Russell Means and The Republic of Lakota

I would like to point out that we are all human beings here on this earth. We all have our own stengths, weaknesses, faults, motives and dreams that enable us to learn our lessons here upon mother earth.

I believe the video above speaks of Russell’s dreams. The article below will show you a little more about Russell and his character. I ask that you keep an open mind and not judge this man. Recognize that he, like us, is human and reaching toward his dreams.  ~Kat

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  1. Hi Russell, As a white American I’m deeply saddened and troubled by the way our government has treated your people. They have failed to live up to the words found in our constitution and bill of rights. To this very day they are removing our freedoms one by one. I firmly believe you have every right to reclaim your land and way of life. Rest assured that many Americans (of all races) are wonderful people who simply don’t understand or know of all the problems facing your people. Many will openly support you once word gets out and the internet will make sure it does. Your promise of freedom within the Republic of Lakota is very appealing. I predict it will grow into one of the greatest nations on the face of the earth providing those principles of freedom you outlined are strictly adhered to. What you have to say makes much more sense than anything we hear from our current group of 3 presidential candidates. I know you have your hands full but if you decide to run as an Independent you will have my vote! God Bless you Russell and all of your great people. May they live free in the land of their fathers forever!

  2. I promise freedom on my land too. Wanna join in?! Everyones idea of freedom is different. Iraqi’s thought they had freedom under Saddam Hussein. nazi’s thought they had freedom under Hitler. The list goes on. Right now some people are so desperate for a change in things they do not stop to realize the reality to it all. That the very cause they may be supporting because it sounds good, could also be a HUGE undermine to what they currently have. And not for the better. They have stated they have NO plans for security for this new nation. Do you want to live in a nation that has NO security?! (They have stated they will not have security.) They also are currently decieving people by trying to get them to believe the nation already exists. (On their official site it even makes those claims.) It DOESN’T. Unless you live on the reservation (which has horrible living conditions), you are still under U.S. rule and law. Do you really want to follow people that have no interest in your security and that are ALREADY deceiving you?! Think about it. Is that your idea of freedom?! And it hasn’t even started yet. Also, less than half of the Lakota live on the rez. That should also say something. They are trying to live in a world that no longer exists. And its guaranteed the minute the U.S. would consider any terrosist actions coming from the Republic (mainly because of those that have immigrated there that have anti-U.S. agendas and are using the Republic as a launching pad against the U.S.), that the U.S. will absorb it. And this time, there will be no reservations there as they gave up those rights. Some people are jumping on this without even knowing what is going on or doing their homework into it. They just go by the “I want freedom”… and “poor Lakota” mentality. Thats the worse way to go about it.

  3. A few points on like to make on the above post.
    1. When you are doing nothing wrong there is no need for security. When you learn to lose your fear, and trust in God, Creator, what ever you want to call it you will see there is no reason for hostility.
    2. Reality is a state of perception. What you deem as real, another may see as absurd. Yet we are all entitled to our own realities.
    3. Just because something does not exist according to your ideas of existance does not mean they do not exist. There ARE bands of people working together to try and be the change they desire. What are you doing to improve life on earth for humanity?
    4. Yes, less then half the lakota live on the rez and that SHOULD say something. It SHOULD say that it’s time to create an opportunity for a better life on the rez. It SHOULD point out that folks should not need to leave their families to create a living above poverty level. It SHOULD make us wonder why it’s so hard for new businesses and opportunities to be opened on the rez. It SHOULD say a lot of things, however this comes right back to perception again.
    I do not believe they are trying to live in a world which does not exist, but rather create a better world for us to live in. See comment 3 again.
    5. As for the US absorbing the nation, this sounds like a fear based comment to me. See comment 1.

  4. Hell yeah rock on! I personally recognize the sovereignty of The Independent Republic of Lakota. Keep fighting the good fight!!!

  5. hello

    i am from Belgium
    and you are not alone, in Belgium are many people who believe in your Indians and many people in Belgium want you can freely walk around in your own country. I myself am from Indian blood, ask me not how? where I do not know …… I love nature and the spiritual as the Indians. sometimes I have visions like the Indians. do not give up a lot of people believe in you. greetings from Belgium

  6. Hello Mr. Means – I support you and The Republic of Lakota, 100%! I started my own organization a few years ago to help children on Indian Reservations called, The Caring League. The one of many sad parts to this as I live on the east coast, is that when I tell someone about the conditions of indian reservations, they don’t believe me or they say, “The Government takes care of them”, I mean really! They don’t even want to learn what Native people go through on a day to day basis. I wish I could do more for all Native people everywhere. Let me know what I can do to help The Republic of Lakota. Thanks!


    Means was arrested in Chine on Dec. 29, charged with battery against Leon Grant, his father-in-law. Bellecourt, a national representative to AIM’s Grand Governing Council, said the alleged battered showed disrespect for elders. AIM is a spiritual movement, working for a rebirth of traditional Indian spiritualism, teaching and values. As such, “…We highly revere and respect our elders,” Bellecourt said. “People that connect this act with the American Indian Movement would be misled if they didn’t understand that those are some very serious concerns.”

  8. I grieve about Indians and very much I would want that your rights have been restored.
    Would be the big pleasure for me and other people in our country to see you free.
    Russia with you.

  9. Russell Means is a criminal thug, who brutalized his 80-year-old father-in-law.

    Pretty “spiritual”…

    He wants an independent “Republic of Lakota” he’s going to have to fight us for it, and we will have no qualms about stomping him into a mudhole in the prairie.

    • Yes, Russell is a human. Humans make mistakes, and have issues. It is part of our growing and learning. Hopefully!

      This post is not meant to endorse him, but to spread the idea. To plant a seed within minds that a self sustaining lifestyle, in harmony with the earth is achievable in the US. I don’t care who starts it. My hope in sharing this post is that it will ignite some sparks across the US, and people will stand up for our mother, and our future generations.

      It is time to put hate, judgement, and hurts aside. It is time to focus on sharing our knowledge and joining together, as we have done for thousands of years.

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