Healing Diabetes



 Brenda Novak is an acclaimed best selling author by the New York Times. Every year she donates her time and effort to putting together an on line auction for the benefit of  diabetes research.

This year, I was approached by her wonderful assistant Lauren Hawkeye, who found me through Etsy. Lauren is a fan of handmade items, and asked me if I’d be interested in donating some items to the auction. I am delighted to be able to help a cause that is affecting  Americans and Native Americans in shocking numbers. I told her not only would I donate some items, but I would make some items geared specifically towards healing diabetes.

While I firmly believe that holistic cures are better then “band aid fixes”, I pray that divine guidance will inspire our medical association to a direction for the greater good of all.

If you are curious about my creations, you can visit my donations here:

The auctions start out at incredibly low prices, and among some of the goodies listed are vacations, literature, handmade jewelry, and much more! Be sure to browse around her site and take comfort in the fact that you are helping a great deal of people as you indulge yourself. Does it get any better then that?!

If you are interested in a custom healing adornment which is infused with Creators love, stop by my shop and drop me a note.  I will be happy to aid you in any way I can.


Many miraculous blessings and tons of love to you, Kat


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