New Moon in Pisces – 3/7/08

>>> “We don’t see things as they are-
>>> we see things as we are.” Anais Nin
>>> “Perfection is a road, not a destination.
>>> ****************************************************
>>> PHASE RIGHT NOW: are you making intentions?
>>> Making wish lists? Thinking about what SPECIFICALLY
>>> Would make you happy?
>>> A PISCES (dreams, intuition and visions) New moon
>>> And it happens on the 6th. Article on balsamic moon
>>> Is on my website for more information, please read it.
>>> ***************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> In Federal way, LEARN astrology by your own chart.
>>> *******************************************************
>>> Wednesday March 05, 2007 A BUSY and bright day
>>> Today the moon in Aquarius touches Learning (Mercury) at
>>> 6:06am. Then Venus (love) at 11:10am, and then
>>> At 1:46pm the moon touches Neptune (intuition)
>>> What a great day for me to begin a new class, and for
>>> You to step outside the box, and create new thoughts,
>>> New ideas and new visions for yourself and the world.
>>> At 1:46pm the moon moves v/c after a touch down
>>> On Neptune so illusions and dreams are strong and
>>> Intentions MAGICAL
>>> Today we enter the MAGICAL MYSTICAL DARK
>>> Of the moon or Balsamic moon phase (article on my
>>> Website about how to use the 2 days before the
>>> New moon ..
>>> Today carries new information; ground breaking shifts
>>> and some wonderful gifts if you listen observe and learn.
>>> Which will be our kiss (keep it simple sweetie)
>>> – Color today pink for love of all things
>>> – Use rose quartz for the same and to help love yourself more
>>> – oil of cedar to clear your mind and space
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> Thursday February 06, 2008
>>> For creating your wishes for that new moon tomorrow.
>>> Today with the moon into Pisces at 2:53am I bet you had
>>> Some wild dreams last night? We begin the day with some
>>> Strong and powerful energy towards intuition and feelings.
>>> Mars the planet of action, now in Cancer and retracking
>>> Where it has traveled in your chart for the last 90 days
>>> Reconnects with the moon in Pisces and things can seem
>>> Much bigger and more important than they really are.
>>> 10:21am as the moon opposes Saturn you may find something
>>> Slipped through the cracks and has to be done over again, but
>>> The energy is there now to do it much better.
>>> At 11:04am as the Sun and Jupiter play well together
>>> MORE IS the name of this day.
>>> GOOD: or not so Good JUPITER is super sizing
>>> The day as the moon in PISCES
>>> Encourages our imagination. GOOD or not so good?
>>> Remember just because you think it , does not mean
>>> It is true.and at 4:03pm as Venus the planet of
>>> Material and physical love touches Neptune the planet
>>> Of higher consciousness love, we have a romantic evening
>>> For lovers, and those of you who want to be lovers.
>>> Sit down tonight and DREAM YOUR LIFE, create
>>> Your life and how you want it to be. WRITE IT down
>>> And go to sleep reading it..over and over..what can
>>> It hurt? AND I have seen this come true for so many..
>>> And tonight is magic, remember..
>>> – Color today green for healing
>>> – Peridot for the same or amber to ground and
>>> connect you to your own wisdom & helps you manifest
>>> – Oil of rose for love
>>> And the kiss for today is get going and use today to
>>> see more clearly into our own inner issues TLC is
>>> the kiss for today. TLC in all that you do.
>>> TENDER loving Care.. AND please
>>> Make those intentions tonight. PLEASE:::
>>> Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
>>> by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
>>> So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
>>> Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
>>> Discover. -Mark Twain
>>> *********************************************************
>>> BEGIN TO make those intentions and wishes and LETS
>>> create our desires.Instead of living in someone else’s
>>> Ideas of our lives, lets dream our own lives..and begin
>>> By writing it down..GET IT CLEAR:::Only when you
>>> Are clear do you get exactly what you want.
>>> Daydreams are fertile ground for the imagination.
>>> While daydreaming rational thought goes out the
>>> window, so new perspectives can find their way in.
>>> – Linda Naiman (Dynamic Graphics
>>> Magazine Dec/Jan 03)
>>> *******************************************************
>>> NEW MOON FRIDAY March 7th
>>> 9:14am at 18 degrees of Pisces PST
>>> The new moon this Morning at 17 degrees of Pisces asks that
>>> We BELIEVE and get the VISION of what we want in order to
>>> Create our life. After spending Tuesday night with a group in
>>> Seattle Listening to DEEPAK CHOPRA I really think that we
>>> Are all on the same page.. The things we desire are all there,
>>> We just limit ourselves with pain, fear and things which we
>>> Have been told. And now it is time to
>>> Believe, dream and connect into the energy of the ALL and
>>> It is there. Whatever it is for you and this moon
>>> certainly asks That we do this and more.
>>> At 1:05am the planet Mars (remember this planet is still
>>> In that retrograde pattern) Makes an OPPOSITION TO
>>> Pluto in Capricorn. TIME TO DO THE WORK is here:
>>> 7/54am the moon makes a WONDERFUL aspect with
>>> Jupiter Faith and luck, also in Capricorn.. (more work,
>>> Yep) but maybe the dream can do some of the work for us?
>>> 9:14am the sun and MOON touch (sun the light and now)
>>> Moon our emotions and the past (in Pisces) asking that
>>> We bring dreams forward and bring them into the LIGHT:
>>> 11:03am the moon makes a v/c or times out after touching
>>> Could not make this up. Look on an astrology calendar and
>>> You see this and more. WOWOWOWOOW:::
>>> – Color today your dreams favorite color
>>> – Kiss for today, is begin now to plant the seeds
>>> Of KNOWING you can do your dream, and
>>> If you do not know your dream, that today you
>>> Will begin to LOOK for it and it will find you:
>>> – I shall use RELEASE TO let go of all that holds me
>>> Back from my joy
>>> – The stone of choice for this moon would be for me
>>> Personally something grounding like Amber, agate,
>>> Obsidian.IF you need lightening up and want to
>>> GET INTO THIS FLOW? Pearls from the ocean,
>>> Lapis Lazuli to remember your Sacred soul.
>>> Golden topaz to light a fire under you..
>>> Or anything that feels safe and empowering.You know
>>> I NEVER recommend opals or moonstone don’t you? IF you
>>> Are strong and brave and courageous and fearless, those are
>>> your stones. IF Not? Then lets leave those until WE are all
>>> of the above which will be VERY SOON, right?
>>> There are no accidents.there is only some purpose
>>> that we haven’t yet understood. – Deepak Chopra
>>> *************************************************
>>> ******************************************************
>>> REMEMBER NEW MOONS are seed planting and for
>>> The Seattle area this chart for this new moon has:
>>> And inner connection.
>>> *****************************************************
>>> *******************************************************
>>> (if you do not know or want to know astrology skip this)
>>> Taurus rising with the chart ruler VENUS the planet of
>>> LOVE IN AQUARIUS in the 10th house of how we are
>>> Seen and career. Sitting next to North node (what we
>>> Need to learn, Neptune (intuition) Mercury thoughts
>>> And Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius, which
>>> Is kind of the break the rules which do not work for
>>> The good of the all sign.
>>> Vesta: Sacred connection, the moon, the Sun, Uranus all in
>>> Pisces in the 11th house. HOW many of you got onto Oprahs
>>> New free Group? You are already seeing this chart working
>>> In people who are there to help you in groups.
>>> With CERES (Unconditional love and nurturing in Taurus
>>> In the 12th house of the unconscious mind) and
>>> The PART OF FORTUNE (the g spot) there also in
>>> Taurus. GET Out.connect with nature and
>>> Realize that we have the potential to do
>>> Just what we believe we can do .
>>> But PLUTO and JUNO in the 8th house in this
>>> MOVE FORWARD) and Jupiter (faith) in the 9th house
>>> Of Higher power says, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU IF YOU
>>> BELIEVE IN ME .(whatever higher power is to you)
>>> ********************************************************
>>> How to be happier?
>>> Decrease your willingness to endure
>>> discomfort. — Abraham-Hicks
>>> ********************************
>>> Saturday March 08, 2008 Now we are asked to do the work
>>> The moon moved v/c at 11:03am yesterday setting the stage for
>>> A time of transformation with that New moon. Things begin
>>> To heat up today at 6:23am when the moon moves into
>>> Fiery Aries and many of us will be doing the
>>> THIS anymore thing)
>>> Challenges from the moon in Aries which wants us to
>>> Take care of ourselves first, please, thank you. To Pluto
>>> (transformation) At 8am and Mars (actions) at 8:45am
>>> Ask that with these rough aspects (SQUARES) in astrology
>>> Lingo.
>>> Today We are asked to solve problems to FIRST SHIFT
>>> our positions to see from another Way. NOT the other
>>> Persons way. Just be willing to see it differently. Deepak
>>> Said the most wonderful thing. HE said my least favorite
>>> Word and made it into MAGIC:
>>> he said
>>> “ONLY in uncertainty can we find the Brilliance
>>> Of creativity and new ideas” So, lets be ok with being
>>> UNCERTAIN today and know that we do not know
>>> It all and that is OK:
>>> At 12:19pm the sun touches Uranus (change) Remember
>>> Last night at 11:03pm the moon touched this planet
>>> (moon was emotions) the sun today is the LIGHT shining
>>> On change. which could make this a wonderful day
>>> If we are ok with uncertainty.
>>> – What you do or are today is nothing compared to what
>>> you can be or do tomorrow is our KISS of the month..
>>> – Color today purple for spiritual connection
>>> – Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self
>>> – Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you
>>> “Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” –
>>> Meister Eckhart, 13th-century mystic
>>> *****************************************************
>>> URANUS are both about REVOLUTION: SO be ready
>>> For some wonderful new things to happen this next
>>> Year: WITH eclipses in Aquarius and the NORTH NODE
>>> there, we are truly in the TIME OF AQUARIUS
>>> ****************************************************
>>> Sunday March 09, 2008 CLOCKS SPRING FORWARD PLEASE
>>> Today the Moon in Aries plays nicer with other planets
>>> Than it did yesterday. At 12:53am we had the planet
>>> Of linear and logical ideas touch Neptune ..the planet of
>>> NON Linear ideas.. WILD Dreams should have been the
>>> Outcome for some of us.
>>> At 11:52am the moon makes a Square to Jupiter. Jupiter
>>> In Capricorn says you can do it if you work for it. The moon
>>> In Aries says “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW”
>>> 9:16pm brings another great Neptune aspect and 11:01pm
>>> Mercury gets into the act with a great aspect of connection,
>>> And vision and this just could be the night to have that special
>>> Talk with someone and share your visions for your future.
>>> Magical energy this last few days: READ my March overview
>>> For these magical days and more on my website…
>>> STAY LIGHT ON YOUR FEET; it will all change
>>> within an hour anyway:
>>> – Color today white for purity of thoughts and actions
>>> – Use pearls and lapis lazuli for the same
>>> – Oil of Idaho Tansy to fight cold and infections,
>>> strengthens the heart, kidneys, joints and digestive system
>>> *******************************************************
>>> These were sent to me this week by
>>> JoyRae Freeman 206-417-8778
>>> Master Healer, Spiritual Warrior,
>>> Radio Producer, Matchmaker, Writer, Teacher/Coach
>>> When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
>>> a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from
>>> many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their
>>> actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
>>> They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow
>>> — Old Native American Prophecy
>>> (personally I think we are here don’t you?)
>>> “There are no passengers on spaceship earth.
>>> We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan
>>> Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love alone.
>>> This is an eternal law.– Buddha
>>> ************************************************
>>> Monday March 10, 2008
>>> Happy Monday as we shift gears at 4:09am and
>>> The moon IN ARIES moves v/c or times out until 9:14am
>>> when it will enter Taurus .The v/c is ruled by a
>>> Great aspect with VENUS (what we love) so this one
>>> Should not be a problem.
>>> With lots happening of a very
>>> Good nature Astrologically today should carry you
>>> forward in your Projects and you should find the
>>> energy more stable.
>>> A GOOD MONDAY I think.
>>> After 9:14am when the moon enters Taurus we have
>>> Building and not so great for changing peoples minds.
>>> So concentrate today on building the ship, and if possible
>>> wait for another day to reconstruct the building plans
>>> Planets playing well today are 4am the moon and
>>> VENUS . 10:53am the Moon and Pluto (transformation)
>>> 12:47pm the moon and Mars (action) and 3:43pm the
>>> moon and Saturn. HARD WORK PAYS OFF TODAY
>>> – Color today Green for healing
>>> – Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect
>>> you to your path
>>> – Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the
>>> Blues and is called the SECURITY OF SELF stone
>>> – Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and
>>> physical energy
>>> Kiss for today is DO the work and get the reward. or
>>> Make the plans to do the work, lots of very good and
>>> Practical energy is available for us this Monday ..
>>> Honesty and optimism are great, but they require
>>> your physical and emotional commitment to transform
>>> them into something tangible. Be a planner now because
>>> your use of time and energy can make the
>>> difference between success and failure.
>>> Is a GREAT kiss for Today also..
>>> *******************************************
>>> (COME To Everett tonight to learn about your
>>> PRENATAL Eclipse or get a cd if you cannot come)
>>> RSVP AT LEAST 48 hours prior please.
>>> Tuesday March 11, 2008
>>> Think outside the box to build your dream
>>> Today the moon in Taurus is working hard to connect
>>> you To faith (Jupiter) and we have until 10:58pm
>>> tonight another hard Work day as REENFORCEMENTS
>>> have arrived to help us build. Remember we have
>>> a Grand trine of Earth energy for the next 2 and 1/2
>>> years. AND each month when the MOON IS IN AN EARTH
>>> SIGN you have MORE MAGIC TO help you achieve clarity
>>> if you desire it?
>>> 10:58pm tonight the moon makes a rough aspect with
>>> Neptune. I see this as I must change my ways of working
>>> (MOON IN TAURUS) to get my vision (Neptune)
>>> The next couple of days are great for communication
>>> So use this time to set those NEW MOON intents.
>>> Want a job, use the next 48 hours to reconnect or
>>> Connect with prospective employers, want to rework
>>> A relationship, an idea?
>>> So how about you Use this time to connect and you will
>>> Be amazed how the Sky is cooperating with us if we
>>> Are willing to GET OUT OF THE BOX our minds
>>> Put us in with all those excuses..
>>> Not enough time???
>>> Don’t say you don’t have enough time.
>>> You have exactly the same number of hours
>>> per day that were given to Helen Keller,
>>> Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa,
>>> Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson,
>>> and Albert Einstein.
>>> H. Jackson Brown
>>> AND HOW MANY OF YOU know that I did not write my
>>> First astrology article until I was 53 years old? OR do my
>>> First lecture until then? I know time is scarce but remember
>>> That your VALUES are where you put your time. What
>>> Are your values? AND where does that time go? Lets put
>>> It into US ..ok?
>>> and please remember it is NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN
>>> YOUR HEARTS JOY and to begin to help change yourself
>>> and by doing that. TO CHANGE THE WORLD::::
>>> “Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure:
>>> where your treasure, there your heart; where
>>> your heart, there your happiness.”
>>> Saint Augustine
>>> Color today whatever the heck speaks to your OWN TRUTH:
>>> And use the stone of the same.for me I shall use:::.
>>> – Color Peach for love and passion
>>> – Stones, Citrine, Ruby and other passionate stones work
>>> well today OR if you are visionary? Today is the day to
>>> get out the MYSTIC stuff Labradorite, Moonstone, Opals,
>>> Crystal Balls and other visual stones as we have practical
>>> magic mixed with Faith and spiritual connection
>>> these stones ONLY IF You feel disconnected from source
>>> and are FEARLESS) As these stones amplify connections
>>> to others and INCREASE whatever you have going on.
>>> I am always amazed at the tearful clients i have sitting
>>> there draped in Moonstone or some other YIN STONE:
>>> Remember GOLD IS YANG and SILVER IS YIN or
>>> receptive…. if you are too receptive Silver and
>>> the above stones are not your cup of tea..
>>> For myself personally..I shall use RUBY or citrine.
>>> WOOS that
>>> I am.I always am blocking energy rather than trying to
>>> Connect in to it.Unless it is nature, or the ocean, people
>>> carry their energy on them, and not many of us can handle
>>> our own stuff…much less picking up too much from others.
>>> (AND that said) I got ill at a group recently hooking
>>> into someone who was having labor pains. AND I HAD
>>> THEM…and they HURT::: lol….. today i shall use…
>>> – Oil of Myrrh for spiritual connection and ecology
>>> for all you manifest
>>> – Kiss if you work hard, you get great results today
>>> – The oil for me today will be THEIVES as I am
>>> In a large group in Everett. See you there?
>>> “The blessings for which we hunger are not to be
>>> found in other places or people. These gifts
>>> can only be given to you by yourself.
>>> They are at home in the hearth of your soul.
>>> “- John O’Donohue
>>> *******************************************************


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