Archangel Uriel: Angel of Earth

The name Uriel means God is my Light; or God is Light; or Radiation of God; or God is the radiating principle of Light; or Fire of God. Archangel Uriel is the Angel of the Earth and the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet. According to Corinne Heline: “The beautiful Uriel stands guardian over the activities of the summer. The ripening of grain and the floodtide of blossom are under his guidance. He also supervises the Nature Spirits, those fascinating little sprites who inhabit the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and who lend so much to the beautification of all nature.

Uriel is one of the Archangels of rabbinical angelology. He was sent by God to answer the questions of Esdras (II Esdras iv). He is mentioned in I Enoch and IV Ezra, where he “watches over thunder and terror.” In the Midrash 1, Uriel is said to be one of the four guardians of God’s throne. In The Book of Adam and Eve he presides over repentance.

Uriel appears in Milton’s Paradise Lost where he is the ‘Regent of the Sun’ and ‘sharpest-sighted spirit of all in heaven.’

Uriel is of the leading angels in noncanonical lore, and ranked variously as a Seraph, Cherub, Regent of the Sun, Flame of God, and Angel of the Presence. As one of the most faithful and dedicated members of the host, Uriel was also placed in charge of Tartarus (another name for Hades).

Uriel has been identified as one of the angels who helped bury Adam and Abel in Paradise. He is known as the dark angel who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel; as the destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib ; as the messenger sent by God to Noah to warn him of the impending deluge, (although Raphael is credited with teaching the building of the ark), all of which feats or missions have been credited to other angels. In the view of Louis Ginzberg, the “prince of lights” in The Manual of Discipline, refers to Uriel. In addition, Uriel is said to have disclosed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra; interpreted prophecies, and led Abraham out of Ur.

In later Judaism we find Uriel instead of Phanuel” as one of the 4 angels of the presence. The Magus claims that alchemy “which is of divine origin” was brought down to earth by Uriel, and that it was Uriel who gave the cabala to man, although this “key to the mystical interpretation of Scripture” is also said to have been the gift of Metatron.

Legend tells us that Uriel stands at the gate of the Lost Eden with a fiery sword. The Lost Eden is a term describing forgetting to Love God. The fiery sword shows that negative matter (selfish and unpure desires) are destroyed when one truly focuses their love on God. In this legend Uriel reminds humanity to Love God by using the “fire of God” (by using the fiery sword).

Uriel teaches the path of the heart, the fire of pure Love. Without this pure Love and devotion to Spirit, all spiritual study remains an intellectual pursuit, fairy gold. This understanding of true spiritual study is further supported by the tradition that Uriel brought to Earth: Alchemy, the heavenly arcana and was the giver of the Cabala to man.

It is through Noah’s devotion and Love of God that Uriel is able to warn him of the flood. Noah’s pure love and devotion was the telephone number of Uriel. If Noah had been unable to express divine love and devotion to God, he would have been unable to hear Uriel’s warning via the cosmic phone. This is how another attribute associated with Uriel has arisen, the attribute of Divine Vengeance and Judgement. Only if the heart is ignited in devotion to God can one hear Yahweh’s call. If one does not hear Yahweh’s call, one will perish (get caught in the flood). Without Yahweh’s guides and messages, one cannot find the Eternal Light. Uriel is said to have been the interpreter of Ezra’s visions which also explains why Uriel means “God is the radiating principle of Light.”

Uriel’s symbol of an open hand holding a flame depicts a great gift to humanity. It is the flame of Love to ignite the heart in service to God. Uriel holds out the flame of Love towards all souls. The soul by filling with the flame of Love becomes devoted to serving Yahweh’s plan. Uriel’s flame of Love, the fire of God, the Light of God, purifies emotional and mental understanding transmuting the lower vibrations into frequencies that can assimilate Spiritual Understanding.

Accepted as an archangel by the Church for many centuries, he was finally removed from the records in 745 CE as the Church became increasingly concerned with the prominence the public was placing upon angels.
Nature with all its wonders is the ultimate symbol of creation and creativity; it is the purest source of ideas and aesthetic thoughts, and we are an inseparable part of it. Knowing this will help any artist and scholar. Uriel assists us in experiencing beauty through a heightened sense of appreciation, aids us in finding our true talents and stimulates our creativity and inspiration for artistic expression in its many forms.
Uriel is described as being the swiftest in wisdom of all the Archangels. One of his most important tasks is keeping record of all existing knowledge and of each and every event that is yet to come. Considering that, it’s not surprising that he also grants the gift of prophecy. He is the great instructor who teaches us that art and study are for experiencing the joy of liberation that comes as wisdom is gained.
Uriel promotes compassion and peace. Most emphatically, he will dispel darkness with light at times when we are feeling depressed, angry, victimized, or confused. At those times, he helps release anger, unforgiveness, and other negative emotions that may be clouding our vision and judgment. In this respect he helps counsellors, teachers and everyone seeking truths, and supports them in the many twists and turns in their spiritual journey.
A Bit of Trivia:
Uriel is considered the Angel who helps us with natural disasters and is called for to avert such events, or to heal and recover in their aftermath. He is one of the four greatest Archangels, the other three being Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel. Among his symbols are the scroll and the book. He corresponds with the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Uriel is often confused with Ariel, the Angel of nature, wild beasts, and courage, who is also credited as the overseer of the earth spirits. They are not stated as equivalents of one another, so it appears they are actually two different angels. However, they are so incredibly similar; it’s easy to see why authors of websites, books and journals keep switching around the first letter of their names whenever they feel like it.

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  1. Thanck you. Also Do you remeber The smell of spring at night? It realy is wonderful.

    • ahhhhh, the smell of spring at night!!! Rates right up there with the smell of a forest floor in fall, and the fresh fallen rain. 🙂

  2. is it true his symbol seems a lot like the triforce

  3. yed i was saw a angel yesterday night ,those stand for
    our security,
    thank you ,stay forever around us,,,,

  4. uriel is the love of people and nature!!!!!

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