Global Strike: April 15, 2008

On April 15th 2008 join with the millions of Americans who now know about the IRS fraud. Join us in the largest grassroots awakening action the world has ever seen. Arm yourself with truth in the form of “America: Freedom to Fascism” DVDs

It is up to you to wake the people from their slumber, the day to do it is coming up.

Need to know more? A complete understanding can be found in this video:


New Moon in Pisces – 3/7/08

>>> “We don’t see things as they are-
>>> we see things as we are.” Anais Nin
>>> “Perfection is a road, not a destination.
>>> ****************************************************
>>> PHASE RIGHT NOW: are you making intentions?
>>> Making wish lists? Thinking about what SPECIFICALLY
>>> Would make you happy?
>>> A PISCES (dreams, intuition and visions) New moon
>>> And it happens on the 6th. Article on balsamic moon
>>> Is on my website for more information, please read it.
>>> ***************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> In Federal way, LEARN astrology by your own chart.
>>> *******************************************************
>>> Wednesday March 05, 2007 A BUSY and bright day
>>> Today the moon in Aquarius touches Learning (Mercury) at
>>> 6:06am. Then Venus (love) at 11:10am, and then
>>> At 1:46pm the moon touches Neptune (intuition)
>>> What a great day for me to begin a new class, and for
>>> You to step outside the box, and create new thoughts,
>>> New ideas and new visions for yourself and the world.
>>> At 1:46pm the moon moves v/c after a touch down
>>> On Neptune so illusions and dreams are strong and
>>> Intentions MAGICAL
>>> Today we enter the MAGICAL MYSTICAL DARK
>>> Of the moon or Balsamic moon phase (article on my
>>> Website about how to use the 2 days before the
>>> New moon ..
>>> Today carries new information; ground breaking shifts
>>> and some wonderful gifts if you listen observe and learn.
>>> Which will be our kiss (keep it simple sweetie)
>>> – Color today pink for love of all things
>>> – Use rose quartz for the same and to help love yourself more
>>> – oil of cedar to clear your mind and space
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> Thursday February 06, 2008
>>> For creating your wishes for that new moon tomorrow.
>>> Today with the moon into Pisces at 2:53am I bet you had
>>> Some wild dreams last night? We begin the day with some
>>> Strong and powerful energy towards intuition and feelings.
>>> Mars the planet of action, now in Cancer and retracking
>>> Where it has traveled in your chart for the last 90 days
>>> Reconnects with the moon in Pisces and things can seem
>>> Much bigger and more important than they really are.
>>> 10:21am as the moon opposes Saturn you may find something
>>> Slipped through the cracks and has to be done over again, but
>>> The energy is there now to do it much better.
>>> At 11:04am as the Sun and Jupiter play well together
>>> MORE IS the name of this day.
>>> GOOD: or not so Good JUPITER is super sizing
>>> The day as the moon in PISCES
>>> Encourages our imagination. GOOD or not so good?
>>> Remember just because you think it , does not mean
>>> It is true.and at 4:03pm as Venus the planet of
>>> Material and physical love touches Neptune the planet
>>> Of higher consciousness love, we have a romantic evening
>>> For lovers, and those of you who want to be lovers.
>>> Sit down tonight and DREAM YOUR LIFE, create
>>> Your life and how you want it to be. WRITE IT down
>>> And go to sleep reading it..over and over..what can
>>> It hurt? AND I have seen this come true for so many..
>>> And tonight is magic, remember..
>>> – Color today green for healing
>>> – Peridot for the same or amber to ground and
>>> connect you to your own wisdom & helps you manifest
>>> – Oil of rose for love
>>> And the kiss for today is get going and use today to
>>> see more clearly into our own inner issues TLC is
>>> the kiss for today. TLC in all that you do.
>>> TENDER loving Care.. AND please
>>> Make those intentions tonight. PLEASE:::
>>> Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
>>> by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
>>> So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
>>> Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
>>> Discover. -Mark Twain
>>> *********************************************************
>>> BEGIN TO make those intentions and wishes and LETS
>>> create our desires.Instead of living in someone else’s
>>> Ideas of our lives, lets dream our own lives..and begin
>>> By writing it down..GET IT CLEAR:::Only when you
>>> Are clear do you get exactly what you want.
>>> Daydreams are fertile ground for the imagination.
>>> While daydreaming rational thought goes out the
>>> window, so new perspectives can find their way in.
>>> – Linda Naiman (Dynamic Graphics
>>> Magazine Dec/Jan 03)
>>> *******************************************************
>>> NEW MOON FRIDAY March 7th
>>> 9:14am at 18 degrees of Pisces PST
>>> The new moon this Morning at 17 degrees of Pisces asks that
>>> We BELIEVE and get the VISION of what we want in order to
>>> Create our life. After spending Tuesday night with a group in
>>> Seattle Listening to DEEPAK CHOPRA I really think that we
>>> Are all on the same page.. The things we desire are all there,
>>> We just limit ourselves with pain, fear and things which we
>>> Have been told. And now it is time to
>>> Believe, dream and connect into the energy of the ALL and
>>> It is there. Whatever it is for you and this moon
>>> certainly asks That we do this and more.
>>> At 1:05am the planet Mars (remember this planet is still
>>> In that retrograde pattern) Makes an OPPOSITION TO
>>> Pluto in Capricorn. TIME TO DO THE WORK is here:
>>> 7/54am the moon makes a WONDERFUL aspect with
>>> Jupiter Faith and luck, also in Capricorn.. (more work,
>>> Yep) but maybe the dream can do some of the work for us?
>>> 9:14am the sun and MOON touch (sun the light and now)
>>> Moon our emotions and the past (in Pisces) asking that
>>> We bring dreams forward and bring them into the LIGHT:
>>> 11:03am the moon makes a v/c or times out after touching
>>> Could not make this up. Look on an astrology calendar and
>>> You see this and more. WOWOWOWOOW:::
>>> – Color today your dreams favorite color
>>> – Kiss for today, is begin now to plant the seeds
>>> Of KNOWING you can do your dream, and
>>> If you do not know your dream, that today you
>>> Will begin to LOOK for it and it will find you:
>>> – I shall use RELEASE TO let go of all that holds me
>>> Back from my joy
>>> – The stone of choice for this moon would be for me
>>> Personally something grounding like Amber, agate,
>>> Obsidian.IF you need lightening up and want to
>>> GET INTO THIS FLOW? Pearls from the ocean,
>>> Lapis Lazuli to remember your Sacred soul.
>>> Golden topaz to light a fire under you..
>>> Or anything that feels safe and empowering.You know
>>> I NEVER recommend opals or moonstone don’t you? IF you
>>> Are strong and brave and courageous and fearless, those are
>>> your stones. IF Not? Then lets leave those until WE are all
>>> of the above which will be VERY SOON, right?
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> ******************************************************
>>> REMEMBER NEW MOONS are seed planting and for
>>> The Seattle area this chart for this new moon has:
>>> And inner connection.
>>> *****************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> (if you do not know or want to know astrology skip this)
>>> Taurus rising with the chart ruler VENUS the planet of
>>> LOVE IN AQUARIUS in the 10th house of how we are
>>> Seen and career. Sitting next to North node (what we
>>> Need to learn, Neptune (intuition) Mercury thoughts
>>> And Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, which
>>> Is kind of the break the rules which do not work for
>>> The good of the all sign.
>>> Vesta: Sacred connection, the moon, the Sun, Uranus all in
>>> Pisces in the 11th house. HOW many of you got onto Oprahs
>>> New free Group? You are already seeing this chart working
>>> In people who are there to help you in groups.
>>> With CERES (Unconditional love and nurturing in Taurus
>>> In the 12th house of the unconscious mind) and
>>> The PART OF FORTUNE (the g spot) there also in
>>> Taurus. GET Out.connect with nature and
>>> Realize that we have the potential to do
>>> Just what we believe we can do .
>>> But PLUTO and JUNO in the 8th house in this
>>> MOVE FORWARD) and Jupiter (faith) in the 9th house
>>> Of Higher power says, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU IF YOU
>>> BELIEVE IN ME .(whatever higher power is to you)
>>> ********************************************************
>>> How to be happier?
>>> Decrease your willingness to endure
>>> discomfort. — Abraham-Hicks
>>> ********************************
>>> Saturday March 08, 2008 Now we are asked to do the work
>>> The moon moved v/c at 11:03am yesterday setting the stage for
>>> A time of transformation with that New moon. Things begin
>>> To heat up today at 6:23am when the moon moves into
>>> Fiery Aries and many of us will be doing the
>>> THIS anymore thing)
>>> Challenges from the moon in Aries which wants us to
>>> Take care of ourselves first, please, thank you. To Pluto
>>> (transformation) At 8am and Mars (actions) at 8:45am
>>> Ask that with these rough aspects (SQUARES) in astrology
>>> Lingo.
>>> Today We are asked to solve problems to FIRST SHIFT
>>> our positions to see from another Way. NOT the other
>>> Persons way. Just be willing to see it differently. Deepak
>>> Said the most wonderful thing. HE said my least favorite
>>> Word and made it into MAGIC:
>>> he said
>>> “ONLY in uncertainty can we find the Brilliance
>>> Of creativity and new ideas” So, lets be ok with being
>>> UNCERTAIN today and know that we do not know
>>> It all and that is OK:
>>> At 12:19pm the sun touches Uranus (change) Remember
>>> Last night at 11:03pm the moon touched this planet
>>> (moon was emotions) the sun today is the LIGHT shining
>>> On change. which could make this a wonderful day
>>> If we are ok with uncertainty.
>>> – What you do or are today is nothing compared to what
>>> you can be or do tomorrow is our KISS of the month..
>>> – Color today purple for spiritual connection
>>> – Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self
>>> – Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you
>>> “Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” –
>>> Meister Eckhart, 13th-century mystic
>>> *****************************************************
>>> URANUS are both about REVOLUTION: SO be ready
>>> For some wonderful new things to happen this next
>>> Year: WITH eclipses in Aquarius and the NORTH NODE
>>> there, we are truly in the TIME OF AQUARIUS
>>> ****************************************************
>>> Sunday March 09, 2008 CLOCKS SPRING FORWARD PLEASE
>>> Today the Moon in Aries plays nicer with other planets
>>> Than it did yesterday. At 12:53am we had the planet
>>> Of linear and logical ideas touch Neptune ..the planet of
>>> NON Linear ideas.. WILD Dreams should have been the
>>> Outcome for some of us.
>>> At 11:52am the moon makes a Square to Jupiter. Jupiter
>>> In Capricorn says you can do it if you work for it. The moon
>>> In Aries says “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW”
>>> 9:16pm brings another great Neptune aspect and 11:01pm
>>> Mercury gets into the act with a great aspect of connection,
>>> And vision and this just could be the night to have that special
>>> Talk with someone and share your visions for your future.
>>> Magical energy this last few days: READ my March overview
>>> For these magical days and more on my website…
>>> STAY LIGHT ON YOUR FEET; it will all change
>>> within an hour anyway:
>>> – Color today white for purity of thoughts and actions
>>> – Use pearls and lapis lazuli for the same
>>> – Oil of Idaho Tansy to fight cold and infections,
>>> strengthens the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system
>>> *******************************************************
>>> These were sent to me this week by
>>> JoyRae Freeman 206-417-8778
>>> Master Healer, Spiritual Warrior,
>>> Radio Producer, Matchmaker, Writer, Teacher/Coach
>>> When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
>>> a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from
>>> many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their
>>> actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
>>> They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow
>>> — Old Native American Prophecy
>>> (personally I think we are here don’t you?)
>>> “There are no passengers on spaceship earth.
>>> We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan
>>> Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love alone.
>>> This is an eternal law.– Buddha
>>> ************************************************
>>> Monday March 10, 2008
>>> Happy Monday as we shift gears at 4:09am and
>>> The moon IN ARIES moves v/c or times out until 9:14am
>>> when it will enter Taurus .The v/c is ruled by a
>>> Great aspect with VENUS (what we love) so this one
>>> Should not be a problem.
>>> With lots happening of a very
>>> Good nature Astrologically today should carry you
>>> forward in your Projects and you should find the
>>> energy more stable.
>>> A GOOD MONDAY I think.
>>> After 9:14am when the moon enters Taurus we have
>>> Building and not so great for changing peoples minds.
>>> So concentrate today on building the ship, and if possible
>>> wait for another day to reconstruct the building plans
>>> Planets playing well today are 4am the moon and
>>> VENUS . 10:53am the Moon and Pluto (transformation)
>>> 12:47pm the moon and Mars (action) and 3:43pm the
>>> moon and Saturn. HARD WORK PAYS OFF TODAY
>>> – Color today Green for healing
>>> – Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect
>>> you to your path
>>> – Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the
>>> Blues and is called the SECURITY OF SELF stone
>>> – Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and
>>> physical energy
>>> Kiss for today is DO the work and get the reward. or
>>> Make the plans to do the work, lots of very good and
>>> Practical energy is available for us this Monday ..
>>> Honesty and optimism are great, but they require
>>> your physical and emotional commitment to transform
>>> them into something tangible. Be a planner now because
>>> your use of time and energy can make the
>>> difference between success and failure.
>>> Is a GREAT kiss for Today also..
>>> *******************************************
>>> (COME To Everett tonight to learn about your
>>> PRENATAL Eclipse or get a cd if you cannot come)
>>> RSVP AT LEAST 48 hours prior please.
>>> Tuesday March 11, 2008
>>> Think outside the box to build your dream
>>> Today the moon in Taurus is working hard to connect
>>> you To faith (Jupiter) and we have until 10:58pm
>>> tonight another hard Work day as REENFORCEMENTS
>>> have arrived to help us build. Remember we have
>>> a Grand trine of Earth energy for the next 2 and 1/2
>>> years. AND each month when the MOON IS IN AN EARTH
>>> SIGN you have MORE MAGIC TO help you achieve clarity
>>> if you desire it?
>>> 10:58pm tonight the moon makes a rough aspect with
>>> Neptune. I see this as I must change my ways of working
>>> (MOON IN TAURUS) to get my vision (Neptune)
>>> The next couple of days are great for communication
>>> So use this time to set those NEW MOON intents.
>>> Want a job, use the next 48 hours to reconnect or
>>> Connect with prospective employers, want to rework
>>> A relationship, an idea?
>>> So how about you Use this time to connect and you will
>>> Be amazed how the Sky is cooperating with us if we
>>> Are willing to GET OUT OF THE BOX our minds
>>> Put us in with all those excuses..
>>> Not enough time???
>>> Don’t say you don’t have enough time.
>>> You have exactly the same number of hours
>>> per day that were given to Helen Keller,
>>> Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa,
>>> Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson,
>>> and Albert Einstein.
>>> H. Jackson Brown
>>> AND HOW MANY OF YOU know that I did not write my
>>> First astrology article until I was 53 years old? OR do my
>>> First lecture until then? I know time is scarce but remember
>>> That your VALUES are where you put your time. What
>>> Are your values? AND where does that time go? Lets put
>>> It into US ..ok?
>>> and please remember it is NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN
>>> YOUR HEARTS JOY and to begin to help change yourself
>>> and by doing that. TO CHANGE THE WORLD::::
>>> “Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure:
>>> where your treasure, there your heart; where
>>> your heart, there your happiness.”
>>> Saint Augustine
>>> Color today whatever the heck speaks to your OWN TRUTH:
>>> And use the stone of the same.for me I shall use:::.
>>> – Color Peach for love and passion
>>> – Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work
>>> well today OR if you are visionary? Today is the day to
>>> get out the MYSTIC stuff Labradorite, Moonstone, Opals,
>>> Crystal Balls and other visual stones as we have practical
>>> magic mixed with Faith and spiritual connection
>>> these stones ONLY IF You feel disconnected from source
>>> and are FEARLESS) As these stones amplify connections
>>> to others and INCREASE whatever you have going on.
>>> I am always amazed at the tearful clients i have sitting
>>> there draped in Moonstone or some other YIN STONE:
>>> Remember GOLD IS YANG and SILVER IS YIN or
>>> receptive…. if you are too receptive Silver and
>>> the above stones are not your cup of tea..
>>> For myself personally..I shall use RUBY or citrine.
>>> WOOS that
>>> I am.I always am blocking energy rather than trying to
>>> Connect in to it.Unless it is nature, or the ocean, people
>>> carry their energy on them, and not many of us can handle
>>> our own stuff…much less picking up too much from others.
>>> (AND that said) I got ill at a group recently hooking
>>> into someone who was having labor pains. AND I HAD
>>> THEM…and they HURT::: lol….. today i shall use…
>>> – Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology
>>> for all you manifest
>>> – Kiss if you work hard, you get great results today
>>> – The oil for me today will be THEIVES as I am
>>> In a large group in Everett. See you there?
>>> “The blessings for which we hunger are not to be
>>> found in other places or people. These gifts
>>> can only be given to you by yourself.
>>> They are at home in the hearth of your soul.
>>> “- John O’Donohue
>>> *******************************************************

January’s Full moon and approaching energies

BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS: Mercury rx. Coming

Tuesday 22nd FULL MOON and MOON night for a new group

 This full moon releases Karma from the old ways of consciousness
 And thinking that we are not worthy, talented, or deserving enough.

 Let this magic moon work on your life and CREATE and bring
 Out the LEO in your. The brave and bold heart moving into
 Creativity and using the Aquarius Sun to break old patterns
 Of thought we are having a WONDERFUL FULL MOON
 At 5:35am here in Seattle.

 5:16pm MERCURY and Neptune join. Logical and linear
 Thought patterns flow into the collective and somewhat
 Illusionary energy of the planet of Intuition and (confusion)
 Neptune. Trust what you FEEL inside and not what you
 See or hear is the message of this aspect.
 – Since this is a powerful Full moon day how about
 you wear the color YOU want? I shall pick Green
 for healing
 – I will wear Peridot which to me is the stone
 of Opening the mind and the spirit
 – Oil of Sage to help clear the past and clean
 the air OR whatever smell you like?
 – Kiss for today…how about you PRETEND that this
 is truly the first day of your life And be willing to
forget past hurts, and angers and resentments and move
forward fearless and as a child. Open and willing
to receive as well as give? AND LETTING GO OF
Part of this for us all isn’t it?
Wednesday January 23, 2008 Balance is the key today
Today on the eve of a rather powerful Full moon we begin
To set the stage as to what is reality in our life and what
Is illusion. What do we believe and what are we seeing
Kind of is the question today.

At 2:49pm the moon in Passionate Leo makes
An opposition to Neptune and we should be able
To distance ourselves from illusion enough to see
Clearly some things which no longer serve us.
4:13pm care with what you say or agree to as
 Mercury moves into opposition with the moon
And Mercury is in the retrograde shadow already so
 Locked lips could be happy lips today.

 8:44pm as the moon makes a great aspect with Mars
We begin to settle into an evening of great possibilities.
 The planet of Love (Venus) touches (Pluto) transformation
 At 10:57pm and all in all this will have been a very
 Interesting day for our political system I believe.
 – Color today Orange for creativity or pink for love
– Use Jasmine or rose Oil for love and connection
 – Today carries either a need for passionate and
 Intense stones like ruby, sapphire and Golden
 Citrine, or something soft and fluffy like pearls,
 Rose quartz, or if you are READY? Have you
 Ever seen PINK COMMON OPAL? I had such
 A difficult time with this stone until someone
Told me this is the stone that just wants to GIVE
Unconditional love to you. This will be my choice
– Kiss for today, find joy and connect with friends
And remember you come only ONCE along this path
So make the most of it.
 “Growing up I often heard the scripture about loving your neighbor
 as yourself. I somehow grew up to learn to love my neighbor more than myself.
After 40 years, I am just now beginning to practice truly loving 
 I am learning now about why loving me is so important.
 Without me there is no we.”- Wynonna Judd
Thursday January 24, 2008 HARD WORK DAY IS here
 Today with the moon in Leo moving v/c at 6;43am and into Virgo
 5 minutes later, we should awaken with a list and an attention
To detail much stronger than normal.

 At 12:06am Venus the planet of love and beauty donned her
 Capricorn Garb and now we want More and are willing to work
 Harder to get it.

 We have quite a few aspects today, good ones. And at
 8;13pm here in Seattle the moon in Virgo Touches Saturn
 Going backwards in the same sign. Look at yourself strongly
 Today and make sure that you do not act from jealousy, or do
 That manipulation thingey with others. IT is not going to work well
 And could cost you more than you would believe.

 Changes for the better are here, but maybe today we are
Still looking behind us at things we have not let go of yet?
If so. LET GO and move forward. Work and details will
Go well the next 2 days. Griping about what could have been
Will not.
– Color today blue green for heart and healing
 – Turquoise for the same
– Oil of Joy, or lemon, oranges, tangering
 Make sure and do your vitamins today, lots of us will
Be working harder than normal.
– Kiss for today, be aware of your health today and look
At some new options to help you physically increase stamina
 “In order that people may be happy in their work, these
 three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must
 not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success
 in it.”- John Ruskin
 Friday January 25, 2008 Another work day
 Into CAPRICORN today:

I have my PLUTO IN CAPRICORN article and also
An eclipse article. Please e mail me and I will send
Them to you personally since they are not on the
 Website yet.

12:44pm the moon (Emotions and feelings) in
 Practical Virgo makes an Opposition or aspect
Requiring compromise with the planet of surprises
And changes Uranus. Not the day to get electrical
 Work done and many of us may experience some
Computer things happening.

 We have another VERY earth centered day ahead
Of us. I have done a very good cd on this and
Can send it to you if you wish.with your updated
And colored chart. THIS energy of EARTH and
Sustainability of resources, and choices we are
To make and changes is going to be Very strong
For the rest of my life and many of yours. AND
it begins today.
– Color today white the color of higher consciousness
– Use a pink stone if you want friendship and love
Or Orange today to feel energized (carnelian)
– Oil of thieves, oil which kills germs in the air
– Kiss for today Get ready to begin to shine and
Really be proud of yourself, it is coming

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19) .
 Animal Guide: snow goose.
 Clan: turtle .Plant: birch tree
Power Direction: North .
Stone: quartz crystal .
Color: white
 Motto: “I Utilize”

“It’s never too late to become the
person you might have been.”
 – George Elliot
 I am going to put the PLUTO ARTICLE HERE: IT is long

 And not for those who are NOT interested in Astrology.
 So stop here if you wish, and I will write more after the
 FULL MOON tomorrow.

 PLUTO IS HEAVY stuff so enjoy the lighter stuff above
 if you choose…or delve deeply into a huge article..
 Namaste Carol Barbeau

Pluto moves Into Capricorn

For me personally this has been a very difficult article to write.
 I read pages and pages and pages of other Good Astrologers
writing and hear things like NEW WORLD ORDER: and, hear
Hitler’s voice in my head and hear work, and more work.Not my
Libra souls favorite thing to tell people who are already working
 too hard. So what if, our work will be what opens our
 Souls to joy and makes us SING with delight, and do you know
 what that would be?

And Perhaps NEW world order really Does have to begin with
new Thinking about who we are, what we do and what we are
capable of doing, as we enter January 01, 2008 a Number 1 year
of new Beginnings for the planet. Pluto in astrology in your own
personal chart shows an astrologer what generation you belong
to but much more it shows your own Strengths.
I think of Pluto as the Dark Lord. This planet of transformation
and changes has been demoted
To a dwarf planet by astronomers but those of us who have
followed its transits (traveling) through the ages and signs
know this is the MOST powerful energy out there.

I once thought that God was like Jupiter, larger than life,
benevolent and a good Father. Then life happened, and
I began to realize that if there were a planet in the sky
which represented the highest deity that it would have to be Pluto.

What is it within us that allows us to plummet to the depths of
death, destruction, despair and Loneliness and Raise our heads
up to GREET the Dawn with an optimism, and a I KNOW I can
do it attitude? What is it about the SOUL of humankind
which endures loss, destruction, heartbreak and begins
anew and becomes more than we thought we could be?

Pluto in our charts shows our strengths as generations and in
the sky gives us the knowledge that Even like the Dark Lord
(Darth Vader) we can be reborn anew and from evil can come
good and from despair can come joy. Death, destruction and
rebirth do not seem happy themes for a planet in the sky do they?
But, aren’t they the things which happen in our personal lives
 and which make us stronger?

Losing a job is a death, a new career is birth also isn’t it?
Moving, new relationships, children, friends, all is part of a
huge cycle of endings and new beginnings. Pluto is the hand
often behind many of these changes in our lives assisting us to
push forward and Bloom even when the ground and our
environment seems sterile and all hope is lost.

The Capricorn Generation is coming January 2008
Because of Pluto’s SLOW movement this planet will go into a
sign and then go retrograde, back into the LAST sign it was in
and then forward .This usually happens two to 3 times so those
Who are born at the end of a PLUTO Era can also have Pluto in
the sign before this sign. A sign is the way that the planet can
PLAY out its theme and a new theme song is beginning for us all.

 Pluto will be in the Sign of Capricorn beginning
1/25/2008 Pluto Enters Capricorn 11:25pm pst then it backs
into Sagittarius 6/13/2008 until 11/26/2008 when it re enters
Capricorn to stay until it enters Aquarius on 3/23/2023

Pluto moves From Sagittarius Optimism to Capricorn growth, back
to optimism, and back to growth during this next year .

 Then, 3/23/2023 when Pluto Enters Aquarius until it backs into
 Capricorn 6/10/2023
Then re enters Aquarius 1/20/2024 then backs for the 3rd time
into Capricorn on 9/1/24 until it Finally re enters Aquarius to stay on 
11/19/2024 …

Confused? Well, maybe these changes happening during this
time are going to need both The energy of Capricorn
(the establishment and order, ruled by Saturn) and Aquarius
 the energy of the rebel and Ruled by Uranus the planet of change.
Just as the changes we are to make now need the Sagittarius
FIRE and power and optimism and the Capricorn earth and stability.

So, this year we will deal from June 13, 2008 until 11/26/2008
with Sagittarius issues of personal freedom, truth, justice and order
 as PLUTO retrogrades out of Capricorn Back into Sagittarius.

So, YES, political matters are going to change hugely. AND
large corporations will try and gain power and there will be
natural disasters. AND::: How old are you? When has this
not been happening on this planet during your lifetime?
So.ok, we have that one out of the way.

Pluto in Capricorn to me is the OPRAH show..the energy
of people joining to create their own Systems, their own food
 drives, helping the needy, Doctors without borders, the Smile
 foundation which helps children all over the world and thousands
of others things happening as people come together and

 Pluto in Capricorn is Norma Menzies the woman who began the
 Bluebird of Happiness organization wanting for her 70th birthday
 to have a raffle and No presents but get enough to fix 10 children’s
 cleft palates. IT is the new groups and healing circles and people
showing up when there is a disaster to help. To me It is hundreds
 of people arriving at a local store after a flood here in
 Washington State with food, water, blankets and
 All kinds of things to help people who they did not even know.
We are already in this energy so we have nothing to fear do we?

Organization and Groups do not have to be designed just for Money
but that is the coin Of the realm so you are seeing highly inflated
mortgages and peoples homes being repossessed. Because we overextended.
New fines for traffic infringements, tolls for roads and bridges and
the reality of this Capricorn and GRAND Trine of earth energy.

Inflation and optimism has been a part of this Sagittarius energy
 and Now Capricorn says, what is the BOTTOM LINE and lets do this
 in a way that WORKS and lets get our lives back in alignment with
 what we can afford for our family, ourselves and our planet:

 Pluto in Capricorn the last time brought civil disobedience and
 the BOSTON TEA party and The War where we broke from King
 George and BEGAN the United States. So, now our country is
having its PLUTO RETURN 260 years and how are we doing? IS it time to Realign ourselves and our laws? And create a more workable system?

These are all questions that will be answered over the next few years
and which I have no answer for. But knowing astrology as i do I know
that the UNIVERSE is delivering us and the planet JUST WHAT WE NEED now.

In Astrology (This is just a kiss) (Keep it simple sweetie)
 So, at the sign of Sagittarius we move from the PERSONAL
ENERGY into transpersonal energy. Transpersonal means the
 good of the all outweighs the good of the one and that we are all
 in this together on this planet.

 Sagittarius is about far visions, truth, justice, equality
 and though many of you may know Sagittarius sun sign
 people who you might disagree with this.the intention of the sign is
 What we work with for its HIGHEST Vibrational energy.
So, Pluto in Sagittarius has been our passion, our truth and our
justice for all with Pluto in this sign for the last 13 years.

 Now Capricorn energy is where. Capricorn is the sign which brings
 the Winter Solstice and the LIGHT as days become longer and nights
 shorter. Capricorn says we must all climb the mountain and achieve 
 Capricorn is the energy of INITIATION and aren’t we all realizing
 that the world we thought we had is not here anymore. Is it time
 for us to bring back nature, to make the planet healthier and ourselves  also?

 Capricorn is the final Earth sign and All Earth signs want to BUILD
 and this next 2 and ½ years we have a GRAND TRINE OF EARTH
energy. All of us have this within our charts but more importantly
this is the LIGHT SHINING upon this planet.

This energy says to me, we do not have to be perfect, but work to
be the best you can be and each day you Will become more.
Work for a better world and in turn that will create a better me.
So, we can truly individually join together to create a new world order.
IF the Government will not do what we need, then you will see
Greenpeace, and other world organizations creating a NEW WORLD order.

 Small groups taking over and replacing large outdated and top heavy
 Organizations and A NEW order has already begun if we think about it.

 All of the earth signs represent thoughts, things, and energy which
 we can touch, see, feel, taste and EARTH wants to keep it REAL:
 Our Sagittarius dreams of the SECRET and much more have been
 to inspire and illuminate us for the real work ahead which is to
 clean up the planet And the world.

 But first we have to clean up ourselves, our thoughts and
 our visions and our ideas. So we have CHIRON the wounded
 healer moving closer and closer to Neptune in Aquarius
 (another article coming on this one) (Aquarius is an AIR or ideas sign)
 But being aware that Neptune (intuition and illusion) and
Chiron (healing the wounds of the planets are January 01, 2008
 7 degrees apart and move increasingly closer together until they
 merge energies with Jupiter the planet of expansion on June 01, 2009 to create a very different energy and one which is anything but earth and solid.

 As the energies of intuition (Neptune) and healing (Chiron) are coming closer and closer together until Chiron Moves to Pisces June 3, 2010
we will see health care and much more change in our world and
 YOU WILL have an important part in it all. Aquarius is an air sign so
 a huge part of this creation of a new world seems to begin with the way we think.

 Remember that Our Country, the United States of America
 was Created while Pluto was in Capricorn so there is an energy
 of the rebel inherent within this sign also.

I will quote Mark Dodich a friend and fellow astrologer in
 Portland Oregon “Spiritually, Capricorn is the sign of initiation into a higher order of life. Like a snake shedding its skin, the old self is released to make way for the new. What old structures of your life no longer serve your highest good? Expansive Jupiter entered Capricorn for a one year period December 2006 to help kick off this new planetary frequency. Jupiter asks you to take risks on yourself, and Capricorn asks you to do it in a cautious way. Know that you are in the early stages of this grand opening of your spiritual expression. So it will not always be comfortable” (Contact Mark for his free newsletter and for the events he will be doing here in Seattle and Portland Oregon)

 Get ready to build for your own life is my take on this.
 AND get ready to see you needing to VOTE in the people
 who will create the changes you personally want to see happen.
 Get ready to roll your sleeves up and make life better for yourself
and know that by doing that, you are going to HAVE TO work for the 

 NO air or food,
 NO US, right?

So, look for someplace to donate what you have to give. Time, teachings, energy, a smile even is a donation isn’t it? LOOK at what you have to  give personally, look at your talents, abilities and know the time to begin  is RIGHT NOW:
IF not now, then when? Is the theme of these world changes.

 AND IF NOT YOU, then WHO does it?

 IT is time to heal ourselves, heal the planet and become what the Great Spirit intended of us. Aka God, Buddha, the light, the Universe or whatever you choose to call  higher power.

 Pluto in Capricorn asks us to ALL become that HIGHER power for ourselves  and this world.and I truly believe we can do it. So , begin today with someone small, I shall organize my office to be able to reach out to you more efficiently. And answer e mails of some folks who had a rough year.. …

 IT begins with YOU and me, RIGHT NOW:

 And For those of you who are History buffs, you can research some
 of these changes as Pluto moves to a new sign in the information below.
 For the rest of you just know that the Pluto Generations who are alive
 now are mainly
 Pluto into Cancer 9/10/1912,
 Pluto into Leo 10/7/1937 ,
 Pluto into Virgo 10/20/1956,
 Pluto into Libra 10/5/1971
 Pluto into Scorpio 11/5/1983
 Pluto into Sagittarius 1/17/1995
 and now We launch January 2008 with PLUTO into
 Capricorn asking us to INITIATE ourselves to be the
 Best we can be, to leave fear behind and to begin to build
 The world we keep whining about not having. THE time is now
 To DO our part. and that means being ready to step up and
 Do the work ourselves.AND make the necessary changes and
 Vote for people who will assist with this ..

 I think this might be some Interesting information for those
 who like History..

 8/13/1503 Pluto To Sagittarius
 12/23/1515 Pluto To Capricorn (Which is happening this year)
 2/1/1532 Pluto to Aquarius the ENERGY OF CHANGE and revolution
 3/20/1552 Pluto to Pisces for a PISCEAN GENERATION
 (look at history and what beliefs about religion and spirituality
 were undergoing during these times.
 4/24/1577 Pluto to Aries
 7/7/1606 Pluto to Taurus
 7/8/1638 Pluto To Gemini
 7/23/1668 Pluto to Cancer
 9/2/1692 Pluto to Leo
 10/17/1710 Pluto to Virgo
 11/14/1724 Pluto to Libra
 12/5/1736 Pluto to Scorpio
 12/10/1748 Pluto to Sagittarius
 1/7/1762 Pluto to Capricorn (which is happening this year)
 4/3/1777 Pluto to Aquarius
 4/11/1797 Pluto to Pisces
 4/16/1822 Pluto To Aries
 5/20/1851 Pluto to Taurus
 7/21/1882 Pluto to Gemini
 9/10/1912 Pluto to Cancer (There were 3 retrogrades from 1912 to
 May 26, 1914 when it really FINALLY entered into Cancer to stay.So
 Anyone Born 1912 to May 1914 May have Pluto in Gemini
 10/7/1937 Pluto Moved into LEO went retrograde 3 times
 and finally entered Leo to stay in Cancer on 11/9/143 to
 when it goes into Virgo on 10/20/1956

 10/20/1956 Pluto into Virgo and then went retrograde and
 backed into Leo 1/14/57 and then moved Again into Virgo 8/18/57 to stay until it went into Libra 10/5/71

 10/5/1971 Pluto To Libra then Retrograde and backs into Virgo on 
 And forward to stay in Libra on 7/30/72 until it moved into Scorpio on 11/5/1983

 11/5/1983 Pluto moved to Scorpio until it backs into Libra on 5/18/84 
and then forward
 And again into Libra 8/28/84 to stay until it enters Sagittarius 

 1/17/1995 Pluto to Sagittarius Backs into Scorpio 4/20/1995 and
 then again to Sagittarius 11/10/1995 to stay in Sagittarius until it
 enters Capricorn 1/25/2008

 1/25/2008 Pluto Enters Capricorn 11:25pm pst then it backs
 into Sagittarius 6/13/2008 until 11/26/2008 when it re enters
 Capricorn to stay until it enters Aquarius on 3/23/2023

3/23/2023 when Pluto Enters Aquarius until it backs into
 Capricorn 6/10/2023
 Then re enters Aquarius 1/20/2024 then backs for the
 3rd time into Capricorn on 9/1/24 until it Finally
 re enters Aquarius to stay on 11/19/2024 until it enters Pisces on 

 3/8/2043 Pluto Enters Pisces and backs into Aquarius 8/31/2043
 and re enters Pisces 1/19/2044 to stay until it Enters the FIRST
 Sign of the Zodiac again Aries 6/18/2066

 6/18/2066 Pluto enters Aries and the zodiac begins anew

 IF you look at when you were born and remember your life cycles you will find some MAJOR Shifts happening when Pluto changes signs.

 From the age of 10 I knew I wanted to work with people in a HOSPITAL:
 I began this career at 14 years old when I worked in a nursery
in a home for unmarried Mothers in Kansas City, Missouri.

 In 1995 during the time when Pluto Moved to the sign of FREEDOM Sagittarius in my VALUES and first house of self. I quit healthcare and became an astrologer full time. SCARY BUT the best choice of my life… I am a PLUTO IN LEO Generation and can track major changes in my life by Pluto, what about you?

 Looking at the next few years I would think that many of us
 Will see as more changes than we would have believed possible. AND 
knowing That we do have power to help make those changes is a very important  part of This whole theme.

So, no throwing up your hands and saying “I cannot make a difference”.
 Everyone by everything they do makes a difference.
 Listen to your heart and soul and Answer the calling you
 are feeling so strongly right now to begin this SECOND to help to
 make the world a better place.

 I wish you joy and love and NO FEAR and Peace within your own heart as  this is Where it has to begin (within your heart and head) to spread to the world.
 Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify,
 or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
 Because they change things. They push the human race forward.
 And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
 Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can
 change the world, are the ones who do.

 Namaste Carol Barbeau

 IF you would like a personal appointment or a cd about this
 please contact me as

Welcome to a NEW ERA…and a BETTER WORLD:: for us all…

Comet Holmes – What message is it sending?

 Alright, I’ve no idea why this does not play, it is in fact very available at . Many blessings, Kat

December 2nd: Comet Holmes Meditation

Comet Holmes Group Exercize – This Sunday at 8 pm/11:11 pm

Aloha all. It’s great to see enthusiasm build for a collective
meditation this coming Sunday, December 2. For practical purposes, I
suggest we do it all at 8 pm (in our respective time zones) for five
to ten minutes. That’s a time that suits most even though it lacks the
kind of symbolism that 11:11 pm holds, but which may be a little late
for many. Those that wish to do both times, or can only do or prefer
the later time, that would work.

What I suggest is that everyone read up a little on the Comet Holmes
phenomenon and develop a feeling for its importance. I think Mitch
Battros article on it being the Blue Kachina and Angelika Sareighn’s
communication on it being an extraterrestrial artifact are good places
to start. The articles are respectively at:
http://www.rumormil cgi-bin/forum. cgi?noframes; read=113527
http://galacticdipl GD-Vis-Comm- Emp-Cont- 10.htm

For those that may wish to reflect more on the significance of Comet
, then I recommend reading the following article that suggests
Comet Holmes was predicted in some 2005 crop circles:
http://www.cropcirc leconnector. com/anasazi/ time2007g. html

Others may have further suggestions for good articles to prepare for a
group meditation.

As far as the meditation is concerned, I suggest focusing on the
symbolism of a blue sun appearing in our solar system, and what that
means. The Hopi prophecies speak of a transition from the fourth world
into the fifth world. We can view the significance of Comet Holmes in
light of the Hopi prophecy, and/or also the possibility that it is an
extraterrestrial artifact designed to help humanity awaken.

Since the Comet Holmes cannot be seen at the moment by the naked eye,
I suggest a meditation where one orients themselves towards where it
is in the night sky. One can perform their own private ceremony or
just contemplate the significance of this comet. The emphasis is on
perceiving Comet Holmes to be a new beginning for the planet and for
us individually.

After the meditation, we can all report what we experienced, and begin
a process of reflection on this group exercize.

In peace

Michael S.

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Blue Kachina is here – Part III

Comet ‘8P/Tuttle’ Making Its Presence Just After Christmasby Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

A second comet comes into the picture. If there is any truth to what has been published stating Hopi prophecy speaks of a “twin” comet, this may be the one. Both comet 17P/Holmes and 8P/Tuttle will be riding the skies within naked eye, or simple binocular view at the same time. I again say this part of Hopi prophecy came from a source which has yet to be confirmed or collaborated.

Comet ‘8P/Tuttle’ is a Halley-type comet in a 13.6-year orbit, passing just outside of Earth’s orbit. It will make its appearance on January 2nd just after the 2008 New Year celebrations. 8P/Tuttle is likely to be one of the brighter objects for visual observers in 2008. It could be a binocular or even naked eye object at the beginning of the New Year as it makes a close pass of the Earth at 0.25 AU.

0.25 AU = 23,238,951 (miles) or 37,399,467 (kilometers). This would be considered an NEO (near earth object)

It begins the year in Pisces, but is rapidly heading south and UK observers will lose it after the third week of January. Southern Hemisphere observers should be able to follow it for another three months.

This has all of the makings of a very nice ‘apparition’ (sudden showing for comets). Since its discovery in 1790, this comet has made five particularly close approaches to Earth, with the best being the discovery apparition itself, when it passed 0.37 AU from our planet.

This comet is the parent of the Ursid meteor shower, which reaches maximum on December 22. Rates are typically near 15, although outbursts of about 100 per hour occurred in 1945 and 1986, while an unexpected increase of 30 per hour came in 1973.

It has been said this event, along with the birth of the white buffalo calf, is the sign ushering in the “Purification”. Note: Just as with Mayan prophecy of 2012, this does not mean the end of life —- it means the ‘end of life as we know it’. The end of one way, and the beginning of another.

Blue Kachina is here

Is Comet 17P/Holmes the ‘Blue Kachina’?

As outlined in the 1963 book “Book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters, unprecedented information has come forward. Waters had the phenomenal experience of living with the Hopi for nearly three years. He was giving information by highly positioned elders which had been kept a close secret within the Hopi community since the beginning of tribal ceremonies.

Here Frank Waters describes in his own words which outlines his unique exposure and depth of trust shared by Hopi elders:

“Work on the project (book) required nearly three years. Much of this time I lived on the reservation—with my research co-worker Oswald White Bear Fredericks. The discourses of our Hopi spokesmen were taken down in Hopi on a tape recorder by White Bear, who later translated them into English. All the Hopi spokesmen willingly and freely gave the information—none of them was paid informant fees in the manner customarily followed by professional researchers. This great cooperative effort could not have been obtained before, nor could it be obtained now; already some of the older spokesmen have died. Their traditions come to us by the dictate of fate we call fortuitous chance, at the time when we, as they, most need them.”

It has been reported that certain elders have said most people will reject the sign of ‘blue sun’ and stay with the ‘red sun’. Those who are more awakened will be drawn to the ‘blue sun’. Reality will then split—the few who have divested themselves of the earthly drama (harmful patterns/relationships) will follow the ‘blue sun’ and end up on an Earth that is love based. The vast majority who are still fighting change and to remain with the ‘known’ instead of being open to ‘unknown’, will stay with the ‘red sun’ and will find themselves stuck in old ways of thinking and would bring forth devastation and great harm to man and earth.

“Comet 17P/Holmes Bigger Than Sun”

News Release – AP, CNN, ABC, REUTERS

“Spectacular outbursting comet 17P/Holmes exploded in size and brightness on October 24. It continues to expand and is now the largest single object in the Solar system, being bigger than the Sun.”

PHOTO 17P – Blue Sun :

Comet 17P/Holmes shocked astronomers on Oct. 24, 2007, with a spectacular eruption. In less than 24 hours, the 17th magnitude comet brightened by a factor of nearly a million becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. Look for a golden 2.5th magnitude fuzzball in the constellation Perseus after sunset.

Hubble Zooms In On Heart of Mystery Comet


NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has probed the bright core of Comet 17P/Holmes, which, to the delight of sky watchers, mysteriously brightened by nearly a million-fold in a 24-hour period beginning Oct. 23, 2007. Astronomers used Hubble’s powerful resolution to study Comet Holmes’ core for clues about how the comet brightened. The orbiting observatory’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) monitored the comet for several days, snapping images on Oct. 29, Oct. 31, and Nov. 4. Hubble’s crisp “eye” can see objects as small as 33 miles (54 kilometers) across, providing the sharpest view yet of the source of the spectacular brightening.

Latest Comet 17P/Holmes Update

As of November 17th, the central coma exceeds the angular size of the Moon; the entire coma is much larger than that. The physical diameter of the central coma is about 2.5 million kilometers, some 80% larger than the Sun. The coma of 17P/Holmes is now the largest object in the Solar System. Of course, “object” is used rather loosely here. While the coma appears very large and bright, it is also very tenuous. In the images, dim stars are easily seen right through it.


How Sacred Hopi Prophecy Was Passed to the White Man

As described in Walters 1963 book “Book of the Hopi”: The account begins by describing how, while driving along a desert highway one hot day in the summer of 1958, a minister named David Young stopped to offer a ride to an Indian elder, who accepted with a nod. After riding in silence for several minutes, the Indian said:

“I am White Feather, a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan. In my long life I have traveled through this land, seeking out my brothers, and learning from them many things full of wisdom. I have followed the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights in the north, and the places of holy altars of stone built many years ago by my brothers’ fathers in the south. From all these I have heard the stories of the past, and the prophecies of the future. Today, many of the prophecies have turned to stories, and few are left — the past grows longer, and the future grows shorter.

And now White Feather (I) is (am) dying. His (my) sons have all joined his (my) ancestors, and soon he (I) too shall be with them. But there is no one left, no one to recite and pass on the ancient wisdom. My people have tired of the old ways — the great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our emergence into the Fourth World, are almost all abandoned, forgotten, yet even this has been foretold. The time grows short.”


There is More to This Story—Lots More

In Part II – The Nine Signs of the Hopi, I will list all nine signs and there meaning. I will also disclose for the prophecy of “a twin”. Here is a hint—“there is a second comet coming.”


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Mitch Battros

Producer – Earth Changes Media

Galactic Center 2012


Our entire Solar System (our Sun and planets) revolve around a central Sun Alcyone (in the Consellation of Pleiades), which in turn revolves around the GC, the centre of the Milky Way.  Thus the GC is our heart, our connection to the greater Cosmos from which we have all been birthed.The GC is 26,000 Light Years from our Sun and is actually a ‘Black Hole’.  A hole that vacuums up everything – light & matter and compresses it.  it is referred to as zero point, and it is where we are birthed and where we pass through when we die.  

When we are birthed through the GCs ‘birth canal’, our light codes (our higher vibrational resonances carrying the blueprints of our past, present and potential future) are switched off  – hence we forget the Divine Soul’s that we truly are and always have been.

However, the GC being our birth Mother, does not leave her children completely alone following their decent.  The GC is continually emitting waves of energy referred to as ‘Love Waves’.  These waves assist in connecting all of creation, nurturing and facilitating our growth. 
















The Love Waves are an integral part of the Great Shift, and preparing us for our leap in consciousness.  Through the Love Waves we are not separate, but we are all connected and we are all ONE, Living One Vibrational Energy.

The GC sits at 26 degrees 56minutes Sagittarius.  It takes 225 million years for the Milky Way galaxy to make one complete revolution around its core the GC and conversely it takes us 26,000 years for one complete revolution around Alcyone.  


In 2012 our GC and our Central Sun Alcyone will be completely aligned (at 26-56) with our Solar System sun meaning the end of a 225 million and 26,000 year cycle in 2012 (we will talk about this alignment in future Updates).  This is the aligning of the three spiritual hearts (suns), all coming together as ONE.


The diagram below shows the movement toward alignment in 2012:



In the celestial skies when the 3 suns align, humanity will move through a spiritual birthing into a new way of living.  A doorway opens for humanity to transcend our limited beliefs, our outdated paradigm of survival…. but for this to occur, we must take action now.

Many indigenous cultures, saints, sages and shamans from around the world have spoken about this time in history – a time where we are faced with the decision to responsibility address our future and that of future generations.  The time is now, and we must act before the opportunity is lost.


This is a time in history where we can collectively transcend the material consciousness of our culture, re-write our value system and unify together in peace, spiritual awareness, respect of our resources and other people, nature and the entire cosmos. 


United together we can make profound leaps in consciousness, and live peacefully together in harmony with all the elements of creation.


During Stage III of The Wave of Love (monthly emails commencing January 2008) – we will address just how humanity can align with the Wave of Love energies from our Galactic Centre – in order to create a Heaven here on Earth by 2012.

Remember, to keep The Wave of Love going, please forward this email on  to many souls so they too can connect in   Living One Vibrational Energy. 


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Energy of the new moon in Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon: November 9, 2007

By Barbara Hand Clow

The New Moon in Scorpio always drives us deeply into our inner life. There we find ourselves contemplating our relationships to everyone and everything, and trivial issues fall by the wayside. At the same time, we are completing the last few days of the “advanced unifying synthesis” of Day Five [see my Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind], and I have something very important to say about this 2007 synthesis. Many of us can now feel that what each one of us creates is critical to the survival of our own species, a realization that is meant to permanently imprint in our minds during the Scorpio New Moon. This is new because until now, few people could imagine that they have an impact on the whole, that each of their personal actions counts. Meanwhile, there has been a great ongoing conflict within the Mayan Calendar movement over whether the Calendar ends in 2011 or 2012. Now that I see how much our personal actions matter, I can see that this seemingly innocent Calendar argument is stealing our attention from our critical survival needs. Specifically, those who attempt to understand the Calendar by means of time acceleration through 201l are increasing their own positive evolutionary potential by intentionally processing and releasing regressive evolutionary patterns, such as the National Underworld wars. And those who focus on 2012 discuss only the end moment, which encourages humanity to be passive just when we need to be the most attentive. Furthermore, the 2012 crowd often dishes out hideously fear-based catastrophic scenarios, such as Whitley Strieber does in his recent novel, 2012: The War for Souls.

For those who are working with the time acceleration model through 2011, on November 19 we will be entering Night Five of the Galactic Underworld, a 360-day period when we will experience a significant breakdown of the material world and a dismembering that precedes the metamorphosis coming during Day Six. Therefore, I begin this New Moon analysis with a brief analysis of the Calendar conflict, since it is now hindering evolution itself. Let’s get our facts straight: According to science, the closest alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun on the galactic plane/Ecliptic crossing occurred in May 1998, which I described in detail in my 2007 Fall Equinox reading as well as in The Mayan Code. Meanwhile, the 2012 crowd focuses on the 2012 Winter Solstice as the closest alignment. It will not be, since the alignment already occurred in 1998, and this is exceedingly important because the energy coming from the Galactic Center is so potent. In 1998, Earth physically changed in ways that were measurable; I discussed this extensively in The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and The Mayan Code, a factor that may the most important change in Earth in thousands of years! Next, because the 2012 crowd ignores the actual galactic energy intensification a few years ago, they also miss the critical leap-time acceleration on January 5, 1999, the opening of the Galactic Underworld. The Galactic Underworld time acceleration may be the only factor in existence that can enable us to make the critical leap of 2011/2012 to becoming an enlightened and peaceful species!

Regardless of all the focus on the end point of the Calendar, the 2011 crowd are deeply connected to each other as they share in a massive group intention to advance evolution by utilizing the qualities of the Days and Nights of the Nine Underworlds to process and release the past. That is, they are co-creating the apotheosis of their own species, a level of consciousness that has never occurred before. As this Great Work formulates, the 2012 crowd chew their nails while awaiting their demise at the end of time, a silly idea from apocalyptical Judeo/Christian religion. Meanwhile, I believe our species is going to make it regardless of those who wallow in wimpy fear. I will read the Scorpio New Moon looking for influences that can help us choose courage over fear, belief in the future rather than crawling like the living dead toward the apocalypse. It is time to remember how to strive for life rather than give in to weakness, as our courageous amphibian ancestors did when they first crawled onto land 315 million years ago.

The New Moon in 17 Scorpio is in a grand trine in water to Uranus in 15 Pisces and Mars in 12 Cancer. This potent configuration inspires compassion and spiritual transformation founded in deep truth and courage, yet its shadow side is always nameless fear. It is always hard to grasp the potency of trines, especially grand trines. Often, what they can teach us comes through our emotional bonds. So, this month you have much to learn from families, partners, and even people in the world, since the Galactic Underworld is aggressively connecting all people at this time. Mysterious, newly-direct Neptune in Aquarius squares the lunation closely, which challenges each one of us to seek answers in other dimensions and in unseen realms. This month we will frequently feel gentle prods and pushes from spirit guides. If you follow these signals with your heart, you may realize that using our wills to just go forward with new things is the solution for many things now. Every year, the New Moon in Scorpio asks us to remember the potency of our wills and to remember how to use them as our central creative tool. Well, Neptune squaring the New Moon will activate our wills, and then the trine from Uranus in Pisces will make it easier to take action on what we see and feel. Mars in Cancer trining the lunation emphasizes that the only real security we have is to demand what we want-and then to wait for these things to come to us. Yet, there is much more going on with Mars in Cancer; Mars retrogrades in 12 Cancer on November 15, and I think this retrograde Mars will create great change, confusion, chaos, wonder, and new creative paths.

Before I analyze the unusual Mars retrograde that begins just after this New Moon, I want to note that Mercury’s retrograde motion during October was a warning of just how potent retrograde planets can be. Mercury retrograded at 9 Scorpio on October 11, went all the way back to 23 Libra on November 1, and will be back to 9 Scorpio on November 17. All kinds of chaos showed up in the financial markets and in our personal lives during this retrograde, and the last of its residue should clear on November 17. Mars retrograde at 12 Cancer is a much bigger deal, especially because 12 Cancer is almost exactly on the natal Sun of George W. Bush and the United States (1776 USA chart). This Bush/USA Sun conjunction explains why so many Americans have so much trouble seeing what Bush is doing to their country, since Bush mirrors the USA. Cancer expresses our need for security and the depth of our emotional strength-issues that are soon to be sorely tried. Mars in Cancer (and even back into late Gemini) from November 14 until May 2008 indicates a depressed mood in the USA when the people will realize what they have lost. Whether they can turn against the outrageous militancy of the Bush cabal remains to be seen. I maintain this will only happen when people realize the military is gobbling up their precious resources, and the Mars retrograde could wake people up. During the retrograde period from November 14 through the end of January 2008, the Bushites will feel like taking aggressive actions such as attacking Iran, but this will backfire on them because the public will not agree.

Meanwhile, the media will be using global warming and the 2008 election to distract the public from what they should be paying attention to. Many times in the past, especially during 2003 and 2004, I have written about transits to 1776’s Neptune in 22 Virgo squaring Mars in 21 Gemini-the aspect in the USA chart that causes America to be very confused about war when the “leaders” brashly get involved in conflicts that drain the country, such as Vietnam and Iraq. Both the Vietnam and Iraq wars were ruled by transits to the USA’s Neptune squaring Mars. Well, after Mars retrogrades on the USA’s and Bush’s Sun sign, it goes all the way back to 24 Gemini and goes direct on the USA’s Mars-square-Neptune on January 30, 2008. There will be great tension between the Bushites and the people as it pulls back (retrogrades); then, when it goes direct on the USA’s Mars, there will be a major turnaround in events. Of course, this could indicate an invasion of Iran, but based on my 2008 Night Five predictions in The Mayan Code, I think there could be a major turn toward peace in the Middle East. At any rate, watch what happens when Mars retrogrades on November 15 for signs of what is to come. No matter what, this transit will have noteworthy effects in politics and finance. Of course, because the retrograde is in Cancer (home), the sub-prime mortgage crisis will be a major issue during this period. I will be watching this transit all the way up to May 2008 when it passes beyond 12 Cancer. Of course, for those of you who know the USA chart (see the Methodology), Mars also crosses and re-crosses the USA’s Jupiter-conjunct-Venus in Cancer, another indicator of serious trouble in the housing sector.

Very much like the aspects to the New Moon in Libra last month, these potent aspects to the lunation suggest important times, and you may have profound creativity as well as contact with many dimensions this month. Yet, since the Mars retrograde aspects Bush’s and the USA’s Sun, the housing crisis will instill great fear in the masses. Perhaps facing insecurity with their own homes is what it will take to awaken their compassion for the millions of Iraqis who have been driven out of their own homes and country and have lost so many family members. The more we can see how we are all part of the larger pattern, the closer we are to stopping American adventurism, so go into your deepest feelings and see and feel as much as you can. As I noted last month, now that useless old patterns have been broken up by the Jupiter/Uranus squares, it is time for Americans to learn how to process loss. Intend to see the meaning of your losses and consider the implications for others as America releases domination in the world. Let go of any desire to be on top of a mountain constructed by militarism and greed. Also, Mars in Cancer quincunxes Chiron newly-direct in Aquarius, so this transit is a huge healing for all Americans, as they are deeply challenged to remember their original ideals.

During the New Moon in Libra, Jupiter exactly squared Uranus for the last time, and many old patterns are changing. All of a sudden, Turkey is moving into Iraq while there is great instability in Pakistan. These areas were all theatres of conflict during Day Six of the National (829-1223 AD), so already new patterns that will bear fruit during Day Six of the Galactic (November 13, 2008-November 8, 2009) are arising. These new patterns will play out during Night Five, beginning November 19. I will go into these issues during 2008, but my point here is that there is a lot of shifting and changing right now, and it would be smart to watch Condeleeza Rice moving around the Middle East. You will be very surprised to see what happens during the next year. And, remember, most wars end only because the warring factions are exhausted. Nothing good ever comes out of them, only pain and loss.

We shift our attention to Jupiter moving close to Pluto on the Galactic Center. Jupiter will reach Pluto in early December, when the great planet will expand the awakening of galactic consciousness that has been happening during the Galactic Underworld (January 5, 1999-November 28, 2011). Pluto has been transiting the Galactic Center during 2006 and 2007, and Jupiter will expand and ground this force in the material world. During the New Moon, Mercury in 28 Libra squares Pluto on the Galactic Center, which suggests new knowledge emerging about our Galaxy this month. Yet, changes in our perspectives come in subtle ways and often go unnoticed. For example, there is a group located in Tucson, Arizona, called “The Dark Sky Association (DSA),” that has been assisting American cities to cut light pollution; this will help us see the night sky again, as well as help animals who suffer from light pollution, especially birds. You may have noticed that San Francisco darkened their lights last month for a few hours just to save energy? Now the efforts of the DSA are bearing fruit, and many cities and communities are saying they want to darken the sky so they can see the Milky Way again! Hooray for the Galactic Underworld!

Meanwhile, Venus in Libra squares Pluto on the Galactic Center, which suggests that balancing work will be coming from the feminine principle this month. I don’t know about you, but I have been enjoying a female presence in Congress with Nancy Pelosi, and in the election campaign with Hillary Clinton, the so-called “Her”. This is a good month to give meditation energy to the feminine force, and perhaps there will be revelations coming from women in the military. Lastly, Saturn in Virgo is close to the lunar South Node (exact on Oct. 13), and structures are being examined more closely, such as military contractors like Blackwater. The way American tax dollars are being used without public consent is outrageous, and I would say scrutiny will build under Saturn in Virgo, and it will expand when Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 19.

As for your personal reality, do everything you can to remain financially sound and simplify your life. Jupiter moving into Capricorn will be the first trigger for the cardinal squares between Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra, and Uranus in Aries, that will form during 2008-2010 and will restructure the financial systems of the world. Entering Night Five of the Galactic Underworld begins the restructuring of resources, yet Night Five is also about deepening and opening our hearts. As the old saying goes, you can’t take it with you, so let go and share as we propel into the deep time, the Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld.

November’s Energies

The Great Shift of 2007 Awakening Human Angels to the Light and Joy of the Creative Process The Energies for November 2007 Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter into the month of November of 2007, you will feel the powerful energies that are moving the Global Collective Consciousness to a new level. At this time, Jupiter and Pluto are situated right on the Galactic Center in relation to the Earth. In their “dance” with the Great Central Sun, they are showing how you, within your own being, are in the process of awakening to the Radiant Light that pours forth from the Celestial center and flows into the Planet like a sparkling great River of Life and Creativity, producing Abundance and Love. In the
month of October, you began the shift through what we have called the “Diamond Doorway”, into the Light of a new dawn for your Planet. At the 11:11 Stargate for this year, on the 11th of November, this Diamond Radiance will intensify as you move towards the critical alignment in early December, when Jupiter and Pluto will be exactly conjunct the Great Central Sun. This is the Power and the Energy that will shift the Planetary Consciousness over this threshold of Diamond Light and towards the New Beginning of the 1:1:1 on the 1st of January of 2008. This is indeed a turning point for your Beloved Earth. It is what you have worked for. There are many of you who
have entered into the state of Light and Joy that is the “signature” of
Higher Consciousness. You have chosen Light and to share your Light with Others. You are indeed the “Light of the World” at this time. Dearest Lightworkers, we know how hard you have worked and struggled to release old energies and to heal old patterns of distortion in your lives. We know how much strength and courage and perseverance and determination it has taken to consistently make the choice for Unconditonal Love, Peace and Joy. But, enough of you have made that choice, and so, you are assisting in raising the frequency of the Planetary Collective, allowing more people on Earth to make that choice as well. Dearest Lightworkers, as this powerful radiance pours into the Planet, you will feel the intensity. We ask you to feel it as
Passion, Joy and Life itself, for that is what it is. It is the Creative
Essence of the Divine Source pulsing from the Great Heart that is the Great Central Sun. It is creating a sympathetic resonance and heartbeat in your own heart. The more you allow the passion to flow, the more Joy and Lightness you will feel. If you resist alignment with the Cosmic heartbeat and hold onto old patterns, you will feel disoriented and exhausted and “out of synch” with yourself. It is so much easier to make the choice to allow yourself to align with the Pulse of Light and Love, and to be embraced in its warmth and nurturing. It is the Great Gift of the Source to your Planet at this time. You are becoming a People of the Heart and your Heart beats with the Heart of the Great Central Sun, and in resonance with the Cosmic
pulse of the Great Source. There is great power in this alignment, and you are feeling how this power is changing and transforming the very essence of Who You Are. And so we say, dearest ones, that the “secret” is to open your Hearts to Unconditional Love and Joy. Allow this energy to flow through you and be expressed through you, for this is the Divine Will and the Energy of Creation. It is Truth, and as we have said, all else is illusion. When you allow this Light to enter into your open Heart, then you become Light and you see Light. You see Love and Compassion and Support and Abundant Blessings all around you, and you become a source of such blessings to all around you. But, know that you cannot hold this Light unless your Heart is fully Open and you yourself are openly receiving the abundant blessings of
Source into your Life. And you cannot hold this Light unless you are feeling the Gratitude to the Source for your life, that says : “It is Good! Thank You.” When you can see the Light in all Creation, then the Light within you will burn brightly, and you will indeed be a Human Angel. Dearest Ones, you will need this Light and this Radiance, this Creative Power, as you begin the work of Planetary Transformation in the New Year. For indeed, we see that many of you will feel called to begin to make a difference within your own Communities – for that is where you are most needed. We have spoken to you before of “Communities of Light”, and indeed we will speak again of this idea. Many of you assumed that what was meant was only connecting with your Soul Family and those like you. And, initially that was true. Now, we say, it is time to create Communities of Light wherever you are. It is time to bring your Light to All People. It is time to make Choices that reveal the Light that You Are on this Earth. For the Planet will be transformed by the work and by the choices of the Human Angels that you are, supported by the Indigo and Crystal Children. That is why you chose to leave your Star Families and to journey to this Planet called “Earth”, so that you might assist in creating this “New Earth”, the planet that would arise when all humans remembered their Divine Essence and their Creative Power, and ceased to fear darkness and destruction, or to create these things through that fear. For, where you focus energy, that is what you create. Dearest ones, we cannot tell you what Joy there is in the Angelic realms as each one of You awakens to the Light and Power at the center of their Creative Heart, and the Love and Support that flows to You and that you can share with each other. We cannot tell you how we rejoice when we see
groups of you opening your hearts to compassion and sharing your Light with others. We can only say that this is a powerful force for Positive Creation on the Planet. The more you come together to share joy and creativity, the more you will assist in creating this New Earth that is being born. So, in this month of November, we ask that you hold that Light in your Heart center; that you be Strong and that you accept your own Power to be a Force of Positive Transformation on the Planet, for that is why you are here. We ask that you continue to forgive and to forgive again. Let go of those who offend you, for all are struggling with this intense new energy. Seek rather to hold people in the Love of your Heart and to be a resting place for them, but do not be afraid to speak your truth with love. For the courage to speak
your truth and still hold the energy of Love is another “signature” of the Higher Frequencies of Unconditional Love. If you speak your truth, you remain clear and you do not accumulate anger. If you do so with Love, then you do not attract anger, only Love. And dearest ones, we ask finally that you be fully “present” with each other, from the heart. Speak from the heart, speak what you feel in the Now. Look into the eyes of those that you talk with, feel their heart and soul energy. Feel others with your Heart rather than you Mind, and accept the Love that is always there in Abundance. Be “present” in your own life – pay attention to the fine and rich details of every experience that you create, and you will feel the blessings of Divine Abundance. For, that is the purpose of material existence on this planet called “Earth”. The Energies in November 2007 The first significant date in November is the New Moon on the 9th of November. This New Moon is in Scorpio, a Water sign. Scorpio hold all the mystery of the water elements, the psychic power and the dreaminess. At this time, it is good to dream and plant seeds in your own inner garden. Dearest ones, what seeds will you plant in your garden? What are your dreams and desires for the New Earth? Then, on the 11th of November, you will experience the annual 11:11 stargate, when the earth aligns with the Angelic frequency of the 11:11, which allows for increased Light and Radiance and increased Illumination to assist with the Great Awakening on the Planet. This is an ideal time, dearest ones, to do rituals and ceremonies that will direct the Light into positive purposes and directions in your Life. Finally, on the 24th of November the Full Moon will be in Gemini, with the Sun in Sagittarius. As we have already mentioned, there is a powerful alignment in early December, and this Full Moon will assist in initiating the energy for this alignment. The Air and Fire combination of Gemini and Sagittarius creates a volatile yet powerful elemental energy. The energy of the Sacred Heart and the Twin Flame will be powerfully activated within you at this time. It is a Joyous time of Celebration on this New Earth.
We wish you Light and Laughter and Joy in the month of November.


Channeled Message from the Akashic Records of November, 2007

The Akashic Records are an ethereal library, offering infinite information regarding every creation in the Universe. There is a
unique Akashic Record for every period of time that humans experience, and these Records can be accessed in order to gain understanding.

As we approach each new month, the possibilities and probabilities

of the month come into form, and can be understood as a general energy that each of us works with individually. This monthly channeling of the Akashic Records is offered to you by Jen Eramith in order to facilitate your own experiences as you move through the month.

Channeled Message from the Akashic Records of November, 2007
What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of November 2007? The energy that is available during this month is centered in deep connection. The energy is very similar to what you experience with sexual energy. The energy of the month is based on a deep profound, mind blowing connection. This occurs, not just with the process of sex, but through all kinds of different connections. Since the time around July of 2007, most of you have been on an intense path that has involved a lot of chaos, darkness for some of you, and an incredible amount of change. At this point most of you have come to terms with who you are becoming. It is as if you bought a new car and took some time to learn how to drive it. You have new ways of thinking and connecting with the world around you. Now that you have a sense of how it works, it is time to really step on the gas and go! The highest possible use of human energy is to create connection. The whole point of being human is to connect with the different parts of yourself that you imagine are separate — to connect with other human beings, with the Earth, and with nature. The whole reason that you have gone to all this trouble to disconnect yourselves, which is what it is to be human, is so that you can reconnect yourselves. When we say “step on the gas,” we are suggesting that you find different ways to connect and to take it further than you have before. If there is someone you are attracted to move toward them. Whether you are attracted to them as a romantic mate, as a friend or as a co-worker, move toward them. You are aware that there is magnetism between human beings. You apply this easily in terms of sexual andromantic connections, but it is meant to apply to all connections. You feel magnetism when you stand next to someone in line at the store. Sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes you are not, but there is a magnetic attraction between you and everyone around you. At your best, you are fascinated with each other and you are in love with each other and you open up and investigate those connections. Watch young children and remember what it is like to trust that the people around you will like you if you will only open your minds and your hearts. How can we best work with the energy of the month? The energy of this month is best utilized when you turn your attention to connecting. Connect your body to your mind; connect yourself toanother person; or connect yourself with nature, animals, and newkinds of experiences. In every situation, ask yourself, ‘How can Iconnect more deeply?’ That is the energy and the gift of the month. Use the word ‘touch’ to guide you. Often the idea of connection is abstracted because your initial experience of yourselves is separation. Part of being human includes a perception that you are separate. While you have tangible evidence for how connection can be done and how it can feel, at some level for most humans, true connection is an abstraction. It is just an idea. We recommend that you utilize the process of physical touch to awaken your inherent desire for and your inherent capacity for connection. Try touching things this month. When you are talking to a friend, put your hand on their arm; when you are hugging someone, open your hands and press your full palm on their back; or when you are picking up a piece of paper, stop and put your whole hand on the paper. Feel for texture, temperature, and other tactile information. When you are opening a door, feel your hand wrap around the door knob. Engage activities, like Swedish massage, that turn your attention to physical touch. Touch is like a shortcut to the energy of connection. An important theme of the year 2008 is family. Choosing a definition for family and finding the people you feel most connected with, then deepening those connections, will be your saving grace in the next nine to eighteen months. Focusing on the physical aspect of touch will help you awaken your capacity to build connection and eventually give you a reliable way to build family connections or to reclaim your spiritual families. In addition to touch, use your eyes and the act of looking at things with complete eye contact this month. Imagine a wide-eyed 5-year-old child gazing around and taking everything in. Try forgetting that you ever learned not to stare. Of course, do not stare at people if you can tell that they feel uncomfortable, but in general you could gaze longer at things and at people. Most of you, through cultural training or through surviving trauma, have learned to avert your eyes because it has been painful to look for a connection and see that itis not there. Most of you through the course of your lives, have found disappointment in seeking connection and finding that others are distracted or afraid to reach out to you. But now you are the ones who are not paying attention! At this point on the planet there are many humans who are awakening. You are awakening to Spirit, to your Divine Selves, and to the magic that is available in the world around you. You are all scared to look just in case no one is there to return the gaze. The fact is that you are all there ready to look at each other and then you both avert your eyes! Try staring just a little bit longer or notice the way that you, in your own unique way, tend to turn your gaze away quickly and stop the connection. There is nothing wrong with you for doing this. It was necessary to survive the years of separation. This month, make a conscious choice and turn your eyes back to see if someone is there. You will find this will happen most obviously and easily with children, but you will also find it with adults. It is time to reconnect. It is vital for the well-being of your entire human race that you reconnect with the people who exist in your reality — the people who are physically around you. Stop and look at them. Make a connection.

Are there any important days for us to know about during the month of November 2007?

Yes. November 3rd is like a flower blooming in time lapse photography. There is a blossoming energy on this day. Small things will become bigger on November 3rd. The day is an amplifier with a clear energy of the divine feminine, so that things may be amplified but with a strong dose of gentleness. The recommendation for this day is to relax, be passive and allow what needs to come up in your life to come. Be aware of your intentions and choices on this day. Anything you do on November 3rd will have a wider affect or greater consequences than you anticipate. It is a perfect day for planting seeds that you hope will flourish later.

The period between November 7th through 9th has a much sharper energy. In the words of astrology they have a strong Saturn influence, like an authoritarian calling you to task. Things that you have not been able to see clearly will likely become clear during November 7th through 9th. It is very possible that some things have been unclear because you did not want to see them. They might make you uncomfortable; they might lead you to ask questions that you cannot easily answer. On these days, those things will come into focus and you will have to work a lot harder to avoid them. We recommend that you use the clarity available to really look things in the eye and ask clarifying questions. If there is an interpersonal relationship that has been unclear for you, you might take these days to ask questions such as, ‘Who has the power in this situation?’ ‘Whose truth is honored more in this situation?’ ‘How happy do I feel in this situation?’ Ask questions that help you see it for what it is. Life can be much more clear for you during and after these days if you will strive to see things as they truly are, rather than as you wish them to be.

On November 11th you have a Stargate. A Stargate always opens you to the higher dimensions, and this one is specifically from the stellar energies that oversee Planet Earth. This is a perfect day to connect with your Spirit Guides or with your own sense of divinity, whether you label divinity as God, Goddess, a series of gods and goddesses,your own personal Spirit Guides, Mother Earth or whatever else. There is a huge potential for spiritual connection on this day. You may find that you are a little sleepier than usual or a little more‘spaced out’ than usual. If you can, plan ahead for yourself to have some free time on this day or plan your day to have tasks that do not require your full attention. November 17th has a very playful energy. You will be surrounded with opportunities to play, and play will give you huge momentum to move forward in your life in line with your intentions and with your higher good. It is like a day when the things you need, the things you want, and the things you think you shouldn’t want but want anyway, all intersect and you are allowed to have them all! The key to having them all on this day is to move toward playfulness. You can imagine that you are surrounded by fairies and sprites prodding you to wake up and play. Take note if you find yourself tripping or knocking things over; Spirit is trying to get your attention and remind you to stop working so hard and start playing. Your highest good will be served in silliness on this day and for a few days afterward.

The vibration of December will initiate at the end of November. We will speak of it now so that you are not surprised when you find that there is a great swelling of energy in December. Around the time of November 26th you will find a huge energy, almost like a vibrational tsunami. You are not likely to experience a physical tsunami. Instead, it is an overpowering swelling energy that is meant to move you into a more ecstatic version of yourselves. This swelling is all about Love. The more you have worked to find Self Love — to hold onto it, to foster it, to nourish it — the more ecstatic this experience will be. Throughout the month of November, take every opportunity you can to fall in love with yourself. Go beyond just healing and feel slightly better about yourselves than you usually do. Instead, behave in the way that you would if you were so in love with another person that you wanted to send them flowers or you wanted t ohold them all the time. Find a way to feel this for yourselves. The potential for Love in December is enormous. This swelling energy can also lead people to do some pretty big stuff, whether you see it as positive or negative, there is a big energy in December. Be the Light you can be on the planet by loving yourself as much as you can as you move into this swell. You are going to start to feel it around the 26th of November and we invite you to move into it and go with it– let yourselves fall apart or let things unravel if they need to in order to make space for your heart to open wider than it ever has before. While it is not a probability for most of you, for some of you it will be necessary that some things unravel so that your heart can get big enough to remember your true selves. Move into trust as you come into the month. Whatever ‘it’ is in your life, move into it and just go with it. You can trust that it is there for your highest good. You can trust that there is enormous Love available for you in it if you will enter each moment with an open heart.