Aids, Cancer, Overeating, Alcoholism, and Brain Damage cured with Hyper-Oxygenation


 EATING, FASTING AND OXYGEN BALANCE  ~  Overeating is so common in the US it’s considered “normal”.  One cause is the widespread use of oral antibiotics.  While destroying the target germs, these drugs also kill off one’s intestinal flora, which are needed for healthy digestion.  With these friendly bacteria gone, digestive efficiency plummets.  As a result, the sensation of hunger comes more often and lasts longer, as the body tries to compensate for ineffective digestion by increasing the amounts consumed.  Even just eating daily, without ever giving the gastro-intestinal tract a rest, loads down the blood with toxins and impurities, especially uric acid crystals.  Under a microscope these resemble tiny coffin lids, interestingly enough, another clue to our Creator’s whimsical sense of humor.  When the waste products exceed the cleansing capacity of the kidneys, the blood ends up just having to haul it around the body and stash it wherever possible.  These toxins literally take up so much room in the blood cells that the cells can’t take on enough oxygen when they pass through the lungs.  The blood’s primary function of picking up and distributing oxygen gets blocked by over-use of garbage-hauling function.  Fasting restores health by giving the overloaded blood cells a chance to dump the toxins and inert matter through normal organs of elimination at a rate they can handle, instead of through the skin, as in acne, or other inappropriate places.  If the fast is long enough, accumulated residues in the body are also scoured out and expelled, giving a considerable spiritual resurgence once all the backlog is cleared away.  While the debris is being flushed out, various toxic reactions may come and go.  Once the blood is cleansed, the red corpuscles have a lot more room for oxygen molecules; the oxygen saturation of the molecules is high, and health and energy are boosted considerably.  Each breath now gives more life than it was able to in the blood’s earlier state.  Most long-lived native peoples, who are not affected by our more common diseases, either include fasting as a regular part of their yearly food cycles, or eat much less overall, than industrialized peoples.  Today many Americans are existing at such high levels of toxicity, that their toxic reactions when attempting to fast can seem intense enough to make them start eating again before any serious cleansing can be accomplished.  Fortunately one can partially bypass the lungs and get the blood level back up, by taking oxygenated water internally and through the skin.  Several weeks of detoxification of this regimen will also make it much easier to fast without discomfort, if one chooses.  It reduces appetite, logically enough, to a level more in line with the body’s actual needs.  The bacteria that aid digestion are not killed by oral use of H2O2, as long as it’s diluted properly.
     OXYWATER MAY EVEN CURE STUPIDITY  ~  Perhaps the greatest potential benefit is the reversal of the slight brain damage caused by long-term oxygen depletion, which can be observed in the “average” human, and is not always all that slight.  It’s well known that after about nine minutes of no oxygen, from drowning or whatever, you can kiss your brain good-bye.  By the implications of constant gradual oxygen starvation in our cities somehow escape notice, despite the tiredness, depression, irritability, poor judgement and health problems affecting so many citizens.  Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system will reverse these conditions.  The oxywater regimen improves alertness, reflexes, memory and apparently intelligence, and may offer the elderly a new weapon against senility and related disorders.  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are reported to be responding to it.  Alcoholics who start taking H2O2 soon loose interest in alcohol, and the thirst does not come back.  Look up what alcohol does to your blood oxygen and your ability to use it, and you’ll see why.  One possible spin-off of a coming major increase in the blood oxygen supply to human brains is that various short-sighted and oxygen-depleting activities such as deforestation, and other intelligent practices, should fade from the scene.  Americans especially, will have an opportunity to outgrow many stupid things.  It’s strange that the common drug aspirin “stops pain” by interfering with the nervous systems ability to use oxygen, in the electrochemical reactions needed to transmit impulses.  Though maybe it’s not that strange, considering that the Bayer Company which originated it was a subsidiary of IG Farben, the German chemical conglomerate that is famous for, among other things, developing and mass-producing the lethal gas Zyklon-B specifically for the exterminations at Nazi death camps.
     ECONOMIC INERTIA  ~  DR Terry McGrath, the CEO at Medizone, confirmed that Hydrogen peroxide would in principle act much like ozone in destroying AIDS virus, but pointed out that it’s never likely to be tested and proven in the laboratory.  There’s simply no economic incentive, since it’s an unpatentable process and offers no commercial returns than most other natural remedies.  So it’s completely up to individual patients and concerned citizens to push these options out into the open, immediately, before various companies get too financially committed to the assumption that AIDS (or any other disease) will continue to spread and be incurable.  This is a good place as any for the FDA-required disclaimer:  “Information given here is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment.”

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  3. Good article. Alkaline/Oxygen water by Ionways machines are excellent for providing the HIGH OXYGEN WATER that is alkaline. An acidic body is the only place cancer and other comon diseases can live. Cancer cells die immediately in alkaline/oxygen water. See our web site and/or contact concerning Dr. Walker that has over a 85% cure rate on all cancers. Any questions, contact us. Thank you. Roger J. Owley

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