Like snakes? Love Copper?

I’ve got snakes that keep your spot safe while indulging in books

and snakes that twirl on windcatchers adorned with crystal prisms.

I’ve been indulging in the creative juices a bit much as of late, and these are some of the things I’ve added to my shop.

I’ll be adding a line of rheumatism rings which aid healing. They are made of copper and are adjustable when your fingers swell. Lots of bookmarks, a creative chain for those bored with typical hanging decor (see pic below for a preview), and perhaps a copper dreamcatcher. It’s certainly not your ordinary dream catcher, but I happen to love it. Would you buy something like this? It has blue lace agate and cats eye on the web, crystal prisms hang from handmade chains which create little rainbows around your room in the sun.

If you don’t know what healing properties metals have you should check out my shop.

Etsy :: Esoteric Enchantments


Here’s a brief intro to our beloved copper:

Copper has a positive influence on blood circulation and metabolism. Aids in detoxifying the body – relieving arthritis and rheumatism. Aid for exhaustion. Strong conductor of energy. The “Love Metal”… assisting one to open up to Love energies. Please note: Copper jewelry’s therapeutic properties will draw toxins from the system through the skin at areas where copper is worn, leaving a new coloring on skin and metal – a totally natural and beneficial characteristic feature and service of copper. Simply wash up areas and leave bracelet and/or ring on to continue its’ work.

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  1. Kat~
    I love everything! I am so proud of you! See what happens when you follow your heart!

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