All About Star People

Starpeople come from physical and non physical galaxies and took on
Earthly lives to spread kindness on an “as needed” basis. Their
collective niceness helps to defuse the anger, stress and rage that
could lead to nuclear war. If Earth is destroyed, the negative
effects will ripple through many galaxies. The Starperson’s
assignment, then, is to prevent nuclear war at any cost. The main
avenue for this lofty goal is through the expression of kindness and
common decency to others — a domino effect of sorts.

On any given day, Starpeople calmly smile as they perform unselfish
deeds for those whom they meet. Those whom they help barely notice
them, yet Starpeople don’t perform acts of service in order to gain
accolades. Such deeds are an innate necessity to them — as if some
sort of inner programming compels them to act. They aren’t concerned that people rarely thank them.

Starpeople are everywhere that kindness is needed. They are grocery
store checkers, postal clerks, bank tellers, and customer service
agents. With their wallflower looks and personalities Starpeople
prefer to stay “behind the scenes”. Their mission doesn’t call for high
visibility. Quite the contrary: Starpeople are “undercover do-
gooders” who hope no one notices them.

This is the first Earthly life for many Starpeople. And because this
planet is so violent, emotionally and physically, Starpeople often
feel overwhelmed and wish to return home. After all, Earth is one of
the most turbulent planets in the Universe, and, in fact, the Universal powers have us quarantined so that we won’t harm other planets. Earth is considered as volatile as a teenager on steroids wielding a loaded gun.

Since it would upset most people to receive intervention from ETs —
no matter how benevolent they might be — these mighty and gentle
beings elected to take human form and walk among us. On the inside,
they’re the same as anyone else: beautiful sparks of Divine light
made from -the same Creator. Yet because they’ve spent their
lifetimes in non-Earthly locales. Starpeople may seem odd in
behavior or looks.

Socially awkward due to their inexperience with Earth life,
Starpeople may feel rejected by others. Many of the Starpeople interviewed for this book reported a history of being viciously teased in childhood, and sometimes in adulthood as well.

These experiences make the Starperson especially homesick for a
planet where they fit in and know the rules of social engagement.
Starperson Linda recalls, “When I was a teenager, I used to sit in my
front yard and pray for a UFO to come and take me away, to take me

In a similar vein, Starperson Scott says, “Metaphorically, I’ve had
my bags packed and have been ready to go home all my life. I’d
prefer to work from the other side as a guide. I can remember being
on another planet before coming here and being asked to participate
in this planet’s current drama.”

Starpeople often have distinctive physical characteristics that set
them apart. Rarely average height, most male Starpeople are tall and thin; with the female Starpeople being small in stature, with either thin or heavyset bodies. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, the Starpeople’s bodies — like their lives — are usually out of the norm in both height and weight.

Starpeople’s faces can be long and thin, especially if they have
tall, slender bodies. Starpeople who are petite have rounder faces.
It appears that the planet of origin may influence their specific
physical characteristics.

Across the board, Starpeople have unusually shaped and colored eyes.
It’s common for Starpeople to have crescent moon-shaped eyes, like an inverted U. Their eyes are often gray, green or black-brown, and seem to glow from within, as if they have bright lights behind them.
Starpeople may also have rings of lighter color around their pupils.

Since Starpeople don’t like to call attention to themselves, they
dress for comfort and practicality, instead of for fashion or show.
Female Starpeople wear a minimum of makeup and don’t like to fuss
with their hair. Even a Starperson surveyed who’s a professional hairdresser  told me that she doesn’t spend much time on her own hair color or style!

Starpeople have paradoxical personalities: On the one hand, they’re
eager to assist people without being asked. Yet, they also seem
guarded and distant and may be perceived as “cold”. They’re here to be helpful, without needing to get deeply involved in the process of feelings and emotions, which are foreign to them.

No astrological pattern was apparent among the Starpeople surveyed,
perhaps because they originated from a wide array of planets. And,
interestingly, there aren’t as many famous people who are Starpeople
because of their love of staying behind the scenes. A Starperson
would be more likely to direct a movie than star in it. Yet, Oprah Winfrey and Keanu Reeves are reputed to be Starpeople with high-minded purposes who are using the media as their vehicle to teach. Many believe that the film The Matrix, starring Reeves, contained a timely message warning us of technological dependency.
Many Starpeople wonder what their life’s purpose is and are relieved
to find out that it involves being helpful on an ongoing and
nonspecific basis–in other words, to help in whatever way is necessary. There is no one specific “job” or “task” that they need to perform during their lifetimes as long as they’re doing their best to transform human frowns into smiles.

Starperson Kath says, “It feels as if I was placed here to be
available for helping anyone or anything that needs my assistance. Not a day goes by without someone needing my help in one form or another. It has been frustrating because I’ve never felt like I had a “true purpose”. Kath was relieved to discover that her continual acts of kindness and helpfulness do, in fact, represent her purpose.

Connections with Home

Most Starpeople have interests in UFOs, life on other planets, space
travel, and ETs. They love the Start Trek TV series (both old and
new), works of science fiction, and anything else that relates to
these themes and topics. They completely relate to the movies K-Pax
and Man Facing Southeast, two films about Starpeople in human bodies who were diagnosed as delusional because they spoke the truth about their non-Earthly origins and were put into mental institutions.

As children, Starpeople find that they have an intuitive understand
of spirituality. Many of them eschew traditional religion because it
seems too restrictive compared to their understanding of the
vastness of Spirit. Starperson Tery says, “I always thought of God as a Universal Intelligence that is way bigger than what conventional churches made claim to”. This wisdom was most likely gained from many lifetimes of high-level awareness and experience.

Many Starpeople recall being, or believe that they were, aboard a
spacecraft in this lifetime. Several of the Starpeople surveyed even
knew their planet of origin. Of course, this isn’t material normally
discussed in polite company. Remember that these are very ordinary-
looking people who know that they aren’t from Earth. They’re
everyone’s next door neighbors, co-workers, and such, which makes reading their stories even more fascinating. Here are a few of them:

Mary Kay: Through guided visualization, I was taken on a trip to find
my home. Jesus came forth as my guide. We went deep into the earth,
then all of a sudden, we were up in the sky. We ended up at a really
bright star, so bright that I couldn’t see anyone. There, I felt the
love I’d been searching for my entire life. When I asked where I
was, I immediately heard the word Sirius… and I had never heard
that word, or of that star, before.

Linda: I’ve always felt like I came from Pleiades. I don’t even know
how to spell it. As to why I feel like I come from there, I don’t
really know why. It’s just a feeling that I have.

Scott: I know that I spent my last lifetime on a planet call Zeron.
As best I can recall, I tended the forests there. I had a rather large
head and was very tall. It was a planet to go rest and relax between
lessons. It was very beautiful and green, quite lush. I was having a
good time there.

Beings who live on other planets have much longer life expectancies
than Earth beings. This is due to physiological differences in their
bodies. In addition, they don’t undergo the stress, pollution, and
toxic diets that create wear and tear on Earthly bodies. Actually,
many ETs have nonphysical bodies on other planets because that’s what’s best for their mission at that time. But the main reason why beings on other planets have extended lives is that the longer someone lives, the more can be learned.

So, a lifetime on another planet might equate to three or four
lifetimes here on Earth. That’s why some Starpeople choose to have two or more Earthly lives during their “assignment” here. They’re still Starpeople because most of their souls’ history has been spent on non-Earthly soil.

When Starpeople undergo a past-life regression, the memories may not be their own. Author and past life regressionist Dolores Cannon made this remarkable discovery while working with a client named Phil. During regressions, Phil recalled various earthly lives. Then he remembered being on a planet quite different from Earth.

Through a series of regressions, Dolores found that this was actually
Phil’s first lifetime on Earth. However, he “borrowed” past life
memories from a sort of spiritual library. These borrowed memories of other Earthly lives helped to insulate and buffer Phil as he adapted
to the harsh and dense Earth environment. Without these past-life
memories, Earth’s violence, competition, and greed would have
shocked Phil’s system. Dolores writes about Phil and his experiences as a Starperson in her brilliant book, Keepers of the Garden (Ozark Mountain Publishers)

Even though many Starpeople feel abandoned by their home planets, as if they were dropped off here on Earth without any say in the matter, they still retain connections to home. It’s common for Starpeople to have ETs as their spirit guides. They also have etheric cords reaching to starships. And Starpeople frequently soul travel to
their home planets or starships during dreamtime or meditative sojourns.

Energy Work and Sensitivity

All of the Earth Angel realms report extreme sensitivity to energy
from crowds, people and places. Yet, the Starpeople realm is the most apt to study energy healing and make a career of it. In fact, it’s amazing how many Starpeople make a living using their hands, whether through energy work, or via tactile occupations such as landscaping, construction, hair styling, manicuring, massage, and assembly line work.

Reiki seems to be the number one choice for energy healing work among Starpeople. This may be because Reiki energy originated from the Pleiades as a gift to Earth beings. It’s interesting that Reiki
energy clairvoyantly looks like thin bands of rainbow stripes, and this is also how the auras of Starpeople appear (which are visible on aura
photos). They look like poles sticking vertically out of the Starperson’s
body, like hairs standing on end.

Starpeople and Relationships

Starpeople may be born to non-Starpeople parents. These parents might not even be from any realm of the Earth Angels. As a result, the family is not able to relate to the Starperson child, and the boy or girl
ends up feeling disconnected from the birth family. Starperson Kathy
recalls, “As a child, I constantly felt alone and different, even
though I had five siblings.”

Indeed, most planets don’t have the birth and family systems of Earth
life. Elsewhere, it’s common for beings to be birthed in
laboratories, a la “test tube baby” process. The emotional bonding that occurs in families here on Earth is alien to other planets as well. This is one reason why Starpeople may be perceived as friendly but distant.
They’re helpful, yet there’s a certain degree of underlying coldness that’s evident if someone attempts to create a close bond. And no wonder: Starpeople are task oriented, not relationship oriented. They have a job to do, and they aren’t geared toward making relationships their top priority.

Starperson Scott says: Realizing that I was a Starperson was a
validation that has helped me to accept some of my colder traits, and
the distance I sometimes feel toward others”.

Starperson Terry has had a similar realization: “I’m different in a
way that may don’t understand. I feel like an outsider and very much of a loner. Most of the time, I’d rather be alone than with a group of
people and their issues.”

Being with other Starpeople is a way to feel accepted. Linda says “My
husband is a Starperson like me, and because of this, we connect 100

Linda’s husband is 12 years younger than she is, and it seems that
many female Starperson have relationships with younger men. Typically, female Starpeople say, ” I know that this man is from my home planet”. Sometimes this age difference interferes with building a fully committed love relationship. It seems that male Starpeople may have come to Earth several years after the females.

When Starpeople do marry, they have very few children. Many
Starpeople skip having children altogether.

Handling Earth Life

As mentioned earlier, Starpeople are extra sensitive to violence. All
of the Earth Angel realms report an aversion toward violence and
conflict. However. of all the realms, Starpeople seem to be the most
repulsed by fighting in any form. Most Starpeople surveyed told me
that they don’t watch, listen to, or read the news because it upsets them too much.

The Starpeople see an eventual end to violence… if peace-loving men
and women will take a stance in the form of prayer. In the meantime,
Starpeople stay faithfully at their Earthly posts, being nice guys
and gals in everyday situations. Yet, deep down, they’re homesick for the peaceful life they once knew.

Starpeople who have learned how to handle Earth life say that it
helps to connect with others in their realm. They’re not difficult to spot if you look for telltale physical characteristics. Or you can be sure to find them near the ocean. Every single Starperson surveyed said that living near water, especially the ocean was a must.

Life Path Work for Starpeople

Starpeople are multitaskers and may not settle on one particular
career as their life’s mission. They may, instead, dabble with several
careers consecutively or simultaneously. Starpeople make wonderful Reiki Masters, energy healers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and
physical therapists. THey also enjoy research, engineering, and support staff work. However, the Starpeople must believe in the goals of the company they work for or they’ll be miserable in their jobs. Starpeople are kind, hardworking, and efficient, yet wrongly perceived as being aloof or cold. THey also prefer to be behind the scenes. Therefore, they’re better off doing solo work than being a spokesperson or a front office employee.

Source: Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

Cosmic energy update for 10-10-10 and the rest of the year can be found here.


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  1. Thank You for helping me see me Kim

  2. Thank you! This makes so much sense and will help me relax and just be nice and helpful without feeling like an idiot. It also explains the distantness I feel and the sense of abandonment. Blessings! e

  3. This was so informative. This page was exactly what I have been looking for. I was wondering what my purpose might be here. I feel that there is something I have to do. It is such a relief to know that I just have to continue being nice. Also, unlike many of my friends, I have never been in a fist fight. I hate voilence. Although I don’t know which planet I came from it sure is something to think about.

  4. it all makes sense and I feel truly blessed that I am not alone. I believe I have come from Sirius. I can relate to most of the star people criteria. Now I can stop searching for my path because I am already doing it.

    • hi
      i have been told i am also from sirius & the description certainly describes me perfectly. i know many ppl have some feelings or memories of where they are from, i dont, but everything i’ve read about certainly describes me better than anything else.
      thanks for sharing, its nice to know ur not alone

  5. *great sigh of relief*
    Anyone interested in chatting about life as a non-Earthling? I’d love to speak with someone else who understands!!!

    Blessings to Us All

    • love to chat

      • Wow. Im so glad I found this site.

        I wish I could go home.

        I feel every single thing this planet and humanity feels.
        Except I feel it as I walk past people.
        I never watch the news or read news papers as it makes me either cry or feel physically ill,
        I find it impossible to form any sort of emotional bond with anyone, including my own children.
        I have always felt out of place.
        People often comment on the intensity in my eyes and my odd behavior.
        I know I don’t belong here but I have to make things better.
        Just good to know there are others like me.

    • yes! i would love to meet more who feel the same way..

    • Love to chat!

    • I completely know how you feel, I have been feeling like i dont belong for a long time, I am very gifted and i got made fun of since i was a child, I have been wanted to set up a meet up so people that are starpeople, healers lightworkers can get together at my home or coffee shop and talk about their gifts, there is alot of people so far that i have encountered here in arizona so far that feel alone and they want to talk if you are interested in this meet up email me at

    • If anyone would like to contact me, my email address is I am a star seed from Pleiades and have created a circle on Earth of like minded souls. We gather together to discuss life on Earth. We have Pleiadians, Lemurians, Arcturians, etc etc etc. I would very much like to talk to other planetary souls, as I feel a strong disconnect on Earth with all of the violence and disregard for all sentients and the environment, human & animal suffering. with love & blessings, peace, love & harmony, Alison

    • Julia. Je ne sais pas de quelle nationalité tu es. Moi je suis Belge et vit en France. Je viens de comprendre beaucoup de choses sur ma personnalité ,grâce à un ami qui m’a aidée ; Je suis comme toi et depuis mes 11 ans je ne me sens pas d ‘ici mais d’une autre “étoile”. je pensais avoir juste trop d’imagination et je me trompais. Il y a quelque chose en nous de différent. Je ne sais pas si je peux laisser une adresse email sur ce site?. J’espère recevoir de tes nouvelles. Michèle

  6. Wow. I truly feel better now. I’m not that old yet not young. And I’ve always felt like I wasn’t like everyone else. I love to help people and never really understood why. Just want to.
    This is exactly what I believe and I’m glad I’m not alone. Though I’m not sure exactly where in the universe I’m from.. I just know its not here.

    Blessings to everyone and Thank You!

  7. Oh my gosh…this article sounds almost exactly like me…explains my sense of disconnection to my family, and sense of abandonment, sense of feeling like I don’t belong here and wanting to go “home”, wherever that may be…. I often ask myself “why did I come here?” and have stated that “I’m never coming back”….but I didn’t quite know exactly what that meant until tonight during a Reiki II certification training I was told by my instructor that I was a Star Seed…I came home and found this article on the net…IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW! THANK YOU! I’d LOVE to chat with other star people about this! I have checked “notify me of follow up comments via email” if you are so inclined to respond to this message and want to chat…

    • hey.. yep.. i would love to talk about this.. ive done a reiki 2 too..but couple of years back….and after a lot of research find so much relation to the atr people.. its unmistakable.. is there any way i can know for sure?

    • good evening, i read your message, I am been going through this since i was 17years old i am 45 now but i know i am not from here, I know when earth quakes will happen I am an animal communicator and i see the animals that crossed over i am very gifted since i was a child, i would like to start a meetup group at coffee shop or my home and talk about our gifts andhow we feel inside an if we ned to heal cry or help one anothr we can do that well you can email me if you are interested have a nice night

      • that sounds so amazing. I myself see people who have passed on and try to help them move to the light and let go of this world. I feel their feelings, and know them and how they passed on. I also have done hands on healing before and dream of things that are going to happen.

  8. I’d love to speak to Julia who typed the comment above…how can I get ahold of her?

  9. I had a Reiki II training tonight and was told by my Reiki Master Teacher that I was a star seed…never heard of that before so I didn’t exactly know what she meant. After reading this article, everything seems to make SO MUCH sense–the sense of abandonment I’ve always felt, sense of not belonging…feeling of disconnection from most of my family, like I don’t belong here on earth and can’t wait to leave to go “home”…who can you talk to about this stuff, I feel so out of place…anyone care to chat? Perhaps I will start a chat room on yahoo chat titled ‘STAR PEOPLE’…look for me there…Maria…

    • I feel I’m a star person also, Maria. Would love to compare notes with you.


  10. All Star people feel free to contact me & let’s re-connect. Remember how wonderful it was to be home? Remember, you are not alone.

  11. how do you know you are a Star person?

    • it’s kinda something you feel in your heart- a deep knowing, i suppose.

  12. Im so happy I have read this text..I finally found out who I really AM. I used to have visits in my early ages from a man I called “a man from space/space man” (english is not my native language),I used to paint it and tell about him to my parents. But I dont remember now what we talked about..
    For all my life,I have known that I came here because I choosed to,for some reason.To help other people.I had some painful life experiences and now sometimes I feel like my eyes dont have that kindness inside which they once had.. 😦
    Sometimes I wish my “spaceman” would visit me,but Im scared to contact him :D.. And for aaaaall my life I feel like im being watched by someone.Im too sensitive to energies and electricity-sometimes lights go off when Im near,or internet doesnt work which makes my brother crazy :).

    How do you know where you come from ?? I would like to know my planet also..

    Take care all :o) and much luck with fulfilling your life purposes 😉

    And I would like to tell you everyone – Dont let other people hurt you,just because they dont understand.

  13. Hello Fellow Star People,

    A little trick I’ve learned along The Way……..Yes, Homesickness for our resident frequency is the bane of our existence in this plane (yet The Earth was well worth the return trip!) The Great Paradox is we have to bring more of our frequency to the Earth in order to feel more comfortable here. Obviously we are here for a reason and I’m guessing at this point in our Planet’s Evolution, we are here to help rebuild The New World. A great way to acclimate to this frequency I’ve found is listening to ambient music (Jonn Serrie, Brian Eno Soma and reading the indispensible Servers of The Divine Plan which explains ALOT!
    Please feel free to email me @

  14. PS


  15. I fit some of the Star People profile. I guess I have to say that I sure am A BEHIND THE SCENE PERSON. Directing, producing a movie rather then star in it! O ya that’s me. Ya all think that maybe,just maybe,Super man is a Star Person! A Character actually based on a real Star persons life on Earth?
    For sure I fit a lot of Brad Steigers evaluating of Star People. His 1979 book”Star People”. Good read.
    We are just souls from another planetary realm that have been sent or volunteered to help with Earth. You know, like “Masters of the Universe”. Love and light!

  16. Hi everyone!

    I am a starseed from Andromeda. I would absolutely love to talk to fellow starseeds about things most others would not understand. Feel free to email me:

    Be at One,


    • hi there, iam also a star person, and have felt very different from been a small child, i felt a presance around me i couldnt understand at around 8 years old, and had visits from my race at twenty 6 .the second time was a couple of months ago, i have never fitted in and i now i do not belong here, my spirit guide gives me some info, but alately my astral experiences are becoming very detailed, my people are still visiting me regularly. it would be a pleasure to talk with yourself & many others. my email is trish.xox blessings. i have found my soulmate and my twin soul is one of my star seed race he has blue eyes tall and pale skin a very sensitve soul. look forward to hearing from you.:)

  17. I found this site by pure accident (maybe). I have felt as if I do not belong here since a very early age. When I was very young,like 8 I would sit outside at night and cry about being left alone here. When I was pre-teen I would crawl out onto the roof of our old farm house ( at night ) and look to the stars for a ride home that never came. There is my 30 year class reunion this year and I was not invited, I was not invited to any of them. Its as if I never existed. I am now looking for people like myself and as they turn up I am feeling like I am not crazy . I know I am a Starseed but I still dont know my purpose here. Without question finding you has turned on a light in an otherwise dark room. This is a start and I hope the light will grow brighter so once and for all I will be able to see who I really am and why I am here. Thank you,Rick

  18. I’m Trevor and I believe I am a Starperson. I constantly have dreams about me being in a space ship I believe. I don’t know my planet of origin yet and I want to connect with people like me.

    • Hi Trevor I found your entry and was shocked! I too have had the same dreams. My whole life…!

      • hi trever, iam also a starperson, recently in the last two months i have had experiences where ive been taken to my home planet , ive known for some time, i was none-human, its a pleasure to meet you, iam on yahoo, if you would like to connect more than welcome .takecare.

  19. Hello, my name is Perfecto Rodriguez II. I finished reading the book STAR PEOPLE back in 1984. I used to attend metaphysical classes during this year. This was the year that I learned I was of the STAR PEOPLE. I strongly believe in this the problem is that I am in a very sorry geographical location of the country…s.texas. Being a STAR Person, I feel that I must relocate up to either the north where I used to live or the Pacific northwest. Why, because I sense that the energies are at a much higher and much more positive vibrational frequency. The show, the Outer Limits has been giving me good ideas. I am also a practicing Witch.
    I am also clairvoyant~ability in clairsentience.
    Lilith is also the Goddess of STAR PEOPLE. I strongly believe in HER. Just how can I write to Brad or Francie Stieger? I would like a respose from you.
    Sincerely: Perfecto

    • Hi Perfecto,

      you can reach Brad Steiger on the web. Google his name and his website will be there. He has contact info by email. Very busy person. Wrote over a hundred books. Speaks on coast to coast am radio now and then. You can hear him on their past shows. Of concern. Are you sure that goddesses name you mention is of the Good angleic realm? Or perhaps the other side? I would suggest investigating that name more. I do know that Michael,Raphael and the other biblical positive angels are Good. Good luck.

      Love and light to you. Faith

    • I realize that this was posted ages ago, but the fact that you want to go to the Pacific Northwest has some relevancy. I’m not allowed to tell you why, but look up the Alpha Centauri Star System. You might find some answers.

      • Interesting coincidence… I too long for the northwest since a child.

        I was born a new englander, and LOVE the fall season; but my heart cries for the mountains and the big skies.

        In time I will venture out there and be stuck in awe and gratitude. Then I can carry out my plans for a holistic, off the grid, wellness/learning center.

        I looked around for Alpha Centauri Star System and found some wonderful photos,… which brought with them intriguing dreams. Thank you for sharing Luna.

  20. Thank you for your comment Perfecto. I’m sure the book you mentioned will resonate well with others who stumble along this post.

    As for myself, I have never read the book, nor do I know Brad or Francie Stieger. I can however suggest writing a letter to them c/o the publishing company. Usually, letters are passed along so the authors can keep a bit of privacy.

    Wishing you lots of blessings and tons of smiles, Kat

  21. I read this book… well some of it. I was told by a phychic friend of mine that I am a star person but I dont even fit the criteria. Im very outgoing , love being the center of attention.Im very short small framed guy. I feel like the only connection I have with it is that I love to make people happy & laugh… Does anyone know how to tell for sure if youre a star person??????

    • I wouldn’t use the physical criteria that has been published as the criteria to go by to determine if you are a star person or not. You searching for answers to this is a big clue. I would set an intention to the universe that you would like to receive validation on your star person status and the right person or people will enter your life and guide you. Go ahead and be thankful for the answers that you are looking for at the present. Know that you will remember your heritage!

    • hey check out doreen virtue’s “earth angels”, perhaps you are an elemental being?

  22. Hi, I have only just discovered that there is such beings called “star people”. Myself and my husband were having a night in and discussing how we both felt disconnected from our families all our lives and that we both felt we didnt belong here. After some wine, I came out with – but we are star people thats why we feel this way. I have no idea where it came from and had never heard of the term before it came out of my lips. I then felt compelled to run it through google and am totally astonished at what I have found.

    I am a reiki master and a massage therapist however work in sales at the moment and find life such a challenge and cant relate to life on this planet. i have been searching for my purpose in life for many years and I have a dream to change the world through Reiki with children to bring harmony through the next generation as I see the world in such manic disarray.

    I feel an overwhelming sense of feeling for Orion…and the Egyptian pyramids since the age of 10 and know I have a major role to play here but am not sure how that will manifest itself. As a child I wanted to become an astronaut.

    I never understood organised religion as logically it was obsurd to me to limit your beliefs to such an earth bound God.

    I feel incredible lost in this world but dont know why as I have a wonderful husband and comfortable life. We have not been blessed with children and I wondered if this is a result of us being connected to another world elsewhere.

    Would love to here from others who are soul searching and have an a feeling that they may be star people too…

  23. i was told i was a starperson & after researching it it makes perfect sense.
    i would love to hear from others as this was fascinating to me

    • hi there, im a starperson also iam from andromeda . id like to chat with others like yourself i have been having dreams in which i was with my race of people i have been visited more than once. an is still happening quite recenlty. blessings.:)

  24. I’m so glad to read this article now everything are making more sense ,

  25. Thank you! I could relate to a lot of the characteristics. Being a Catholic, I fervently hold on to a quote from the recently sainted Padre Pio about other creatures of God in other realms who did not sin…

  26. Yay! I just finished reading Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue. Thank you for all your posts. I would like to hear from all of you and will come back to this site later. You can message me at

  27. I just found out that I! too am a Star person. No wonder I have always been a misfit my whole life. I feel very distant from the family into which I incarnated in this Earth life (by birth). Yet, I love them all, but don’t feel a real connection with them. Just my one sister-in-law, nephew, mom, grandmom, and the side of the family through mom’s mom. Also, my one stepbrother and his wife and in-laws (who are Native: I have a strong connection to Natives) They show the traits of Star people, but some have become bogged down by this Earth life (as I tend to be).

    I meet certain people (whether for good or bad)who are Star people and have a close bond that is heart-to-heart, but from the Earth people: I feel VERY! distant. Yet, I have a concern for them and abhor what they say and do that is negative. Sometimes I go along with them in this, but always feel regret later.

    I have a feeling always that I want to leave Earth and “go home”. I feel that I want to be closer to the Infinite, but I then I come to my senses and get back to square one, knowing: I have a job to do.

    BTW I am a barber by trade.

  28. Hi I now feel that my life makes sense.I too felt apsrt from my family. i grew up on a farm but never connected to it and I have green eyes which i was always told by other people are very mesermizing.When I was in my late teens and early twemties i also would have people tell me that they thought they knew me from somewhere and that i must have a twin.I also like to help out whenver I can with anything, I am currently in a buisnees with my husband that I HATE!I desperatley want to do something that is more about giving than just about money.I love being around beautiful things , mainly nature, forests etc. I don’t have nay memories from another planet and I don’t know where I came from, I just know that I have always felt off from eveything else, never quite sure how to relate to somethings.I would love to have a past life regression done, maybe I would have more answers.BTW i am in the insurance buisness woring with numbers and I don’t like it!!

  29. Hi, I have learned that I am a star child and a pixie as well. I have always wanted to go `home` and still do! I am training to become a healer but I am overwhelmed by the constant wish to go `back`. I also had a vivid dream after a shamanic journey in which I saw where I came from, a blue castle-like structure which floats in the `air` .Does anybody relate to that? I do not know the name of the planet.
    Pls feel free to write to me at ,I check my email daily.
    Blessings and lots of love to all of us !May your journey be lighter that mine !x

  30. Last night I got the shock of my life when I came across an article about Star People, and found that everything I read – all the little characteristics and traits that make these people unique – was a perfect description of myself: The mesmerizing eyes and compelling personality, the cold body temperature, the overwhelming need to help people, wisdom beyond my years and ability to dream things before they happen… I DO have a purpose here on Earth after all, and I’m so happy about it…but I’m homesick as well. Every night that it’s not cloudy I stare at the stars for hours, wishing a spacecraft will come take me away, back where I belong. I’m only 16, but I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions, and I would love to talk to anyone else who, like me, is homesick and needs the comfort of another star seed. I’d love to hear from others who are sharing this experience

    • Hi Lindsey, I am just finding out about star people myself, it sure explains a lot. I remember staring at the stars and feeling lost. Stay strong and true to yourself. I have a daughter and I always tell her ‘stay safe’ you stay safe too. Happy learning.

  31. I found out 25 years ago that I was a star person. I have spent my entire life helping others and at this time I am caregiving for a cousin who has Alzheimer’s and as a backup caregiver for my grandson whose mother is a drug addict. I cringe at the prospect of getting up in front of an audience and all of my work has been done behind the scenes. I do not follow a religion, but am extremely spiritual and have had the God voice since childhood. I have had a huge lightbeing (my E.T.father) visit me many times in my life and to make sure that my earthly parents were treating me right. I have had guidance in every part of my life and I think the past year has probably been the hardest, but I think our tour on earth is almost over. Before I was born, angels/E.T.s came to my earth mother and told her she was expecting a starchild. My parents were in a car accident in Pasadena and their car went over a cliff and landed on a ledge about 5 feet below the street when my mother was 8 months’ pregnant with me. No one was hurt. My life has been totally helping others and money has never meant anything to me, and God has provided me with enough money to live on. I worked for attorneys for 46+ years and was laid off 14 months ago. I interviewed for a job about 2 weeks ago, and I do not think I could stand the vibrations of a law office anymore. But if that’s where God wants me, that’s where I will go.

    Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


  32. I’m so glad I bumped into this website. I’m kinda to new to all this… in fact, am only aware of this topic just 3 weeks ago, though it’s been around for years. I ‘went home’ to somewhere not on Earth during a past life regression therapy. The next session I saw alien images.

    The reason I went for the therapy was because I was feeling extremely lost and depressed becoz I feel I have no reason to stick around anymore, even though my life is considered quite okay by average standards. Another reason was I attended a talk by a healer and follower of Dolores Cannon really connected with me.

    According to what I saw during therapy and certain characteristics in Cannon’s book, I’m one of the star children.

    The wise old man whom I spoke to during my therapy said my mission is To Give Joy. … I’m still unsure HOW. And I’m searching for clearer answers.

    Anyone out there can help give a lead?

    Any star children out there who received this same mission?

  33. For years we have walked this life with the power, and we all carry the light of the stars in our hearts. But some of us don’t choose to see it.. The mission of all that has seen the light or (starpeople) is to share it and its glory so that we all can reconnect to home, before its to late..

    love, peace and starlight

  34. Hi Julia, MS, and all who request to connect and chat. Please connect with me at
    I feel a great urge to find other star people to talk to.

  35. Thanks for this information. I know now for sure that I am a star seed. I believe I came from the Pleiades. It all makes sense now. I have had a difficult life and I read somewhere that that’s the hallmark of Lightworkers.

    Here’s my youtube channel:

    (I am a male and I’m Dutch)

  36. “I am a STARCHILD”….I just know i am… i feel it ….i fit the criteria….can’t keep my eyes from gazeing the sky at night…wondering….

  37. Aloha! I believe that star people are sent from other worlds to help for many different reasons. Too many to list. Besides Earth being quarantined, there is also a war going on. True creation was interfered with on this planet by the bad guys. Star Wars.
    So, too all, Good luck and paradise will prevail someday!

  38. I am not sure how to recount my experiences without being too wordy. I’m a writer and musician with dreams of writing songs that will help inspire love, peace and divine inspiration for anyone who’s felt as alone as I sometimes have. I have often found solace in looking at the night sky, and have found that same inspiration and solace in the works of Jon Anderson of Yes and his subsequent work with Vangelis, Kitaro and others.

    I have long felt and suspected that Earth is NOT my home planet, apart from any intuitions about being of the Indigo vibe. Ideas and labels aside, I have felt that there is indeed a mission for me to complete and not a lot of time in which to complete it.

    As someone who could very well be a Starperson, I have watched the recent environmental issues on the news with deep grief and anger.

    I also do not connect very well with the typical super-patriotic feelings that most people feel for their countries. Home is where you make it, but a land mass with a name, people and laws is just a land mass with a name, people and laws. I agree with the precepts of freedom and personal liberty set down by America’s founders, but I’ve often felt more kinship with my ancestors from the UK and Ireland…and yes, I have a thing for the tales of Taliesin, Merlin and Arthur. 😉 I feel more like a world citizen–or more accurately, a citizen of the Cosmos–in general than just a citizen of the U.S. I could move to Britain and be just as potentially happy as I am here in the US. And I think I’d feel closer to the vibes of Home over there than here if I did.

    As for relationships, the closest ones I have (apart from my relationship to my boyfriend of seven years and two other spirit-siblings I met a few years back) are to friends I’ve made at Facebook in connection with Jon Anderson of Yes. They are the closest thing to siblings I’ve ever had, as I am an only child, and we tend to think a lot alike, my fellow Jon fans and I…we all seem to be made of very similar spiritual cloth, hence the reason why we resonate with his music so much.

    As for children, I do not know if I will have any. Not because I do not like them, but because I don’t know if I CAN have them. Reproductive and endocrine problems are rife within my mom’s side of the family (a few of whom I suspect are also Starpeople–mostly my mom, though), and I seem to be one of the many unlucky ones.

    I read somewhere that Starpeople tend to have small families. And therefore I often wonder about reproductive topics/issues with other Starpeople: are physical problems with the reproductive system common among Starpeople, hence the lack of children or at least limited family sizes? I would like to know if my issue is rare among Starpeople, or if it is a typical thing to manifest.

    Anyhow, that’s my story for now…

  39. Generally, the star people have O negative blood, and if they do not marry another person with O negative blood, their chances of losing the embryo are very great. The 0 negative person will fight the embryo if it is not O negative. This may be why they have small families. I donated my O negative blood (plasma) for 4 years and every woman donating had had miscarriages.

    • Hi, Joanne…

      Okaaay…I just had a bit of a moment when I read your comment about Starpeople generally being O negative…

      My mom is O negative and she had to have a shot in order to stay pregnant, as my dad and I are O positive.

      Here’s the weird thing, though…my dad and I are O+, but something strong in my gut tells me that all three of us, my mom, dad and me, are all from the stars somehow…

      Are there any specific “traits” to each specific Star Nation that might roughly hint at where in the Cosmos some people might be from?

      For example, my mom, overall, tends to be quite analytical and tries to be what she calls logical and realistic, though some of her self-talk is quite pessimistic. I do not know if this is part of her personality or if it was learned from her own mother, who can be quite negative.

      My dad and I, however, are more or less positive about things…Mom worries a LOT about money, and my dad and I have a somewhat dangerous tendency to fly by the seat of our pants, financially, though I’ve been working on remedying that issue enough to live on my own quite comfortably.

      *sighs* I guess I have a lot of questions about my parents and me that probably won’t get answered all at once…Oh, well…maybe that’s a good thing…I like a good mystery sometimes.

  40. I would guess that your mother is a star person and I can tell you that coming from where we were to here is quite depressive and I can see that. I would say that the being depressed/flying by the pants is probably connected to what sign you chose to come through as. Are you an Åries, Leo or Saggitarian? That is where the flying by the pants comes from.

    Keep in touch.


    • Well, my father is a Pisces, Gemini Ascendant, with a strong Venus-in-Aries placement. And I am on the Pisces-Aries cusp, having been born March 24th. And my Ascendant is Sagittarius. I, too, have the Venus-in-Aries placement, though in a different house than my dad, I think.

      And Mom’s a Libra with VERY intense Virgo-in-the-First-House placements.

      Yet, I know that these are simply what we chose to come through as…Who We Really Are is another thing altogether…

      Like I said…so many questions that go round and round in my brain.

      Yet all I know is what I have experienced inside, what my soul has responded to, how it’s responded…And those feelings cannot easily be explained away. Words dilute the feelings, sometimes.

  41. This makes so much sense to me … I am a STAR person … 🙂

    So many traits, like praying that space ships would take me, dabbling with different careers, involved in healing, etc.


  42. Hi, Growing up on an Iowa frm and watching the stars every single night before going to be, knowing that my real father was coming to get me from some star shystem.

    and I too, was always alone.

    Even after being married for 20 yrs and now divorced and, having 4 sons, i am now living alone in arizona, where the first contact from the stars with a bright flash of light.

    I feel it is about time for us to go home to the stars.

    On Dec. 3 2006, at 7 p.m. I was anointed and taken meantlly to the stars.

    read the rest on my website.

  43. Hi,

    I was unable to understand why I could not recall one thing in my life before that first day of school when i can see myself running accross the yard telling an uncle that this was my first day of school.

    I was 6 years old.

    Any qestions, about yr dna reports.

    My dna report shows that I am related to one out of every 100 people from every single country and island on planet earth.

    welcome home people

  44. Hi again,

    Since I am new to this site I would like to ask a question of you all.

    Have any of you read any writings about our STAR PEOPLE,, sating that:

    “it is almost time for one of them to walk in the desert for their people, the Star People”?

    email me at:

    visit my website:

  45. ha, i didn’t know if i was an Earth Angel or a Star person until i read about living near the Ocean. even before i read this i feel that i would suffer if i moved away from the coast, and when i do move it’s going to be to the West Coast seeing as how the oil spill is messing with the environment and stuff, poor fishies..
    i still can’t imagine how people can live in Ohio, lol.

    though i don’t dream of flying in space crafts, i have had dreams of flying like peter pan night after night. this one dream i was whisked away to some far off planet and it was far more vivid than my usual dreams. i was with a group of people and we were at a beach and it was either dusk or past dusk and i could clearly see the stars above, the sunset and lots of moving light dots that got bigger and moved sporadically against the laws of physics overhead, shooting stars or life forms, idk. so anyway, i’m not really paying attention to what the woman is telling us(oh yeah, it was like a field trip or a guide with about 20 other people) because i was more focused on looking at the sky and wanting to let them know what was happening if it was bad or something we should take cover for.. i noticed a cave about 200 feet away in the face of this cove and then i looked back up and then back at the people, but they were gone and then it started immediately to fade and i woke up. i can speculate that those light things were the other people leaving, and i left the “dream” soon after. i really couldn’t hear what she was saying cause it was too quiet against the waves and i was near the outer back.(i usually do that in crowds) really wished i had payed attention.
    it was such a bizarre dream. if anyone else was there, can i steal your notes?!

    onward to our tasks! 😀

  46. I would love to chat about the non earthly life! we all should do something!

  47. I just read the best article I have ever seen. It’s in the Sun Magazine, November 8, 2010 edition. It’s called “Aliens Among Us,” and they’ve taken photos of large groups of people and the Aliens (star people are all lit up in light and the others are not). Another awesome thing is that there are 6.8 billion people on earth and 3 billion of them are star people. You have to find this paper and read it.


  48. When I was about 7 years old, I looked up at the Pliades and believed that somewhere within that constellation was my true home. I believed that this was my first Earth life. I talked to those stars as if I were communicating with real beings who understood and loved me. I talked about the difficulties I faced in my life here on Earth. As I grew older I began to also talk of the wonders of learning to overcome my difficulties. Eventually, I believed that this ongoing dialogue (not really a dialogue … I suppose a monologue – since I was doing all the talking) was just the remnants of a childhood game that somehow gave me comfort. But after reading this article, I’m not so sure. Maybe I am from the Pliades. The thougth makes me smile. But … whether I am from there or not, I’ll keep talking to those stars, and I’ll keep doing my life here on Earth.

  49. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  50. Hi. Normally I don’t contribute to forums and blogs…however I just really wanna point something out, especially for those who are new. I could go on forever telling my story of how I know about who I am and always felt out of place and how I was slightly more privileged in my upbringing. I do realize that a lot information giving here is just in general, but it’s exactly that, whch I find bothering at times. Why can it not be clearly stated that x,y,z is just in general, but just like everything else, there are exceptions. I’m only saying this, because I feel that some people, new to this might still feel out of place or still wonder, am I?, am I not?

    Perhaps I am not making sense, so let me just give you an example. Pretty much everything stated on this forum, applies to me, except for a few things, like dressing. I know this sounds trivial, but it cud be of putting. I don’t care for fashion, but I love dressing nicely! I like colours, flowers, long dresses and skirts, layers etc. That’s not exactly casual. Ok, fair enough, I’m sure some of you might think that’s just a silly example. So I give you another one. Althoughboth my parents and my younger sister are health therapist, I am a musician! A singer and song writer, as well as qualified interior artist.

    The one thing that really kind of upset me, something that I have found on aother site, is that Star People don’t really care for having children! In my case that couldn’t be more wrong! For as long as I can remember I wanted children! But I can’t seem to have them! I’ve been married for two years, together with my husband for 7, and we have been trying for years and MC. We now have reached the road of fostering or adopting! My mother was told, that in my previous earth live, during the early 19th hundreds I believe, I had the same problem, not being to have children of my own and ended up running an orphanage. Another person told me that my zodiac sign aren’t exactly “breeders” either.

    The point I am trying to make is that it really upsets me when people go of sterotyping, and putting each other into drawers, like star signs and their characteristics for example. Again, I am so not my own typical sign. I just really wish, that at least in our realms, we could move away from these tags that have been created by society, and acknowledge the diversity of our origins. Like the possibility of having been born on planet, stop over at another, before coming to earth, and therefore, ahving ended up with various different, diverse personalities and characteristics!

    Lastly let me just say, that my intention is not to offend or upset anyone, and I hope nobody is angry with me now! I am just trying to do my part in lessen the confusion for our “new arrivals”. Being us is already confusing and at times (I find personally) exhausting!

    Love and stardust to all!

  51. hey you can find more like you at
    love and light ❤

  52. Excellent article. VERY HELPFUL.

  53. Excellent article. Very insightful and informative.

  54. It’s true … now i’ve become a reiki healer when I never thought I would be one. And even before that, I discovered I could control the flow of energy to my hands to heal myself

  55. So if we are from outer space how does one find out where they originated from?

  56. This has helped me so much. I’ve ALWAYS felt off and lately have been very depressed. I cry and always felt dislike towards this place. How ugly people can be….but…I feel love towards people. I want their joy and happiness. Even if it kills me.
    that idea never scared me. I want to bring peace and hope to people and love. Always love.
    I felt lost in what I need to do and where I need to be ,but felt I NEED TO BE SOMEWHERE and help, but felt confused about where I need to be and what I need to do.
    My friend had told me about star people. The idea stuck with me and after a few days I researched. It changed my life. Everything..about this made my whole world tilt in a way I’ve never looked….and I feel at peace for the first time in my 21 years of age. I want to find more people like me and learn more. If anyone could contact me, I would be very much in your debt. Thank you for helping open my eyes to who I am.
    Much love, Raquel rocha. <3333

    • Raquel. I just understand why i’m so different and always hope go to another star again. If you hope write me i’ll be very adress is i’m belgian living in france.

  57. After all these years on Earth, I finally found the information I was looking for. I searched & never found it until today. I always knew about star people but never thought I was one of them until today. I have worked through my whole life doing many assignments & it has become evident that I was sent to do these tasks of helping lift people.As a child I would look at the stars at night & feel it was my home.. I feel an overwhelming deep love for people;I become very upset with violence & aggressive behaviours. When I experiene this I want to go home because it repulses me. I feel I am from Pleiades & that I am not from here. In my current professions I do get strange looks everyday from my co-workers. They think I am strange & odd. I am surrounded by people all day in everything I do. But when I am on my own I am the happiest. I would like to connect with more star people.

  58. Everything in this article gave me the impression that I am a star person. I don’t feel like i’m not wanted and i’m an outsider. I love my family but I feel very different from them and even all my friends. I hate negativity and when people give off bad vibes. I feel like I must leave and go far away from this place. I always have the feeling that I really need some solitude. I usually like to isolate myself and think deeply of things, and I also feel like I really want to help people. My personality people say is different and that they feel that i’m sort of cold and distant and I remain elusive. I truly try my hardest not to attract any attention and usually I dress up in dark or plain colors such as black, white, gray. My belief system is just totally different from others and it’s been like that from young. Every night now I feel the desire to look at the sky and see that stars. Im constantly trying to look for answers and trying to figure out who I am really. Im very patient and try to alter my state to a non-linear time awaiting the ripe moment. My girlfriend is also a star seed and she has been having dreams a lot lately with symbols and numbers such as 19.5. She also now seeing UFO’s in the sky from here backyard and they respond to her energies. I’ve seen a UFO twice once with her and once the same night she seen her’s. july 6th 2011 11:36 P.M. Is there anybody out there that can elaborate and help a bit more

  59. Since July 3rd of this year I have been seeing strange starlike objects zipping through the sky.. Creating weird formations… And displaying beautiful colors, this made me start researching about other life-forms beyond earth. I’ve always felt out of place and was teased a lot in grade school for being more reclusive than others, I have a rare blood type(AB+) which is one of the indications of a star person as well. I’ve always been drawn to the medical field to help others and that is my profession now. I also remember having weird dreams as a child and it always involved me floating above the earth, but I can’t remember much else. Feeling out of place or lost isn’t the greatest feeling, but I now that I am not alone in these daily struggles that “normal” people seem to not think twice about!

    • Bonjour Solarantegrata. Habites tu en Bretagne? Es tu Anglaise ou Française? Ces questions pour savoir si je dois t’écrire en Anglais ou Français? Apparemment, nous ressentons tous les mêmes sensations et possédons les mêmes sentiments mais nous ne sommes pas supérieurs pour cela, juste différents. Cette différence est difficile à supporter sur la terre parce que les hommes ont perdu leur spiritualité, pour la plupart; Leur mode de vie, leur but, leur mentalité et leur sensibilité sont différents des nôtres. Alors nous sommes plus en souffrance. C’est pour cela qu’il faut toujours garder notre équilibre, amplifier notre énergie pour pouvoir supporter et surtout la donner aux autres. plus nous serons zen, souriants, aimables etc, plus cela se transmettra aux autres. Je suis aussi très heureuse de savoir que je ne suis plus seule. nous avons tous la même “personnalité” et nous pouvons échanger des messages pour partager nos émotions. Je serais contente de pouvoir aussi dialoguer avec toi. paix et amour.

      • I would prefer english be used for communication on my blog. Simply because, in talking to one another not only are you providing insights to each other, but also to the rest of my readers (and myself!) who primarily speak english. Lots of love to you both. It makes my heart happy that this has become a place for newly awakened starseeds to connect and grow together. Hugs to all of you beautiful lights out there!

  60. I cannot begin telling you how happy I m today since I have finally!! discovered who I m and where I m from…I have never fit anywhere…was bullied as a child……I have felt alone my entire live…changed jobs many times…none of my relationships have worked…It almost feels like my life is arevolving door and I m on this mission alone and my mission is to HELP EARTH PEOPLE…don’t get along with my family except my father whom I believe is a star person as well he is my earth father and he made a promise to my “real father” or star father to take care of me…that is another trait of star people….I have always felt like there is a paralell universe and I m on a planet in the paralell universe….strange things began to happen a few years ago as if it was my time to “wake up”….It began with me seeing the numbers 11:11 and 444 everywhere!!! It drove me crazy!!! I found myself asking “who are you and what do you want?” since I felt like someone or something was trying to contact me. For some reason it made me want to stare up in the skies at night something I have done all my life and begged “them” my “real” family to come and take me because I miss them and cannot bare to be here…I remember looking at the skies in the stars at the age of 4 and saying “my father leaves there” to my family

    I have recently discovered that I m from M31 or the ANDROMEDA GALAXY…the way I found out is a story in itself….I asked my “real father” to show me what my real home looks like and I got a picture of this galaxy in my mind….the nest day as I was researching I wanted to know where Andromeda is since I have been fascinated by that word for a while and behold the SAME PITURE that I was shown by my father….ANDROMEDA….my home!!! I had the biggest smile on my face because I knew just by looking at it that THAT was home….I feel at peace now…FINALLY!!! after all these years of constatnly wondering why I m so different…

    Now I wait for my “real family” to come get me and cannot wait to see them!!!

    Hope this helped anyone who is wondering why they are so different and why they are here?

    Love and Starlight 🙂

  61. This will explain why we feel different.

  62. Oh thank you, do thank you! This really helps me to keep calm with myself, seeing that there may be a point in my life if I am a Star Person. If I am not, then I am still very delighted to see that there are different life forms that are willing to make Earthen a better place for us humans to live peacefully. But if I am a Star Person, which I really do not doubt that I am, I feel even more calm and alright with myself, seeing that there is a reason that I am as I am. I mean, many of these traits have applied on me, to me. 🙂

    You know, I have always been delighted with Science-fiction, and Space and Galaxies. Even if I don’t have any memories of any past-lifes, or maybe I do have and claim them as my own. I have memories, but I do not know if they are dreams, or if I lived them in this life, or in a past life. Well, anyways, I have always been absolutely delighted with the Universe and Parallel Universes and everything else that applies to that range of Philosophy and Science. I myself have written stories about this society with an A-Class civilization, in which some beings visited Earthen and decided to make it a better place, but failed miserably as they did not have disguises and everyone started attacking them (which made me cry to my own story afterward).

    Also, I have experienced seizures, and paralysis with this sense that there was someone, something doing them. Is that normal? And after those seizures and paralysis, the feeling that I am not a normal human enhances to the point that I really do not believe I am human myself. I have always believed in the Star People, just that I did not know that was their name, ‘Star People’. Maybe I really am one after all.

    Well then, I have many much things to tell, but I really do not want to take your time. Still, thank you for this absolutely wonderful post on this Quintessential beings.

  63. I have a strong connection to this site and all the comments. I can feel who I am but have no memory. I have known since I was first put on earth that i was not from here by my actions and the way people treat me. I don’t know why every one is finding or knowing who they are but me. everyone is having some sort of contact, rememberence or some sort of grand awakening. i literally search everyday in the physical in every possible way and in my mind also through music but im missing something. i want to cry right now because i want to know Im tired of feeling like this i have felt this whole time i have been in this time period of life. i am female, women 22 last month on july 29. I WANT TO KNOW! some one please email me if they know anything.

  64. When I read about star people, service to self others, i dont want to believe that , but i know im called because i could feel it, maybe my heart is pure, i love and happy to help people, some people see lights in me for example my eyes, and sometimes i could see numbers too, and events that i cant explain, i dont mind those things coz i cant explain what that means, i just do the right way all my life, but the earth is my home, but i believe my spirit will go to another place, but i dont know where.

  65. Hiya ~ my name is Mallory & I believe it is no coincidence that I have visited this site. I have way too many strange things happen to me but after researching the star people characteristics, TOTALLY FITTED ME TO THE DOT, I never thought I would be a Start Person as a strong possibility. From Birth to Lifetime, I just know I never belonged here on Earth as a child, it was never ever my home! I knew my biological family wasn’t my “real family” and have been labled odd, aloof, cold, & distant yet with so much love and kindness with deep “restless” need to complete “my mission” to devote myself to others unselfishly. I’m more happier being alone all the time than being in people’s company.

    Especially being born deaf yet can speak perfect oral English & mulitple foregin languages. Tested usually high IQ at 5 years. Youngest Graduate Ever in Early-High Schools. Developed my many psychic “gifts” at 15 (puberty pike) and being visited by Light beings (I thought were Angles but think its Star Visitors now) telling me what my next task is with love and comfort.

    Also, people have told me as they are terrifified to be in my company & of my “intense piercing” eyes, they said it is as if I can “see” all the good and evil they have done in their lives at the very core of their souls. And its Definitly TRUE, I Do have That Gift. I also can communicate with animals WAY Better than Humans via mental telepathy.

    Plus I have all blood types in my body constantly changing, doctors and blood test specialists are dumbfounded by this discovery.

    I chose to be “behind the senses” person. I developed the new ability to travel OBE & multi-dimensions via spirit. Yet I am a extemely private person. It is Very Rare for me to Entrust Secrets of my Origins to Anybody, Only One Person I told and that Is my Mother. I believe she is Star Person and she believes she is from Pleides. I believe I am from different species/world/universe from her.

    I have lost a great portion of my old soul due to a life-scarring traumatic moment being betrated by another male star person (who abused his gifts and me due to mega ego issues) rejected me that resulted in depression. I have been given a new soul and totally different person from my previous old self, more highly evolved & stronger than ever. I knew “God” of the Higher Universal Cosmic Intelligence gave me this mircleous gift so I can finish what I started to do on this Earth, my mission, before I can join my journey to go home in the stars. After doing this research, I have NO DOUBT I am a STAR PERSON. I am just WAY TOO ALIEN To EVERYONE HUMAN around me as they are terrified of how to deal with me due to fear and prejudice. I Always will Respond With Love, Kindness & Greater Understanding no matter what actions they do, Good or Bad.

    Many Blessings to All. This Is A True Blessing, I Thought I was the Last of my Kind. At Last, I am Not Alone in This Universe.

    A Newly Discovered Star Person.

  66. How can I find out my real home-planet?
    Thank you

    • Try going to to find out about your home planet. There is a VAST amount of information there.

      First and foremost though I recommend meditation. It’s not so much your home planet that is important, but YOUR ROLE both there and here that will give you the greatest understanding and peace.

      Much luck and blessings on your journey.

  67. I have only recently discovered about starseeds, but I feel really attracted to the concept of it and I have been ‘told’ during meditative state that I am of Andromedan origin. I’ve also had past life memories, with the most vivid memory dating back to perhaps the 13th or 14th century. The only thing that confuses me is if those are mine or if they are borrowed from the soul who used to reside in this body (if I were a walk-in). As an amateur astrologer I believe that I have a cosmic partner and that he is not of the Earthly realm (I have met him a few times in my dreams and visions) but at the same time there is a strong hint of me having a ‘cosmic partner’ here on Earth, and I don’t think anyone can have more than one cosmic partner. There are so many theories about it and they feel like whirling lights I can’t quite ‘catch’. The only thing I’m sure about is the fact that I truly am NOT from this Earth, and that this may be my last incarnation before I return to my original realm.

    I’d truly like to thank you though, Kat, for this wonderful information. It’s certainly very helpful and I’m glad I came across this page. If anyone would like to converse with me about their lives and if I may be of assistance to anyone going through tough times feel free to send me an email at I would love to be a friend to you, and as a seeker of wisdom it would be great to exchange ideas and theories with you as well.

    May the Universe shower you with blessings, happiness and peace.

    Serena, of Andromeda Galaxy

  68. With someone who knows the theories of channeling, indigo children, the starpeople, I just finally, to my relief to find out why since my childhood, I feel alien to this world, why I have such a sensitivity and such intuition. I have always imagined coming from another star but I kill for fear of being taken for an imaginative. I suffer a lot to see evil, violence everywhere, evil, physical pain … I feel in my heart all this suffering. Many things described in the characteristics of starpeople concern me just like you. I am happy to find you and dialogue with you. I hope to find people here like Europe. I send you all my tenderest thoughts Michelle … my address:

    • You have described star people to the “nth” degree. What is going on in our world right now is terribly hard on us. I am such an empath and can feel such pain in people and sadness, this is almost crippling. My son always says that I am “too sensitive.” He doesn’t understand the half of it. But we are here for a reason and I think it is upon us. Just keep your connection with God and the other side and we can get through this.

      God bless,

  69. Thank you for this information. I have always felt totally out of place and just don’t “fit in”. People perceive me as sure of myself and outgoing, but deep down I’m really very shy and like to be by myself. My mother has always said I’m ‘strange’. I’m not intuitive or feel I have any special gifts, but have a compelling need to help people. I’m obsessed with the study of energy healing … I’m a Reiki Master, and am certified in several other energy healing modalities. I would like to set up an energy healing practice, but have huge trouble charging people for my services. Instead, I want to teach everyone that they can do this. Perhaps I am a star person, because there are many times I just want to leave and go home, but I have no idea where that is.

  70. May God Bless You All

  71. This is sooo well said!! Thank you:)
    I’ve always felt a connection to life “out there” and I’ve always felt like this isn’t my true home..
    I always find myself in awe of the stars & planets, and wondering to myself when I will return home..
    This gave life to a lot of thought for me..
    Thank you for this wonderful post:)♥

  72. Well i believe im an “earth angel” A star-person. All my life ive felt alone, missunderstood, different and disconnected from others. Like i dont belong here at all. I have a pure heart and soul, i just want to help save and give love to animals and people. I feel i was put here for a purpose, but dont know what it is exactly, i just feel that there is something in me waiting to burst out. i dont want fame or tons of money, just to help and save. I want to findout what i am and what to do
    and if i have any spiritual powers, guardians…stuff like that

    I love nature and when i look into the sky i feel like i came from there instead of earth

    So, what do u all think? I value your thoughts and even friendship 🙂

  73. Your description of a Star person is so accurate and true!! It makes me feel so much better about feeling that I want to go home every time I do Reiki or meditate. I cry because I don’t want to leave the wonderful feeling of love and serene peace and come back to this loud earth!!

  74. we need to have an online group for us all to chat and share our experiences. get support and just a safe place to be who we truly are.

  75. Great read, well done!:)

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