.  Ancient ones knew about this powerful time, and have used it to balance and harmonize discordant energy for eons.  The fact that the masses are now becoming aware of this time of great potential is a huge sign that we are, in fact, on the brink of planetary awakening.
     This year a group of ancient ones, called the Star Elders, say that we are ready to evolve this year’s Solar Wave to a Stellar Wave!  This year the Star Elders call us to work with the Equinox, but to also add a hugely multiplying potential, a specific local sidereal time (LST a.k.a. Star Time), to synchronize our global efforts to reclaim paradise.  Are you in?

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Superiority Questions

Update on Tara’s sacred lands

Irish Times – Breaking News:  New High Court action over Tara ruins Activists make court bid to stop M3 (audio)
Press Association: Fresh bid to stop motorway
Daily Mail:  High Court challenge to Gormley on M3 site
Irish Examiner:  High Court action seeks to protect site near Tara

A HIGH COURT action was launched yesterday aimed at protecting the Lismullin national monument near Tara. The action is being taken by Gordon Lucas, who is seeking to enforce EU directives on national monuments.

He is seeking an injunction and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law.  Lismullin was declared one of the top 10 most important archaeological discoveries in 2007 by Archaeology magazine, published by the Archaeological Institute of America. The Hill of Tara has also been placed on the 2008 list of 100 most endangered sites by the World Monuments Fund.

Last year, archaeologists working on the route of the motorway stumbled on a vast Iron Age ceremonial enclosure, or henge, surrounded by two walls. The 2,000-year-old site is about 2km from the Hill of Tara. The discovery of the henge, measuring about 260ft in diameter, confirmed the long-held belief that the area contains a rich complex of monuments. The extent of archaeological remains on the Hill of Tara — burial mounds, religious enclosures, stone structures, and rock art dating from the third millennium BC to the 12th century AD — makes it Ireland’s most spiritually and archaeologically significant site.

Lismullin and other sites that stand in the way of the new motorway are now approved for destruction. Although archaeologists are rallying support worldwide for the protection of the Hill of Tara, the iconic site remains in great peril, according to the lobbying group Tara Watch. The European Commission has initiated legal action against the Government over the M3, charging Ireland with failing to protect its own heritage.

A Red C opinion poll has found that almost two-thirds (62%) of Irish adults agree that the current format set down for the M3 is wrong, and that alternatives should be found to protect the heritage sites.  More than half (58%) support a proposed heritage park solution, while 31% agree they would prefer to keep the M3 running through the valley as already agreed.

Vincent Salafia of protest group TaraWatch said: “This is a parallel case to the case being taken against Ireland by the European Commission, which states the Irish government is in breach of EU law. Work should cease immediately within the Tara archaeological complex, until this matter is resolved. “It is ironic that the Irish government is pushing its citizens to adopt the Lisbon Treaty, while they flatly refuse to obey current EU law with regards to protection of the environment and the national monument at Lismullin,” said Mr Salafia.

High Court challenge to Gormley on M3 site
Irish Daily Mail – 6 February 2008
by Paul Caffrey

ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley faces a potentially embarrassing High Court challenge over a decision made by his predecessor to allow the M3 motorway to be built over an historic site near the Hill of Tara. The Green TD claimed when he came to office last June that he was powerless to over-turn a last-minute order made by outgoing Environment Minister Dick Roche for 2,000 year old ruins discovered last year near the Hill of Tara to be destroyed to make way for the M3.

The civil suit is being taken by one Gordon Lucas a resident of Limerick, who is seeking to enforce EU Environmental Assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights.  Mr Lucas, who filed his Statement of Claim with with court officials yesterday, is seeking an injunction and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law. He is taking his case against the Environment Minister, the National Roads Authority, the State and the Attorney General.

Last night, opposition politicians and environmental campaigners said the High Court action signals fresh embarrassment for Mr Gormley, and only highlights his failure to stand by his priniciples sinec entering Government with Fianna Fail. In a turbulent first day in office last June, Mr Gormley declared he had no authority to revoke his predecessor’s order, despite his commitment to protecting heritage.

But Labour’s Eamon Gilmore claimed the Minister could reverse the decision, citing section 22 of the Interpretation Act 2005. Fine Gael’s Fergus O’Dowd made the damning charge against the Green Party chairman back then that the reason he had not done it was because he was politically emasculated by his new Fianna Fail masters. Former Environment Minister Dick Roche signed an order last year which allowed the archaeological site to be studied and then destroyed to make way for the motorway. Last night, Fine Gael TD Fergus O’Dowd launched a stonging attack on Mr Gormley, saying that his ‘credibility is zero at this stage’. and that he ‘stands for nothing’.

Campaign group TaraWatch, which is demanding that the site be preserved says the case is being taken as a last resort, after the Government opted not to perform a new environmental impact assessment on the proposed demolition of the Lismullin national monument.

New High Court action over Tara ruins
Irish Times – Breaking news 05/02/2008  09:45

A new High Court action that aims to protect 2,000 year-old ruins discovered at Lismullin near the Hill of Tara is to be taken today.

The semicircular enclosure at Lismullen, about four miles south of Navan on the existing N3, lies across the northbound lane of the controversial new M3 motorway. It is 80 metres in diameter, dates from between 380BC and 520BC, and may be some kind of ceremonial site.

The new action is being taken by Gordon Lucas, a resident of Limerick, who is seeking to enforce EU environmental impact assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights.

He is seeking an injunction, and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law.

The Tarawatch campaign group, which is demanding that the site be preserved, said the case is being taken as a last resort, after the Government opted not to perform a new environmental impact assessment on the proposed demolition of the Lismullin national monument.

Expert evidence will also argue that Lismullin is a central part of the archaeological complex associated with the Hill of Tara, which was placed on the 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund.

“This is a parallel case to the case being taken against Ireland by the European Commission, which states the Irish Government is in breach of EU law,” said Vincent Salafia of Tarawatch.


5 February 2008

‘New High Court Action to Protect Lismullin National Monument Being Launched Today’

A new High Court action, aimed at protecting the Lismullin national monument, which was discovered in the pathway of the M3 motorway last year, will be launched today.

The action is being taken by Mr. Gordon Lucas, a resident of Limerick, who is seeking to enforce EU environmental impact assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights. He is seeking an injunction, and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law.

The case is being taken as a last resort, after the Irish Government has refused to concede to pressure and a legal action from the European Environment Commission to perform a new environmental impact assessment on the proposed demolition of the Lismullin national monument.

Lismullin was recently declared one of the Top Ten Most Important Archaeological Discoveries in 2007, by Archaeology magazine, published by the Archaeological Institute of America.

Expert evidence will also argue that Lismullin is a central part of the archaeological complex associated with the Hill of Tara, which was placed on the 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund.

A new survey by Red C Research opinion poll has shown that

– When asked directly, almost two thirds (62%) of all Irish adults agree that the current format set down for the M3 is wrong, and that alternatives should be found to protect the heritage sites.

– over half (58%) support a proposed Heritage Park solution, while less than a third (31%) agree they would prefer to keep the M3 running through the valley as already agreed.

Vincent Salafia of TaraWatch said:

“This is a parallel case to the case being taken against Ireland by the European Commission, which states the Irish Government is in breach of EU law.
“Work should cease immediately within the Tara archaeological complex, until this matter is resolved for once and for all.

“It is ironic that the Irish Government is pushing its citizens to adopt the Lisbon Treaty, while they flatly refuse to obey current EU law with regards to protection of the environment and the national monument at Lismullin.

More information contact
Archaeology Magazine – Top Ten Discoveries
World Monuments Fund – 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites
Red C Research – Tara/ Skryne Opinion Poll

Hopi Stone Tablets


There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock.
There was the cycle of the plant.
And now we are in the cycle of the animals coming to the
end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being.

When we get into the cycle of the human being
the highest and greatest powers that we have
will be released to us.

They will be released from that light or soul that we carry to the mind. But right now we’re coming to the end of the animal cycle and we have investigated ourselves and learned what it is to be like an animal on this earth.

At the beginning of this cycle of time, long ago, the Great Spirit came down and He made an appearance and He gathered the peoples of this earth together they say on an island which is now beneath the water and He said to the human beings, “I’m going to send you to four directions and over time I’m going to change you to four colors, but I’m going to give you some teachings and you will call these the Original Teachings and when you come back together with each other you will share these so that you can live and have peace on earth, and a great civilization will come about.”

And he said, “During the cycle of time I’m going to give each of you TWO STONE TABLETS. When I give you those stone tablets, don’t cast those upon the ground. If any of the brothers and sisters of the four directions and the four colors cast their tablets on the ground, not only, will human beings have a hard time, but almost the earth itself will die.”

And so he gave each of us a responsibility and we call that the Guardianship.

To the Indian people, the red people, he gave the Guardianship of the earth. We were to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the earth, the plants that grow from the earth, the foods that you can eat, and the herbs that are healing so that when we came back together with the other brothers and sisters we could share this knowledge with them. Something good was to happen on the earth.

To the South, he gave the yellow race of people the Guardianship of the wind. They were to learn about the sky and breathing and how to take that within ourselves for spiritual advancement. They were to share that with is at this time.

To the West He gave the black race of people the Guardianship of the water. They were to learn the teachings of the water which is the chief of the elements, being the most humble and the most powerful.

To the North He gave the white race of people the Guardianship of the fire. If you look at the center of many of the things they do you will find the fire. They say a light bulb is the white man’s fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This is why it was the white brothers and sisters who began to move upon the face of the earth and reunite us as a human family.

And so a long time passed, and the Great Spirit gave each of the four races two stone tablets. Ours are kept at the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at Four Corners Area on 3rd Mesa.

I talked to people from the black race and their stone tablets are at the foot of Mount Kenya. They are kept by the Kukuyu Tribe.

I once had the honor of presenting a sacred pipe at the Kukuyu Tribe carved from the red pipe stone of Mount Kenya. I was at an Indian spiritual gathering about 15 years ago. A medicine man from South Dakota put a beaded medicine wheel in the middle of the gathering. It had the four colors from the four directions; He asked the people, “Where is this from?” They said, “Probably Montana, or South Dakota, maybe Seskatchewan.” He said, “This is from Kenya.” It was beaded just like ours, with the same color.

The stone tablets of the yellow race of people are kept by the Tibetans, in Tibet. If you went straight through the Hopi Reservation to the other side of the world, you would come out in Tibet. The Tibetan word for “sun” is the Hopi word for “moon” and the Hopi word for “sun” is the Tibetan word for “moon”.

The guardians of the traditions of the people of Europe are the Swiss. In Switzerland, they still have a day when each family brings out its mask. They still know the colors of the families, they still know the symbols, some of them. I went to school with some people from Switzerland at the University of Washington and they shared this with me.

Each of these four peoples happen to be people that live in the mountains.

In 1976 America had its bicentennial celebrating 200 years of freedom. Some of the Native people thought this was significant and they carried a sacred pipe bundle from the West Coast to the East Coast of this land.

They said that the roads of this land should either go North-South or East-West. If they went North-South we would come together as brothers and sisters, but if they went East-West there would be destruction and almost the earth itself would have a hard time. So you all know the roads went East-West.

They said then things would be lost from the East to the West and from the South to the North and that they would come back again from the West to the East and from the North to the South.

So nine years ago in 1976 from the West to East Coast of this land, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. people carried a sacred pipe bundle by hand, on foot. My aunt had dreamt 15 years ago that people that didn’t like them would throw rocks and bottles at that pipe bundle as they carried it across the land. And sure enough that came about. But, as was in my aunt’s dream, the rocks only came so close and then they dropped, and nothing touched it.

They said a spiritual fire would be lit in the North and would come down the Northwest Coast of this land. When it gets to the Puget Sound, it would go inland. I think this, nine years later, is the gathering in the North, myself. That’s why I came here. This is it. We have the capacity to start the spiritual fire now, here. The old people long ago saw it and foretold it and I’m going to come to that.

So we went through this cycle of time and each of the four races went to their directions and they learned their teachings.

We were given a sacred handshake to show when we came back together as brothers and sisters that we still remembered the teachings. It was indicated on the stone tablets that the Hopis had that the first brothers and sisters that would come back to them would come as turtles across the land. They would be human beings, but they would come as turtles.

So when the time came close the Hopis were at a special village to welcome the turtles that would come across the land and they got up in the morning and looked out at the sunrise. They looked out across the desert and they saw the Spanish Conquistadores coming, covered in armour, like turtles across the land. So this was them. So they went out to the Spanish man and they extended their hand hoping for the handshake but into the hand the Spanish man dropped a trinket.

And so word spread throughout North America that there was going to be a hard time, that maybe some of the brothers and sisters had forgotten the sacredness of all things and all the human beings were going to suffer for this on the earth.

So tribes began to send people to the mounds to have missions to try to figure out how they could survive. At that time there were 100,000 cities in the Mississippi Valley alone, called the mound civilization: cities built on great mounds. Those mounds are still there. If you ever go out to Ohio or the Mississippi Valley, they’re tourist attractions now. There was 100,000 cities of Native people and they were wondering how they could survive.

They began to try to learn to live off the land because they knew a hard time was going to come. They began to send people to have visions to see how we could survive this time.

People came on the east coast and they went across this land to the east and they were told in the prophecies that we should try to remind all the people that would come here of the sacredness of all things. If we could do that, then there would be peace on earth. But if we did not do that, when the roads went clear from east to west, and when the other races and colors of the Earth had walked clear across this land, if by that time we had not come together as a human family, the Great Spirit would grab the earth with his hand and shake it.

And so if you read the treaty negotiations from Red Jacket of the Six Nations on the east coast of this land clear to Chief Joseph and Chief Seattle on the west coast of this land, they all said the same thing. Chief Joseph said, “I accord you the right, and I hope you accord me the right, to live in this land.” Always we were trying to live together. But instead of living together, you all know there was separation, there was segregation. They separated the races: they separated the Indians, and they separated the blacks.

So when they got to the west coast of this land the elders that were made aware of these prophecies said they would then begin to build a black ribbon. And on this black ribbon there would move a bug. And when you begin to see this bug moving on the land, that was the sign for the First Shaking of the Earth.

The First Shaking of the Earth would be so violent that this bug would be shaken off the earth into the air and it would begin to move and fly in the air. And by the end of this shaking this bug will be in the air around the world. Behind it would be a trail of dirt and eventually the whole sky of the entire earth would become dirty from these trails of dirt, and this would cause many diseases that would get more and more complicated. So the bug moving on the land, of course it’s easy to see now.

In 1908 the Model-T Ford was mass produced for the first time. So the elders knew the First Shaking of the Earth was about to come about – that’s the First World War. In the First World War the airplane came into wide usage for the first time. That was that bug moving into the sky. And so they knew something very important would happen.

There would be an attempt to make peace on earth on the west coast of this land and so the elders began to watch for this. They began to hear that there was going to be a League of Nations in San Francisco so the elders gathered in Arizona around 1920 or so and they wrote a letter to Woodrow Wilson. They asked if the Indian people could be included in the League of Nations.

At that time the United States Supreme Court had held that a reservation is a separate and semi-sovereign nation, not a part of the United States but protected by it. This became a concern because people didn’t want the reservations to become more and more separate. They didn’t want them to be considered nations. So they did not write back and the Native people were left out of the League of Nations, so that circle was incomplete.

In the League of Nations circle there was a southern door, the yellow people; there was a western door, the black people; there was a northern door, the white people; but the eastern door was not attended. The elders knew that peace would not come on the earth until the circle of humanity is complete, until all the four colors sat in the circle and shared their teachings, then peace would come on earth.

So they knew things would happen. Things would speed up a little bit. There would be a cobweb built around the earth, and people would talk across this cobweb. When this talking cobweb, the telephone, was built around the earth, a sign of life would appear in the east, but it would tilt and bring death. It would come with the sun.

But the sun itself would rise one day not in the east but in the west. So the elders said when you see the sun rising in the east and you see the sign of life reversed and tilted in the east, you know that the Great Death is to come upon the earth, and now the Great Spirit will grab the earth again in His hand and shake it and this shaking will be worse than the first.

So the sign of life reversed and tilted, we call that the Swastika, and the rising sun in the east was the rising sun of Japan. These two symbols are carved in stone in Arizona. When the elders saw these two flags, these were the signs that the earth was to be shaken again.

The worse misuse of the Guardianship of the fire is called the “gourd of ashes”. They said the gourd of ashes will fall from the air. It will make the people like blades of grass in the prairie fire and things will not grow for many seasons. I saw on television not too long ago that they were talking about the atomic bomb, the gourd of ashes. They said it was the best-kept secret in the history of the United States. The elders wanted to speak about it in 1920.

They would have spoken of it and foretold it’s coming if they could have entered into the League of Nations.

The elders tried to contact President Roosevelt and ask him not to use the gourd of ashes because it would have a great effect on the earth and eventually cause even greater destruction and a the Third Shaking of the Earth, the Third World War. I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

So they knew after the Second Shaking of the Earth when they saw the gourd of ashes fall from the sky then there would be an attempt to make peace on the other side of this land. And because the peace attempt on the west coast had failed, they would build a special house on the east coast of this Turtle Island, and all the nations and peoples of the earth would come to this house and it would be called the House of Mica and it would shine like the mica on the desert shines.

So the elders began to see they were building the United Nations made out of glass that reflects like the mica on the desert so they knew this was the House of Mica and all the peoples of the earth should go to it. So they met and talked about this. They said that in the 1920’s they had written and they had not been responded to, so they said this time we better go to the front door of the House of Mica because things might get a lot worse.

So elders representing a number of tribes I believe drove to New York City. When the United Nations opened they went to the front door of the House of Mica and they said these words:

“We represent the indigenous people of North America and we wish to address the nations of the Earth. We’re going to give you four days to consider whether or not we will be allowed to speak.”

They retreated to one of the Six Nations Reserves in New York State. The Six Nations Reserves are keepers of the Great Law of Peace of the prophet that appeared here in North America, Dagonnorida. And this Law of Peace is still recited, it takes four days between sunrise and noon. Each year an Indian, by memory, must recite it about this time of year.

Four days later they came back and I believe the nations of the earth heard that the Indians had come to the door. And they voted to let the Indians in. They wanted to hear what they had to say. But the United States is one of five nations of the United Nations with a veto power and still they were concerned because this time the Native sovereignty was even stronger. And I believe they vetoed the entrance of the Native people.

So then they knew other things would happen on the Earth, and the United Nations would not bring peace on earth but there would be continuing and deepening confusion. And that the little wars would get worse. So they retreated to the Six Nations Reserve and they talked about this and they said the time is really getting close now, 1949.

They said, “We’re going to divide the United States into four sections and each year we’re going to have a gathering. We’re going to call these the ‘White of Peace Gatherings’.” They began to have these around 1950. And they authorized certain men to speak in English for the first time about these prophecies.

One that I used to listen to many times, over and over, was Thomas Benyaka. He is a Hopi man. I believe he is still living. He was authorized to speak in English about what was on the stone tablets and he has dedicated his lifetime to doing this. And they began to tell us at these gatherings, they said “In your lifetime you’re going to see things happen.”

It was strange when they said it in the 1950’s and 1960’s but now it seems very clear. But then it was unusual. They said, “You’re going to see a time in your life when men are going to become women. The Great Spirit is going to make a man on the earth. He made him a man but this man is going to say, “I know more than the Great Spirit. I’m going to change myself to be a woman:” And they will even nurse children. The Great Spirit is going to make the woman on the earth. She’s going to say, “I know more than the Great Spirit. I want to be a man. And she will be physically a man.”

They said “You’re going to see a time in your lifetime when the human beings are going to find the blueprint that makes us.” They call that now, DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. They said, “They re going to cut this blueprint.” They call that now, genetic splicing.

And they said, “They’re going to make new animals upon the earth, and they’re going to think these are going to help us. And it’s going to seem like they do help us. But maybe the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are going to suffer.”

They are making new animals. The elders talked about this. They said, “You will see new animals, and even the old animals will come back, animals that people thought had disappeared. They will find them here and there. They’ll begin to reappear.”

They said (and I know many of you are from tribes that also have this prophecy, “You’re going to see a time when the eagle will fly its highest in the night and it will land upon the moon.” Some tribes say the eagle will circle the moon. Some tribes say the eagle will fly it’s highest in the night. “And at that time,” they say, “Many of the Native people will be sleeping,” which symbolically means they have lost their teachings. There are some tribes that say it will be as if they are frozen: they’ve been through the long winter.

But they say, “When the eagle flies it’s highest in the night, that will be the first light of a new day. That will be the first thawing of spring.” Of course, at the first light of a new day, if you’ve stayed up all night, you notice it’s really dark. And the first light, you want to see it, but you can’t. It sneaks up on you. You want to see it change but it’s dark and then pretty soon it’s getting light before you know it.

We’re at that time now. The Eagle has landed on the moon, 1969. When that spaceship landed they sent back the message, “The Eagle has landed.” Traditionally, Native people from clear up in the Inuit region, they have shared with us this prophecy, clear down to the Quechuas in South America. They shared with us that they have this prophecy. When they heard those first words, “The Eagle has landed,” they knew that was the start of a new time and a new power for Native people. There was absolutely nothing strong before us now. We may do anything we wish.

In 1776 when the United States Government printed the dollar, in one claw [of the eagle], if you’ve ever noticed, there is an olive branch in this claw. They said that represented peace. The Indian elders shared with me in South Dakota that to them that represents the enslavement of black people.

In the prophecies of the Six Nations people they say there will be two great uprisings by black people to free themselves. We’ve seen one about 1964. There will be a second, more violent one to come. I’ll get back to what that means in a minute. In the other claw is 13 arrows. The founding fathers of the United States said that represents the 13 States. But the elders say that represents the enslavement of the Native people.

When the Eagle landed on the moon, they decided to print a special silver dollar to commemorate that. I don’t know how many of you noticed it. The original design showed the spaceship landing on the moon but at the last minute it was changed to an actual eagle. And in the eagle’s claws is the olive branch, but the arrows are gone. The elders said, “That’s our prophecy, we have been released.”

There was one more uprising coming for the black race of people and then they will be released and this is also going to have an effect on Native people, a good effect. There’s a whole new set of prophecies from the Iroquois people about that and I won’t have time to go into that this morning.

But we’re in that time now. We’re between the first light of a new day and the sunrise. The sunrise is about to come and when it comes up everyone is going to see it. But you know how it is in the village there’s a few people that get up early, and there are some that sleep until noon. I’m probably one of those that sleeps until noon. They said when that Eagle lands on the moon, the powers will begin to come back to us.

Within seven days of the time the Eagle landed on the moon, the Freedom of Indian Religion Act was introduced into the United States Congress. The legislation was introduced in 1969, less than seven days after the Eagle landed on the moon. Eventually it was passed in November of 1978, signed by President Carter. These are the physical manifestations of the spiritual prophecies that we have.

So he said at this time you’re going to see that things will speed up, that people on the earth will move faster and faster. Grandchildren will not have time for grandparents. Parents will not have time for children. It will seem like time is going faster and faster. The elders advised us that as things speed up, you yourself should slow down. The faster things go, the slower you go. Because there’s going to come a time when the earth is going to be shaken a third time.

The Great Spirit has been shaking the earth two times: the First and Second World Wars to remind us that we are a human family, to remind us that we should have greeted each other as brothers and sisters. We had a chance after each shaking to come together in a circle that would have brought peace on earth, but we missed that.

Tonight they were talking on the news about the sign for the Third Shaking of the Earth. I heard it while sitting in the airport after I missed my plane. They said they’re going to build what the elders called the “house in the sky”.

In the 1950’s they talked about this: they will build a house and throw it in the sky. When you see people living in the sky on a permanent basis, you will know the Great Spirit is about to grab the earth, this time not with one hand, but with both hands.

Many of you of Native background may have heard “the spirits will warn you twice, but the third time you stand alone.” We’ve had two warnings, the first two World Wars, but now we stand alone in the third one. As it says in the Baha’i Writings, there will be no-one protected. When this house is in the sky, the Great Spirit is going to shake the Earth a third time and whoever dropped that gourd of ashes, upon them it is going to drop.

They say at that time there will be villages in this land so great that when you stand in the villages you will not be able to see out, and in the prophecies these are called “villages of stone”, or “prairies of stone”. And they said the stone will grow up from the ground and you will not be able to see beyond the village. At the center of each and every one of these villages will be Native people, and they will walk as “hollow” shells upon a “prairie of stone”. They said “hollow shells” which means they will have lost any of their traditional understandings; they will be empty within.

They said after the Eagle lands on the moon some of these people will begin to leave these “prairies of stone” and come home and take up some of the old ways and begin to make themselves reborn, because it’s a new day. But many will not. And they said there’s going to come a time when in the morning the sun is going to rise and this village of stone will be there, and in the evening there would just be steam coming from the ground. They will be as steam. And in the center of many of those villages of stone when they turn to steam, the Native people will turn to steam also because they never woke up and left the village.

Lots more info at:  The Dream Masters – Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Sacred lands of Ireland being desecrated

YouTube – Tara News***** [6 min 53 secs]

YouTube – The Tara Conspiracy [5 min 11 secs]

A shocking short video documenting the Irish government’s plan to build a motorway through the historic Tara-Skryne valley


YouTube – tara hard news 1/3 [5 min 58 secs]

YouTube – tara hard news 2/3 [5 min 01 secs]

YouTube – tara hard news 3/3 [5 min 51 secs]

Elle giving more infomation and history on the destruction of the Tara

and what’s REALLY been going.

Tara_M3_Scar_Rath-Lugh_400.jpg – Tara Watch)(S – Tara , IE – Blogs – Massachusetts Archaeological Society Opposes M3 Motorway – Tara Watch MySpace Blog Blogs – Irish Times: EU to take action over handling of Tara route for M3 – Tara Watch MySpace Blog

RTÉ News: Legal action from Europe on monuments

The Rape of Tara, Hill of Kings
Irish Origins of Civilization
by Michael Tsarion

The Hill of Tara

Dated to approximately 2,000 years BC, it was the capital of the Celtic kings of Ireland, but was probably a site of importance in pre-Celtic times. It was named after the Arya and their Earth Goddess Eri or Ari.
In Hebrew and Egyptian the word Tara means gateway or portal.
It was also known as Drumcain (or “Hill of the Serpents”).

The Tara Skryne Complex

In May 2007 as part of the excavations for the M3 motorway the archaeologists on the site of Lismullen in the Tara Skryne Complex found an ancient Henge; a ritual ceremonial site dating back to prehistoric times.

Immediately this site was declared a National Monument and despite the outcry generated by it, the then minister for the environment, Dick Roche, ordered its removal from the Valley in order to continue with the construction of the controversial 7 km of the M3 across the Valley.

The orientation of this Henge seems to be pointing to Newgrange, which may support the hypothesis that the whole Tara Skryne Valley was a large complex, whose sites cannot be interpreted in isolation. If protected as it should be, the whole Valley could be designated a World Heritage Park, a place for the benefit and education of humanity and the expansion of Ancient Irish Civilization.

To endanger such a place is a symptom of the greed, corruption and disrespect being shown for nature, people and our environment.

The solution to this controversy is to re-route 7 km of the double-tolled Motorway, but it seems that vested interests in this area have been preventing the consideration of any alternatives.

Ancient Burial Ground Destroyed

An ancient burial ground near the Hill of Tara (Ireland) – said to be more impressive than the national monument discovered in recent months – has been destroyed. Bulldozers razed the Baronstown site to allow construction work on the controversial M3 motorway in Co Meath continue. Protesters claimed that the site, a Bronze Age settlement described as a ‘multi-period archaeological complex’ by archaeologist Joe Fenwick, was destroyed overnight after machinery moved in. They claim earth movers stripped the site at about 4am on Wednesday 4th July.

When protesters arrived at 6am the entire site had been completely razed to the ground.

The complex dates back 4,000 years and the Campaign to Save Tara group claimed it had been recommended for national monument status by archaeologists working on the M3 project. But former environment minister Dick Roche rejected the application. “That they are destroying our heritage under cover of darkness says it all,” campaigner Dr Muireann Ni Bhrolchain said, and repeated a call for construction work to be stopped at Tara until an archaeological committee set up by Environment Minister John Gormley completed its work. The committee is chaired by Conor Newman, an archaeology professor at NUI Galway, and is charged with excavating the newly found National Monument at Lismullen, a few miles from the Baronstown site, prior to it being removed to allow the road to go ahead.

Protesters want the minister to declare the entire Tara Skryne Valley an archaeological conservation area, and re-route the motorway. Michael Canny said the work on the Baronstown site was a disgrace. “If he had taken our advice perhaps another piece of our irreplaceable national heritage would not have been bulldozed.” Protesters also claimed daily stand-offs with construction workers at several sites along the route were becoming increasingly tense. In recent weeks, one protester was arrested, but later released.

Opus Dei & the Tara Valley Tragedy

An investigation into the potential connections, motives and interests at play in the development of the M3 motorway: From multinational corporations and financiers to political ambitions and appointments to over-seeing authorities, to local interests and commercial opportunities.

There has been a lot made of the supposed role and intent Opus Dei may have had in facilitating the M3 project. I think their role is very obvious, in the significance of their location of their retreat and head-quarters, and by their silence in having a major road built in their back garden and the benefits it will give them, in addition to the churches silence on the project in general.

As to OD’s influence of the financial and construction contracts, that is speculation. However, seen in the international context, parallels and connections can be inferred. On a more local level, OD’s role in the instigation, planning and approval of the project, can only be found in conjecture, and should not be overestimated when compared to the other formal and informal, secret or overt networks that exist in Ireland, from the golf course to the GAA, the Knights of St Columbanus to chambers of commerce. Here the forces of vested interest in political, ego and financial fulfillment can be found.

What follows is internet based research that investigates possible motives and connections between parties involved in the M3 project. The research was conducted from the prospective of finding Opus Dei connections. It concludes in noting the influence and interest of Noel Dempsey, minister and local TD.

Opus Dei was formed in Spain before the war, they now has about 87,000 members in more than 80 different countries, about 60% in Europe, mostly Spain, where it is estimated that 20% of the Spanish parliament is made up of OD members.

A further 35% of OD membership is found in the Americas. Their agenda was always right wing, capitalist and corporate.

Membership of OD is by invitation and usually kept a secret; however members of OD will have a similar profile. Conservative, elitist, devout, pro-life, homophobic, nationalist, right-wing, corporate, professional, influential but very private, avoidance of publicity, rather be judged through deeds, masochistic, strong work ethic, evangelical, philanthropic, drawn to celibacy or married would have very large families with strong family values, friendships would be restricted usually 12 and likely to be other OD members. ODs’ network strength comes from operating to all intense and purposes, as a cult

They quickly got involved with the education of future elites. The first subjects taught were law and architecture. Education is central to their agenda, founding the elite IESE business school in Spain and many other universities and establishments connected with universities around the world.
By 2005 the “Corporate Works of Opus Dei” have cooperated with other people in setting up a total of 608 social initiatives: schools and university residences (68%), technical or agricultural training centers (26%), universities, business schools and hospitals (6%).

Members of OD, with their right wing indoctrination, groomed and selected through their educational establishments and networks, soon held positions of influence in the corporate world. Inevitably in the post-war, cold-war world their opportunity would come, Spain was a fertile ground. Twenty years after the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s isolated economy was in a mess, he asked right-wing economists in the financial sector to help him out, all were members of OD. They turned Spain, with the backing of America, into a capitalist based economy.

A consequence of this was high unemployment, high national debt leading to a devalued currency; however the corporate sector, mostly banking and construction, flourished. One company that thrived was Ferrovial. The company was founded in 1952 by Rafael del Pino to supply railway sleepers to Spain’s train network, by the time of Franco’s death, the company had built much of Spain’s infrastructure of rail and tolled roads. The del Pino family still owns 58% of the shares and is among the wealthiest dynasties in the world, with an estimated fortune of £3bn. Rafael del Pino, is thought to be a member of OD, the institute in his name is dedicated to promoting the Spanish language and “building Spain’s future generation of leaders”, it follows OD morals. He is also on the International Advisory Board of the IESE, the OD Business School.

The Spanish economic model, with all its consequences, was copied in South America. Most notable was Argentina, where the policy of developing the corporate sector allowed for representatives of public firms to negotiate flawed contracts with private contractors. Once construction was under way, it would be “discovered” that the original plan had skipped crucial steps, increasing the costs substantially, these costs were paid by the government. The instigator of this policy was OD member Rodolfo Barra, who was justice on the Supreme Court and Minister of Justice under Menem. Flawed contracts and controversial projects that have been resolved in the courts to the contractors favour have not been limited to Argentina. More recently in America there is the Trans-Texas Tollway, in Canada Highway 407 and in Britain the PPP of London Underground, these contracts have Ferrovial as a main contractor.

Franco’s death brought a brief hiatus, but then it was the turn of the EU to continue to finance the same Spanish Armada of government/corporate OD partnership, which has given Spain such economic strength. This has allowed Spanish policy to become increasingly expansionist, as they sought to formally seek mergers and alliances in the Spanish speaking world, the Spanish government gave generous tax breaks to facilitate this and South American companies, devalued through recent economic policy, made easy and perhaps though the OD network, ready targets for Spanish expansion. The finance industry led the way with “30.2% of Spanish-Latin American mergers and acquisitions in this sector during 1997.” This continued throughout the late 1990’s with Grupo Santander’s total investment in Latin America estimated at more that $4 billion and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya’s (now Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria) at more than $3.79 billion in 1997.”

Not stopping in the Spanish speaking world, this strength has allowed for increased expansion and acquisitions of the Spanish corporate sector, much in Europe and notably in the UK. Again the focus has been finance, infrastructure, construction and telecoms.

A common thread that can be found in the board rooms of these companies is in the CV’s and history of their board members. Many have links with the Department IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Barcelona. Grupo Santander is itself an IESE supporting company. But the IESE is a very established institution, its alumni can be found in many board rooms, including Calyon [Crédit Agricole] of France, but when one finds such cross fertilising between these institutions, such as Javier Santiso, now chief economist for the OECD Development Centre, one has to question what networks are involved. The financial institutions mentioned are funding the M3 project, however the actual influence any OD network might have had is not easy to determine, establishing OD membership is hard enough. But for Ferrovial it is clearer. Apart from Rafael del Pino being an alleged member of OD, Enrique Fuentes, Ferrovial’s Head of Market Studies and Analysis Business Unit, is a IESE graduate, while Enrique Díaz-Rato, CEO-Toll Roads & Car Parks Division, General Manager of 407 ETR in Toronto, Canada (Highway 407), Head of Toll Roads in the USA (Trans-Texas Tollway), Canada, Chile and Ireland, is closely associated with the Universidad de los Andes in Chile, a university founded as a corporate work of the apostolate of OD. One could almost be certain that Enrique Díaz-Rato is a key OD link man in the Latin invasion.

Opus Dei & the Knights of St. Columbanus

Opus Dei first moved into Ireland in late 1949 when a small task-force of Spaniards established themselves in Dublin. They quickly began recruiting students at UCD in Earlsfort Terrace and the College of Surgeons. At the same time they began to make contacts with right-wing Catholics in the Dublin business and financial world. It is most likely that they formed a very close association with the Knights of St. Columbanus and one would expect to a much lesser extent the Knights of Malta. However it should be noted that there are many different orders within Ireland and the Catholic Church with which alliances could be formed and influence made. Among the Irish founder members were barrister Cormac Burke, medical student; Daniel Cummings and army officer Richard Mulcahy. OD has continued to target the main education establishments of Ireland. At the top of the list is University College Dublin but also The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College, National University of Ireland, Galway and the University of Limerick. However it is questionable to the extent of OD penetration into Irish society. There are no up-to-date numbers of OD members in Ireland, but a reasonable estimate would be closer to one thousand than two thousand, but that would not include the ‘Cooperators’ of Opus Dei, who need not be catholic. It is unlikely OD has penetrated Irish politics anywhere near the same level as they have in Spain, Berti Ahern has said that he will ban members of secret societies from ministerial roles, however it is known that members of the Knights of St. Columbanus have been represented in the Dail, and it is likely that OD or their ‘Cooperators’ can be found there also, they must certainly be elsewhere in Irish politics or form part of the mechanics of government and the establishment. Again it is through the law that OD work their way into the establishment.

One high profile member was the ultra conservative and influential first chairman of the Arbitration Board; president of the Law Reform Commission. Professor of Criminal and Constitutional Law at University College Dublin, Justice O’Hanlon. His position at UCD would have given access to Ireland’s future leaders and elites. One student of law at UCD was Ciaran Feighery who qualified as a solicitor in 1971. The Feighery family can be found in many parts of the establishment, and are the major shareholders of SIAC, one of the Irelands oldest construction companies. SIAC stated in Cork in 1913 when the company made and laid mastic asphalt, it was known as the South of Ireland Asphalt Company until 1983. Profits dipped to €564,000 in 2001 but rose again to its pre-2001 level of about €4 million at the end of 2002. Almost 70 per cent of the company’s €214.68 million turnover in 2002 was transacted in Ireland. The company makes nearly all of its money from civil engineering and specialist building subcontracting work, it has done very well out of the current road building program. Ciaran Feighery is chairman and other family members are on the board, including Hank Fogarty who had previously been with Dublin County Council but now is director of SIAC operations and strategic development of the Civil Engineering Division and in particular the Group’s participation in major infrastructural and Public Private Partnership [PPP] projects. Also on the board is one Pat Ahern, weather he is related to Bertie has yet to be established. In so many ways the profile of SIAC matches Ferrovial, they seem well suited partners for the M3 development. Is there an OD link as well?

The justification of the M3 route was made in the planning stage. Two Irish consultant firms led this work. The first was M.C O’Sullivan & Co Ltd can’t be touched. As a company it no longer exists as a separate entity, it merged with another in 2005 then merged again beyond recognition in September 2005, its staff form part of RPS Group, Ireland’s largest Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Consultancy. The Chairman of RPS Consulting Engineers, Mr Kerry O’Sullivan has since been elected President of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland. The other consulting company was JB Barry & Partners. This is another company that has grown and merged over time, and is of so significance that last year they got the Taoiseach to open its new branch office in Cork. The company has also been closely associated with Irish Waterways, the government agency accused of strong OD and Knights of St. Columbanus influence. These consultations would be appointed by the NRA. It is hardly an objective and independent position from the NRA.

It was the NRA board who approve and signed contracts and make appointments. One name of note is Fred Barry, who was appointed Chief Executive of the National Roads Authority in 2005. He leads the NRA team in delivering an investment of up to E10 billion over the next five years. If there is any relation between him and JB Barry it has yet to be established. Also on the board of the NRA is Raymond Potterton, who is a property surveyor, auctioneer, developer and investor based in Navan, Co. Meath, he established his company in 1991 and now, in their own words, dominate the Meath property market. His business partner is Loman Dempsey, brother of Noel Dempsey TD. In November 1998 the NRA moved their road design team into their offices, the lease was extended until November 2000 as they planned Meath’s new roads, the N3 must have been part of those plans. The M3 Route Selection reports were published in 2000 and 2001 with the Environmental Impact Statement published in March 2002. In February 2002 Raymond Potterton was appointed to the NRA Board by Mary O’Rourke, although it is said the real influence in that appoint was Noel Dempsey TD, his appointment was just in time to approve and recommend the findings of those reports. Noel Dempsey is a resident of Trim Co. Meath, where Raymond Potterton brother, Thomas Potterton, runs the family business there; established in 1886 now T. E. Potterton Real Estate Alliance, a founding member of Real Estate Alliance, one of Irelands premier property groups with a branch network across the country and very influential in the farm and property auctioneering and sales. Also of note is Dr Michael Potterton is a local historian and archaeologist of some influence. Can it be that the interests of land owners west of Tara where over represented to the NRA? Trim is now to benefit from an updated rail project, instigated by Noel Dempsey and hoped, perhaps, to relive the current controversy of the M3 project. Other members of the board have yet to be investigated, but collectively they know very little about roads, planning, safety and engineering.

Peter Malone

Head of the NRA board is Peter Malone, Chairman of the National Roads Authority. Peter Malone has been described as a shadowy figure; never one to seek the limelight, his influence is most felt in the background. He is unlikely to be seen as openly critical of any aspect of State’s policy. He has not been readily associated with roads or transport Malone but is focused on national competitiveness and the impact an efficient roads infrastructure can have on it. His reputation was made as 11 years managing director of the Jurys Doyle Hotel Group where he oversaw the successful merger between the Jurys and Doyle groups. He has made calls for more conference centers in Ireland. In February of 2002 he was appointed chairman of the National Roads Authority.

He has accrued a number of other directorships, including; Bord na Mona plc, a company much favoured by Noel Dempsey, CBRE Gunne Property Group, where one Angus Potterton is a director, Peter Malone is also a Director of a number of other companies including Jurys Doyle Hotels, a company that has many Roche’s as shareholders and as a director, and Ulster Bank Limited. In addition, he is a member of the Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector. He is a member of the board of Hibernian, Ireland’s premiere insurance group, part of the Aviva Group of companies. Such an appointment might be seen as an award and even greater elevation of status and influence, and puts him in close proximity to other Aviva Group board members, which include; Guillermo de la Dehesa, Currently non-executive chairman of Aviva’s operations in Spain, non-executive vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs Europe (banking), and a director of Campofrio (consumer), Unión Eléctrica Fenosa (utility) and Bank Santander Central Hispano (banking). Chairman of the Centre of Economic Policy Research and a member of the Group of Thirty (consultative group on international economic and monetary affairs). A former deputy governor of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, a former deputy general manager of the Bank of Spain and former secretary of state of finance in Spain. And Russell Walls currently a non-executive director of Signet Group plc (retail). A former group finance director of BAA plc ferrvial (transport), Wellcome plc (pharmaceuticals) and Coats Viyella plc (textiles). Former senior independent non-executive director of Stagecoach Group plc (transport) and of Hilton Group plc (leisure) and a former non-executive director of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company (transport).

Unlike Peter Malone, his predecessor was, Liam Connellan, was an engineer and knew something about roads. A respected figure, a technocrat and effective administrator and bureaucrat, he was President of Engineers Ireland, the Irish Academy of Engineering and the Royal Dublin Society. He was appointed chairman of the NRA in 1994, he would have had a strategic role in advising on transport infrastructure in the National Development Plan 2000-2006, but clearly he was not the man to deliver upon it, he does not have the connections, corporate network and financial clout Peter Malone has. Liam Connellan stepped down from his position on 20th December, 2001, before the route selection and controversy of the M3 could arise. So why appoint Peter Malone? Clearly it was thought that he would be the man to deliver the corporate finance and cooperate clout to the Celtic Tiger. When Charlie McCreevy, Minister for Finance, launched Ireland’s National Development Plan 2000–2006 it marked a significant shift to the right. Weather influenced by right wing economists in the UK, South America or Spain, who knows, but his plan relied heavily on public—private partnerships (PPPs) to finance future projects. It is unusual that McCreevy came to this conclusion just when PPP’s and PFI’s (Private Finance Initiatives) where becoming discredited in the UK.

Inviting the corporate sector into national capital projects allows the government to abscond from development, management and financial responsibilities. It also allowed government capital expenditure to be shifted into current expenditure. This might have saved on short term costs, but like buying anything on hire purchase, it pushed up long term costs, as finance is always higher for corporations then governments and operating companies are also required to turn a profit and a dividend for their investors. Successful PPP/PFI projects can be securitised by the operating company and sold back to investment market.

At the start the prime and straight forward projects are offered. Corporations are usually hesitant to become involved in PFI policy. Bidding for contracts is an expensive operation, new forms of contract need to be developed and new relationships between government and business found. Trust is the critical ingredient as neither government nor business can take surprises. The importance of those reliable and known networks and appointments become critical. People like Peter Malone grease those wheels. Once proven the PFI quickly gains momentum and is very effective in getting projects done, as the corporations cherry pick the best projects. Once those projects are gone, the more marginal ones are renegotiated so that the proposing companies can mitigate part of the risk liability back to the government. Until in the end the more costly projects are left to the government. Ultimately the corporations can’t loose, the government effectively underwrites each project and is willing to make massive commercial compromises to get a project done. If only Rodolfo Barra thought of doing things that way.

So who appointed Peter Malone? That seems to be have been Minister for Public Enterprise 1997–2002 Mary O’Rourke, Fianna Fáil. His position was kept by Séamus Brennan, a UCD trained economist, Fianna Fáil, Minister for Transport June 6 2002 September 29, 2004, and then Martin Cullen, until who was minister until 14th June this year, what a strange one he is, not particularly bright, although judging by his deeds, seems to find God in daily life. But focus on Mary O’Rourke, the grand dame of Fianna Fáil, she was on Westmeath County Council between 1979 and 1987. That would have put her in direct working relationship with her neighbor, the young Noel Dempsey, who was co-opted onto Meath County Council as a Fianna Fáil councilor in 1977, which he chaired in 1986. In the second general election of 1982 Mary O’Rourke was elected as a Fianna Fáil TD for the Longford-Westmeath constituency, and from 1992 for the new Westmeath constituency. In between times Noel Dempsey was elected TD for Meath in 1987. The partnership between Dempsey and O’Rourke where instrumental in setting transport policy across the whole of Ireland.

With all the preparation that that had gone on in government, the NRA appointments, and business connections, no way would anything be left to a planning department that wasn’t at least bit sympathetic to their masters. Noel Dempsey saw to that, as Minister for Environment & Local Government between July 22, 1997 and June 6, 2002, he was able to implement wholesale changes to the An Bord Pleanála. Firstly appointing John O’Connor was as chairperson for a seven-year term starting from May 6, 2000, he like Noel Dempsey he was also educated at UCD, in the same subject as Dick Roche teaches there, Public Administration. The Deputy Chairperson, Brian Hunt, was appointed to the Board on 21st November, from his previous job, Senior Executive Engineer in the Planning Department of Meath County Council, he would be very well known to Noel Dempsey. In fact 6 out of the current 10 members of the board were originally appointed by Noel Dempsey; the 7th was reinstated by him. All these appointments were in place prior to the planning decisions to route of the M3.

The Dempsey Clan

Nothing here has been left to chance. Not even the laws on planning and development. All have been eased in favour of development, in favour of business, of corporations, of profit, in enabling contracts to be negotiated and delivered. The Celtic Tiger continues to grow because it has been on steroids, and like any beast on steroids, it has started to loose all reason, while poor demented creatures’ pushers have grown richer and powerful though there trade. One such mafia can be found in Meath. If there is a dominant clan of Meath, then its Dempsey, 14 brothers, with Noel Dempsey as king. He was always going to be king, his star has risen fast and bright, it may still have still have far to go. In every part of Meath life, you will find a Dempsey, the influence and network is everywhere, you will find a Dempsey as chief executive of Navan Chamber of Commerce, Meath GAA Chairman, Trim football club, president of Meath golf club, Solicitors Dermot Dempsey, Athboy, Co Meath, investment, mortgage and insurance brokers, travel agents, dress shops, and of cause property and development. This network feeds back into the success Noel Dempsey has had in politics, which in turn feeds back to his family and his networks. These networks are simply driven through wealth creation and personnel power and authority. But there maybe more hidden networks; it is said that Noel is a very devout Catholic, during the early 70s he attended the Columban Fathers’ Irish seminary near his home in Trim, Co Meath, a fact he likes to hide, maybe because there are links to the Knights of St. Columbanus and their links to Opus Dei (it must be noted that the Columban Fathers’ seem to be opposed to the M3). Maybe that link maybe is just an innocent one, an opportunity for Dempsey to purse a career in education and career guidance, which he has excelled in, gaining that most converted of Opus Dei positions, Minister for Education & Science, where he supervised a lame investigation into sexual abuse by the church.

One thing for sure, his authority and influence continues to grow and his networks are widening. Now he feels comfortable and brave enough to attend and lecture at Opus Dei venues and attack the free press for making things up, a fine comment from a politician who as shown in the Shell Corrib gas dispute, holds nothing but contempt for those who disagree with him. Whoever is the Minister for Communications, Marine & Natural Resources, thinks that they can control the media, if you can control the media you can control the word, if you want to control the word, it’s usually because you have got secrets to hide. Is that true of Mr. Dempsey?

Note: At nearby Lismullin, which adjoins Tara, there stands a prominent Jesuit center.

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12-12 Meditation with Isis


Isis on 12-12 and the energies that will be coming in with meditation to connect to those energies

Welcome dear ones,

I would like to give you a bit more information about 12-12 and a meditation that can help you in opening up to these energies more consciously.

12-12 is the date where you start setting your intent to open up more consciously to what is happening to you and your planet.
This is also the day where you and the planet will start releasing fear of not being good enough, not good enough to deserve anything. All you are and ever will be is a servant of others.
And as a servant you don¢t deserve or need anything but what others are willing to give you.

There are many ways of serving others and none of them is at a cost to yourself.

You have all chosen to be here, to serve others by showing them that everything is possible. That they can create a new world, a new reality. This is the way you serve, showing it is possible and it is happening.

Helping others is different, this is not serving, it is an actual exchange of energies that is happening between you and other people.

Many people are willing to help others at a cost to themself as well. They will help them by taking on their energies even though it might make them feel sick or has an influence on their personal energies.

You take away their pain, their fear and everything else that is bothering them at this time. Yes this will help them feel better for some time, but they have not learned how to clear and release these energies themself. And the energies of pain and fear and all the other ones will start accumulating again.

But you had the feeling that you were blessed by being able to help them, asking nothing for it in return. The light workers way.
But where are you going to be when all the pain is back and these people need clearing again.

This is what we call service or helping others at a cost to yourself and to the other person.

Yes you are able, and many of you are doing this, taking in the energies from others and clear and release them, but always choose wisely and return the energies to this person, ask your Higher Self to help these people with the clearing and releasing and teaching them how to be able to handle this themselves.

Many of you are also taking in the energies that are being released from the core of your planet and you are clearing and releasing these energies back into the universal consciousness and other places around your planet.
You might have noticed the sudden mood changes you are going through, one moment you are angry, next moment you are sad, and sometimes there is not even really a reason for it.
This is helping so much with the overall consciousness on your planet and is bringing more and more light that is going through the veil around your planet and is actually dissolving the veil.

One of the clearings has to do with the financial template on your planet and this is the reason many people are having financial difficulties.

I am here to say that this template has been finished and can be released from all of you as of today December second 2007.

There are many Light workers out there teaching others how to do this clearing and releasing, how to open up and become more aware.
Some of them will ask a lot of money for this, some of them ask just a little or completely nothing.
Just the feeling of helping others give them a feeling of being blessed that they are able to do this for people, and that is enough for them.

It is all perfect in every way.

What is not perfect is that many of the light workers that have chosen the reality of not asking anything in return for their help to others are thinking that every light worker has to choose this reality. Respect for others and the reality they are creating is part of the new world.
It might not be perfect for you but it is for them.

Another closely related idea that is out there is that if one receives no exchange from those that they have helped, then it is more pure. Yes that may be so for them, but not necessarily for all others. As we become more and more clear, we will each know how to react in every situation and this will be entirely natural. Eventually we will decode the consciousness within everything.

Sometimes there is also a concern that an expectation of exchange interferes with registration of guidance which may ask us to spontaneously participate in helping wherever we may be at that time, and in being a pure and clear channel.
Let me say that the vast majority of Light workers I know are actually primarily focused on this type of activity and only consider remuneration one puzzle piece of their beautiful life.

You all have the right to choose your own reality and no matter what you create at this moment it is right for you.

You have all chosen a certain trade in this life, from walking behind a garbage truck to being a CEO at a big company and everything in between.
No matter what you do all of this is helping and serving others. If what you are doing right now is not making you happy, create a different reality.

We know that it is scary and one of the biggest obstacles in this is money. Yes money has a huge influence when you are creating a new reality, your 3rd dimensional world is based on the flow of money.
Money has a fear energy, but you also need it to survive in this 3rd dimensional world at this time.

Start seeing money as a friend, not something to be afraid of, imagine for yourself a fountain and there is no water coming out of it, just money.
Enough for everyone that needs it including you.
Money is part of the overall reality that was created on planet earth and will be part of it until you make the shift into the 5th dimension.

If you can overcome this obstacle of fear imagine what you can do after this.

Another obstacle is that a lot of people think they are not good enough, they don¢t deserve anything. Money is not capable of thinking and creating, you are.
Yes it would be nice to have a world where everything would be through an exchange, people living together in a small community, everyone has their specialty and everyone supports each other. This is not a reality yet and even though many things are changing, this is not something that can be done in a day or so.

Your whole world is based upon people going to work and supporting the aspect of bringing food and everything else that is needed to your stores. Small communities are not an everyday thing yet.

Be realistic at this time and see that even though you would like to change it overnight, the consciousness of the people upon your planet is not ready for it yet.

Everyone has the right to create their own reality and when more and more people start doing this the overall consciousness will change as well.

During the creation of your own reality there will be more obstacles but once you have overcome one and you know you can do it, they will be easier. You will have more confidence in yourself and know that you are actually able to create your own reality.

There will be a lot of releasing and clearing of old energies and this is all part of the process of your shift into the 5th dimension. See it as practicing, because when you are in the 5th dimension this is what you will be doing all the time, creating your own reality.

I would like to give you a meditation that will help you connect with the energy coming in on 12-12 and can show you more of what this energy can do for you.


Just find a quiet place to sit down and relax.
Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly and every time you breathe out you will feel your body relaxing more and more.
And every time you breathe out you will feel your energy being lifted up going higher and higher a little bit every time you are breathing out.
Feeling yourself being lifted by the energy.
Then imagine yourself standing outside and it is dark outside, you are standing in the middle of a desert and there are no influences of other lights anywhere near.
When you are standing there your eyes are starting to focus and adjust to this darkness.
Look up and see this one star in the sky. It has the shape of a diamond and the light coming off it is pure and clear.
It has no color just pure clear energy.
Reach out to the diamond and feel how the energy is touching your hand, just let the energy come in though your hand and fill up your whole body.
Feel how it is filling you up and your body is starting to feel lighter and lighter. You are becoming weightless, like a feather in the wind that can be blown away at anytime.
But you are still standing in the middle of the desert and the energy has filled you up completely.
Than you can feel a light pull, there is a connection going from your hand to the diamond, a beam of light.
Just reach up again and feel how you are being lifted up by the diamond energy going higher and higher. There are now stars all around you, millions of them and you are entering the diamond galaxy.

Higher and higher until you are so close to the diamond star that you can actually touch it.
It looks solid from the outside, but when you touch it you realize it is all energy. Pure clear diamond energy.

If you feel ready for it you can even enter this diamond energy.

If you feel it is not time yet, just stay there and feel how this diamond energy is supporting you, keeping you floating in this huge universe.
Look around at all the stars and know this is part of who you are, part of where you originally came from.

If you do enter the diamond star, feel how the energy is surrounding you and lifting you even higher until you can see even more of this universe, the diamond galaxy.

For those of you that waited, do not worry, this is perfect and your timing is perfect. There is a time for everything and you are picking the right time for you, wait till you feel ready. There is no right or wrong here.
It¢s all about your choice and your path, your reality.

Just have your own experience in this energy and know that everything is perfect.

Then feel how the diamond energy is lowering you back to the planet, slowly and gentle the energy is bringing you back to the desert. Feel how the energy is supporting you like you are being cradled in this big hand that will support you whenever you need it.

Have a look at all the stars around you while you are going back and know this is all part of who you are.
This beauty is what you are.

You are back on the planet earth and you can still see the diamond above you, but you feel the energy of the earth under your feet. Mother Earth is helping you with her energy to come fully back onto the planet taking with you the experience of being up there in the diamond galaxy.
And the feeling of being supported at all times.

Mother Earth is grounding you and you are becoming aware of your physical body and where you are right now. Back on earth knowing you are part of this beauty that was there and knowing you are beautiful because this is what you are.

You are completely back now and when you feel ready open your eyes.

This meditation will help you connect with the diamond galaxy energies that will start coming in on 12-12. This is an energy of support and awakening.
It will support you in creating your own reality and help you awaken more consciously in this new reality.

It will open you up more and more to what you are and where you came from.

Start creating this reality, set your intent.

And remember that at anytime you can change this reality, make adjustments. You are opening up more and becoming more conscious of what is happening to yourself and the planet and this means changes in how you will perceive the reality you have created. This is all perfect, just as perfect as you are!

Blessed be,


Love and Light

The 7 Basic Steps to Ascension
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Grandmothers Speak

This has a wonderful resonance to it. Author is unknown, but many blessings to her. ~Kat


With all the frightening upheaval taking
place in our world right now, I journeyed
to the Grandmothers to ask what those of
us who wish to serve at this time can do.


“Speak out,” they replied, “but speak from
a position of power. Never speak in anger,”
they said, “but hold a sacred space, stand
proudly in it and speak. If you cannot maintain
equilibrium and hold a sacred space, do not
speak,” they said. “Do not contribute to the
present agitation in the world. Speak in wisdom,
speak of peace and most important, be peaceful.
But until you are peaceful, hold, live, and
breathe a sacred space and do not speak,
they said.

“Whenever you catch yourself going into anger
or fear, stop what you are doing, retreat inside
yourself and call on us. These times you are
living in are a great test for you,” the Grand-
mothers said, nodding seriously. “Everywhere
you look now you see the excessive energy of
the masculine ways running amok. It pulls and
grabs at whatever stands in its path, and it
is greedy, always greedy for more. It would
like to attach itself to you too,” they said.
“It would like to whip you into a frenzy too
but being whipped into a frenzy will simply
feed the run away energy of masculine ways
that are out of control, ” they said.

“As the energy of masculine ways gets more
out of control it becomes seductive and smart.
But,” they each said, holding up one finger,
“whenever you find yourself losing your peace,
losing your sense of rooted-ness, and your
stance of power, retreat!” they said, holding
up their hands. “Think of your original
decision to claim a sacred space and hold,
hold, hold it,” they said.

“Call on us,” they said. “We will fill and
anchor you until you become a colossus, a
beacon of light that radiates sacred space.
Ommm,” the Grandmothers chanted together.
“Your commitment to hold a sacred space is
like the om. The stance you take will resound
deep & high, far & wide; it will reverberate
within and without. It will anchor the Web of
Life in colors of Light that strengthens the
elements of Being within the planet.

“What is happening in your world now will
test you. All you have previously been taught
and have experienced,” they sighed, “has come
from a out of balance masculine perspective.
Because of this, at a time like this you wish
to do something good. We tell you, ‘Be good.
Be good.’ Be yourself and live rooted in the
Divine. Be this,” they smiled and covered me
with their shawls. “The winds of change will
try to pull you left and right, knock you
this way and that. This masculine energy is
running crazed at this moment and inciting
all to riot.

“Do not blow with the winds,” they said,
“but hold, hold a sacred space. When you
feel yourself steady, and then speak. Speak
what comes to you at such times and give
voice to the words that arise. What you say
then will be right. You needn’t calculate
or plan it before hand.

“At all times call on the Divine and pray
for all beings. ‘Let everyone in all the
words be happy,” they said. “Pray this over
and over again or say other prayers that you
love; recite the lines that bring you comfort.
Such prayers hold power and do enormous good.
Hold a sacred space and call on us. We have
told you before and we remind you now that
often what seems to be wrong in your world
bears within itself the seeds of right. Things
are not as they seem,” the Grandmothers said.

“An enormous shift is taking place now-the
shifting of feminine and masculine. You are
called to a great work, to help anchor the
message we have brought. As you do this, you
will infuse your planet with the steadying
energy of gentle feminine energy. This will
happen whenever you open to the feminine side
and hold a sacred space. This war is not as
important as the work you have been given,”
they said and I stared. “There have been
thousands upon thousands of wars in the past,”
they said, “and now war has come again. “We
will not abandon you,” they said, “but
“hold, hold, hold, and they intoned.
Hold a sacred space.

Do not forget the commitment of your heart,
your commitment to be at one with the Divine,
to live in communion with the Divine. Hold
steady,” they said, “and then if you feel
drawn to action, go-as long as you can hold
a sacred space. When you are at a gathering,
pray. The good that goes out from prayers
like this, sent in the midst of a crowd is
immeasurable. But if at any time you find your
self becoming angry and losing your center,
withdraw until once again you hold that
timeless sacred space.

“Each time you choose to hold this space your
stance will get stronger. You’ll get stronger,”
the Grandmothers laughed. “At first you will
catch yourself slipping in and out of holding
sacred space especially Slipping out,” they
laughed again. “When that happens,” they said,
“return to your commitment to be at one with
the Divine, no matter what. This is the Desire
of your heart. This is why you took the vow
to hold the sacred space.

“We will help you develop radar and alert you
when you’re getting caught in the coils of
masculine energy. When you become aware of this,
call on us and we will bring you home to sacred
space. This is your home,” they said, nodding
and smiling.

“Holding this space feeds life,” they said;
“and this is your work.” They dusted their palms
as if to say, ‘that’s all there is to it.’
“Becoming a home place others can resonate to,”
they said, ” will help them. When you stand in
sacred space, you create a center of calm. Seeing
your example, others can more easily calm, center,
and come home themselves. But without your work,
without something steady to relate to, they will
be unable to remember who they are.”

“Enter into any activity that calls you,” they said.
“It is your heart calling you, after all. This work
is our mission, and you have enlisted in our mission.
We love you deeply and we will support you.” “We
will always help you.” I saw the depth of love in
their eyes and choked up. I was not accustomed to
anyone looking at me like that.

“Be aware that the pressure and pull of excessive
out of control masculine way is great now,” they
said. “For a long time earth has known nothing
but this pulling. All your conditioning has taught
you to live in a masculine out of balanced world.

“Recently, however, you have come to know the
steadying power of feminine and now it is time
for you to live more in this place of gentleness
At all times you can rely upon us,” the Grandmothers
said; “and upon the deep wellspring of the feminine
within yourself. We bless you. We bless you,
We Bless You.”