Breast Cancer your doctor will call a bug bite.

No lumps and undectectable by mammograms this Breast Cancer is one even few doctors know about. Watch the video below to learn more and pass it on to all the women you know.

If you are suffering from this I urge you to contact a holistic doctor, often you have the power to cure yourself just knowing your symptoms.  Despite common belief WE know our bodies better then our doctors, don’t accept the death sentence they readily hand out! Also check out my blog posts:

 The Cure-all: Life saving info for those with “terminal” disease « Kat’s Musings


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  2. every woman and man should find out about this, it seems to be getting more common here lately.we seriously need to get back to the basics.

  3. Last night I feel a sleep around 10:00 PM woke up 1 hour later I think because my breast hurt. So I start feeling around for lumps and such and I said to myself I think a small spider or something bit me. Went to work today no real problems but after work I got this wierd feeling in my left breast. So now it’s tender just a about the size of a dime and is irritated by touch not hot or red yet. I get on the computer today to look up signs of breast cancer and found this site about IBC. Breast cancer is not in my family at all. Now after reading this I know I have to go to the DR ASAP tomorrow and not assume something bit me. That’s just the first thing that comes to mind. I happend to had taken a shower and I ended up falling asleep on my back with out clothes. When I woke up my left breast was irritated. The dime area has hardend as if there was a bite. I will update you on the out come.

    I’m soon to be 42 ( Dec 2008) and I haven’t had the breast exam as of yet. I’m happy that I read this because now I can get a breast exam and get checked for IBC at Kaiser. I wonder if they are aware of IBC’

    Thanks so much for spreading the word!

    • Wow, I just stumbled upon this site. I, too, woke out of a sleep with a sharp pain in my left breast! I thought I had pulled a muscle swimming. It did not go away and within 2 days, I went to my dr. who has referred me to get a mammo and ultrasound of the breast and to see a breast cancer specialist. I appreciate this information and will continue to follow this research.

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