The Shift: Three days of darkness

Update from Kirael
Kirael ‘The Great Shift” by Fred Sterling
KIRAEL: When I put this one in on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how thrilled everybody was going to be with it. I know they are thrilled. Everybody asks me-me poor medium gets asked this a little bit more than I do because he is on Earth a lot more than I am: When is the three days of darkness going to happen?

Well, let me put it to you as best as I can. The three days of dark darkness is something that, by the time it happens, you will all be so ready for it, you won’t be counting the days. You will be counting the love particles, because, you see, the three days of darkness is when the Earth plane enters into this huge belt of light, and the light is so intensified, there are so many particles that your sun star seems to be blotted out. You say, “Well, God help you, Master Kirael, aren’t we going to freeze to death without the sun?” I said, “Seems to be blotted out.”

Your Creator makes no mistakes. It knows how to bring enough particles through. Oh, but I am pretty sure you will be wanting to sleep a lot. In fact, some of you are going to sleep straight through it and not know it happened until it is over.

But here’s the good news: As I’ve already said in the first book, and I will repeat it again, when it is over and you awaken, you are in the throes of the full force of the fourth light and the first thing you will want to do is jump for joy. The second thing you will want to do is get down, because you are going to float up there for quite some time. You see, as you come through that belt, your physical body is readjusted to the light centers. The light centers are the particles that you’ve carried with you all your life and wanted to ignite in the new state of consciousness.

Now, for all of you out there that we call “We the People” that just went “WOW,” I say this to you as well: Why don’t you start now? Why don’t you start right now searching through your whole system in every meditation you have? Search through and say: “I wonder if that is one of those little particles that Master Kirael talked about in his book, “Kirael, The Great Shift?” And just jostle it a little bit and if it sparks at you, say “I got one.” You might as well, because they are all going to come up one day. But imagine, just imagine, having some right now.

That is what the three days of darkness is truly all about, so stop being a ‘fraidy cat. Let yourself know the love of your Creator will not let anything happen to you.

KIRAEL: Let me open this chapter with a deep concern: Whenever any fear slips in, my apologies will be loud and clear, for that is not the purpose of this work. I want to avoid it at all costs. The three days of darkness are not about fear and panic but about ascension into the Fourth Dimension. I extend my apologies over and over again for any fear that might arise, and please understand that I am not trying to scare you. I am trying to prepare you for ascension. The Shift is about Love, and any fear you feel is what you have chosen. Choose wisely, my friends, for the Shift will be the start of an awakening to behold.

The three days of darkness actually pertains to Mother Earth’s entry into the Photon Belt. This will produce the three days of darkness, and this event heralds the beginning of the Shift, or ascension, into the Fourth Dimension. Let me give you a brief explanation of what will happen during this period. The whole event will take place over a period of seven to ten days or so, but please don’t hold me to these numbers because it may fluctuate a day or so either way.

There will be a sense of complete and utter turmoil at this point. It is not to create fear. Yes, the fear is allowed by the Creator, but you do not have to enter into this fear. Those of you who read this work will be aware of the events that will transpire during this period. You will say to yourself, “This is exactly what Kirael said would happen.” You will still have to fight off the fear though, because it will permeate the Earth plane. It is an awakening of a very deep cellular memory that must come to the surface. This is contrived by the light beings to make sure that everybody gets through the Shift by healing their fears. And, again, because you live so much in fear, you actually do so many good things from fear. Healing your fears is all part of the Creator’s design.

This is another reason why you should be attempting to deal with your current fears. As you become practiced in dealing with and dissipating your fears, you will be better able to cope with the Shift. Some fears that you face today are such things as: Are my bills paid? Will I remain married, and if not, what shall I do? Will I lose all my money on some silly investment? These are, of course, very real, but when looked at in reality, all you need to do is confront the issue and be willing to handle it to the point where the issue comes to total clarity. Then guess what? It always turns out to be not that great big monster you saw. In fact, it becomes extremely manageable for the most part. That is why I emphasize that you complete all your self-learning projects on a timely basis. When you have learned as best as possible to deal with your fears, it will make the Shift an adventure as opposed to a nightmare. Practice makes perfect.

So, in the very first day, you will vibrate with the illusion of mass illness and seemingly devastating disruption. You will literally be leaving the Third Dimension and caught up in the Fourth Dimension, with the Photon Energy mixing in. You will sense the Earth’s shifting, major shifting, more so than you may have ever felt up to that point. You will quite literally not want to be walking around in the first 12 hours or so of this first day. You will literally be forced to remain stationary.

This is Mother Earth’s way of coming to a screeching halt. In this period, She shakes Herself out and realigns many of Her aspects. All of this is already mapped out, and She knows just how far to go without knocking Herself completely off course. So that will be one of your very first indications: the appearance of massive turmoil followed by Mother Earth really rumbling.

You will have had a number of earthquakes prior to this. Earthquakes will have become almost commonplace by this time. I am not talking about your big 8’s or 9’s on the Richter scale, but 5’s, 6’s and below, because that’s where Mother Earth will show that She is just getting ready. However, when She gets into Her final Shift position-where the energy of the Dimension is going from the Third Dimension to the Fourth Dimension and the Photon Energy has already begun to engulf the Earth, She will set the stage for Her last spins through the Third Dimension. Therefore, for about 12 to 16 hours on that first day, you will literally have a difficult time staying upright. Don’t panic! Do you know how many times you need to be reminded of this? Please don’t panic! If you do not panic in these first few hours, things will begin to settle themselves because the rocking and rolling will begin to taper off.

Next some of the other features will begin to manifest are the decrease in temperature and sunlight. It will actually begin to look like late evening for the next couple of days. You won’t get to see much sun from here on, until you get out of this part of the Shift.

In that time, an awesome awakening will begin to manifest. Depending on your extrasensory abilities, those friends and relatives who have passed onto the other side will be able to communicate with you. This will enable you to work in a way that most have not experienced in this current embodiment. This is just one more reason why, for the past few years, the Guides who know of the Shift have been recommending MEDITATION. My Truth tells me that the word should be upper case, for that is the importance I place on it.

Increasing darkness will have begun to permeate the Earth plane, along with a cold never before experienced. It will be a deep cold, for it will penetrate inside of you. At this time, you will make a connection with other entities that are not carbon-based. Here is another reason why you cannot live your life based in fear. You will be faced with what will appear to be some of your greatest tests. All you will need to understand is that IT IS A TEST. You need only hold onto the Light, for in using the white light, your awareness peaks and the test will disappear.

On the third day, Mother Earth will fully enter the Photon Belt and the actual Shift to the Fourth Dimension will occur. This will be where the Photon Energy envelopes the Earth plane and the three days of darkness begin. The outer band of the Photon Energy is very dense in order to sweep out the third-dimensional essence and to ignite the fourth-dimensional energy. It will be dark because the light particles are so dense that they take on the appearance of no light. It will take approximately three days to get through this outer band and it will appear as if you are in total darkness. Now, do not wake up 72 hours later, walk outside and say, “That’s it! I’m out of here.” You will have to pay attention and not be hung up on time, for that will become the trickster and cause the energy to take even longer to calm.

As you move into the Photon Energy, it will literally block out the sunlight. This will be the real darkness, my friends. The essence of the Photon Energy literally has the ability to block out the sunlight, so when I talk about darkness, I’m talking about the real purity of darkness. However, some of the sun’s thermal energy will get through so you won’t have to experience an “Ice Age.” It won’t undergo a vibrational shift to compensate for the lack of mobility that most will experience.

It won’t make sense to try to go out and fix anything. It won’t make sense to try to go down to the corner store and see if it’s open. You will not starve to death; nobody will starve to death in three days. In the first place, your metabolism will change so that you won’t need food. You will ingest only the lightest of substances. In the beginning, there will be only that which the Creator has brought light to in the form of the plant world. This is what the Creator always supplied you. For whatever reason, you haven’t used it wisely up until this point. Now, you will not only utilize plants wisely but you will have a bit of time resonating with this but most will actually begin to enjoy this new food source.

How can people in warm climates prepare for this period? Not by buying ten blankets or building some sort of cold-proof room. The medium reminded me of when he was a young lad and al the people were building shelters in the Earth and stocking them with canned foods. This was in response to someone possibly dropping some sort of giant bomb and the only safe place was some sort of shelter. Let me assure you, my friends, none of that will be necessary this time. By the time this event actually engulfs your Earth plane, those who are destined to experience the fullness of the event will have learned about vibrational body transfer and motion alliance, so the essence will be completely protected.

Be clear that body energy will get everybody through. That’s why it will be important to embrace your brothers and sisters in love. You won’t freeze to death because you will have learned about meditation and vibrational body transfer. All these things you are learning on this very mundane level are actually preparation for a time not so far into the future.

In the middle of these three days of complete darkness and cold, most of the world’s population will be immobilized. You will slow down to such a state that the three days of darkness won’t feel like current time does, my friends. That’s how some of the fear will be displaced. You will hardly even remember going through this part of the density. Once it’s started and you hit the first of the three days, you’ll literally go into a state of hibernation within yourself.

Coming out on the other side of those days of darkness will be beyond your wildest expectations. As the darkness dissipates, you will have another two or three days before it becomes daylight again. It will appear as dusk. When you take your first step, you will realize you no longer touch the ground like you used to. You will find that you can take a hop into the air, stay there a little while, and kind of float back down. There will be pockets of this new energy still somewhat thick so this may be a little tricky at times.

You will feel something new moving through your body and will find that you can fill your body with this new energy that radiates within. From top to bottom you will love this new feeling that will completely overwhelm the new you.

It will take two to four years for most to learn how to deal with this newness under the guidance of teachers who will carry you through this new reality. They will be honored for what they share, and you will appreciate all those who practiced on this side to learn the art of manifesting. Can you begin to understand why its’ so important for all to get the lessons completed before the Shift? That way, there will be no need to experience them afterwards.

As a caution, let me remind you that you will take any unfinished experiences into this new reality, so before the Shift, prepare as much as possible so as not to have to waste precious time while others are moving at the new pace.

You will wonder why you’re not hungry because of how much time has passed. Not only will you not have the slightest bit of hunger pain but most, if not all, of your body fat will be gone. When you finally do get hungry, you will recognize that you need to eat something that God created. Then you’ll look at the plants that have always been there but that you never really noticed before. You’ll pick one of them, put it in your mouth, and it will slowly dissolve. You’ll feel its energy emanate into your system. Then suddenly, you’ll realize that you are breathing differently. Your breath will come in through the crown of your head and will fill your body in a manner you are not really accustomed to. In those first few days after the Shift, you will learn how to function with everything that is different.

Many new things will occupy your new and enlightened thinking process. Your thought process will be so clear, and your memory will be beyond anything you will have prepared for. You will have approximately 2,000 years to revel in the glory of the Fourth Dimension.

In essence, my friends, although it will seem like a rather shaky situation, this is the beginning of the period of total enlightenment. Most of you have been preparing for many lifetimes just to remember the totality of ascension. Nothing has been wasted, so don’t ask, “Why didn’t I just wait for this instead of going through all the trauma?” Learn with a great desire so as to not take any old baggage into this new and exciting era.

This is just the beginning. Don’t judge the total experience by this short span of time and most certainly, “Don’t panic!”

How much linear time do we have left? I mean, we’ve got to get cranking to raise our vibrations. Can you tell us about when the Shift will take place?

KIRAEL: As I explained before, the actual time frame is irrelevant. It is not the WHEN; it is, in fact, THE JOURNEY. So much depends on Mother Earth and Her vibrational system.

As Mother Earth’s vibrations increase, this actually slows Her speed towards the null zone. In this time, the masses can more fully prepare for ascension. Ironically, the more you try to prepare from fear, the faster you’re going to move towards it. So your challenge, my friends, is to figure out how to teach without fear.

Master Jesus came here to teach without fear. Buddha came here to teach of balance and no fear. All the Masters have tried to teach without fear. However, the human thought process and the lack of 12 DNA strands have allowed some people to use fear to control the masses and gain from a more personal standpoint.

The light cannot be hammered in. It can only be accepted in. If you wish to move this Photon Energy and keep it at bay until you can get more of the population prepared for it, then you must become more enlightened. Don’t go into fear. The Photon Energy is coming and you can’t stop it. But the more brothers and sisters you are able to prepare for the Shift, the more beauty and light you shall all share in the Fourth Dimension.

Q. I read in a book about the “null zone.” Can you tell me about this and how it relates to the Shift and the three days of darkness?

Kirael: During the three days of darkness, the Earth’s magnetic field will drop to zero and all electromagnetic activity will cease. This is the “null zone,” and marks the shift from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension. As we move into the Fourth Dimension, time is already compacting. This is literally compacting the planetary system itself so that the landmasses of Mother Earth are being compressed into a different space. This is going to create a physical shift as well as the energy changes that will enable Mother Earth to cleanse Herself.

Q. This sounds like a fearful time, like we’re going to have earthquakes. So if I know this now, there would be no fear because I would know what was happening, right?

Kirael: Easy to say, but memory is also cellular. It would not be the kind of fear you deal with on an everyday basis. Though many will be aware, for the most part, the masses will be a reaction. We have already talked about the mass consciousness, so you can begin to see the importance of not falling prey to the thoughts of others. Clarity will be at a premium, and those who are fully aware will be able to help others understand. Don’t panic. Do you know how many times you need to remember this? Don’t panic.

Q. Will the Shift occur the same way all over the Earth?

Kirael: The answer is a resounding yes. This is a total Earth Shift. No single place is spared the process. Why would anyone want to miss it? This period of unrest is only a prelude to all the beautiful energy of the Fourth Dimension. The essence of the Earth will be at the highest possible vibration that it has been in for literally thousands of years.

Q. Without electricity and gas, how do we survive? How about cooking food, hot showers, radio, television?

Kirael: From our side, one of the most interesting parts of this event is the answers to these particular questions. Most have become so reliant on the creature comforts of this world that they can’t begin to understand how they will be able to survive. There are two parts to this: First, as you lose electrical power, Photon Energy will replace it. Remember that your reliance on fossil fuels is one of the things that keeps you hostage to the cartels of this time. The purity of life without all the trappings will soon be the absolute highest form of understanding.

Second, the Galactic Brotherhood will assist you in the conversion of energy. They will move swiftly to see that most important needs are taken care of. You cannot imagine the speed with which they will assist the remaining essence on this plane.

Q. Can you discuss the other Realms involved in the Shift?

Kirael: Mother Earth, like all other entities, is a living, breathing entity, just as your body is a living, breathing entity. Your physical body seems small compared to your totality, but it is alive and well. The duration of the null zone will be uncomfortable for any physical body that is not “lightened up”. There are two energies that you can work with entering the null zone; sound and light, because your third-dimensional body is a molecular structure also composed of light.

Your physical bodies and the human element are among the lower vibrations in the universes. That is not being negative; it is just the truth. But that’s what you chose when you decided to become part of the DNA reduction. For explanatory purposes, we’ll say that with the density you have, you are on the lower end of the spectrum. Different ranges exist on the higher spectrum, such as the Angelic Realm and the Guidance Realm. The Guidance Realm is where I come from. Master Jesus and many of the other Melchizedeks-all of the Great Masters who have manifested into light body-exist in the Guidance Realm. Beyond the Guidance Realm, there exist Light Beings, which permeate every living entity essence in all universes.

Above Light Beings, we have what we call the “Outer Light Band,” which is where more concentrated forms of Light Beings exist along with the Akashic Record. Beyond that, we come to the Christ Consciousness, and the totality of the Creator Energy.

Q. Does that mean that I can still buy that car I want, and that house too?

KIRAEL: This is one of the most important questions in this book. If you remember nothing else, let it be this.

If in reading this book, you find yourself saying, “There no need to buy something or enter into a long-term agreement because when the Shift happens, it’s not going to have any bearing,” then catch yourself. You couldn’t be making a more reckless statement. Your life plan calls for certain experiences and each is meant to bring a new level of understanding. Each time you choose to short cut a lesson, it is simply deferred to the new reality for you to work on then. No matter what, do not deny the possibilities of experience.

Imagine if you would, that you awaken in an energy where all has moved to a space only dreamed about in the past. As you look around and see the potential of life, it is so beautiful that it is breathtaking. You begin to understand about your new body and the capabilities within this new reality. However, due to an incomplete learning situation, your higher self lays out a plan whereby you must repeat an experience. While all your being wants the new energy, it cannot move until all has been mastered. Therefore, leave no possibilities undone. Master everything your higher self lays before you with passion, for this is what brings you into this new millennium.

The Fourth Dimension is the essence of pure thought, and anything and everything that exists in the Third Dimension must have originated in the Fourth. It is, in fact, the bridge between the learning space that humans occupy and all other realities. It is a space that all evolving entities must access. They can communicate and share the learning while still affording the luxury of self-learning. As the Shift gathers momentum and allows humans a new and exciting place to evolve, the Fourth becomes the newest of schoolhouses, but one that will have little or no resemblance to the one you’re leaving.

As you enter into the Fourth Dimension, the collapse of the Third Dimension creates a vacuum. this creates a pulling force that automatically draws fifth-dimensional energy towards the current shift, and you will discover the dimension of love. Your journey into the Fourth will be relatively short. You will learn at a rapid rate, and then all will be left will be to return to how you once were in Lemuria.

Once you have attained the level of the Fourth, you no longer have the grasp on fear that has permeated the Third. Therefore, advancing to the Fifth Dimension becomes a given. You will remember your existence on the Lemurian plane soon after awakening into the Fourth Dimension. The galactic energy that you may be carrying will be set aside as the love energy that you seek becomes the rule. The Fourth offers a multitude of new experiences, and you will want to spend a long time in it.

Portals are circular energy patterns, and as you go through them, they will cleanse and transport you into the new thought patterns of the Fourth Dimension. Portals will allow you to understand more about your own embodiment, as they are the entrances to the Shift itself. At the portals, portal workers will assist those entering the new dimension.

As soon as you pass through the portal, the cleansing begins. This is where all the unnecessary energies that you may have been carrying are removed. Suppose that you have a cancer or tuberculosis or any kind of illness. For the most part, this will be removed allowing for a fresh start. Since all your third-dimensional illnesses were created for self-learning within the Third Dimension, you will discover that you don’t want to create illness. You will evolve beyond 99 percent of this. Your molecular structure and physical embodiment will come into a much different alignment. Your metabolic rate will change, your heart realigned, and your brainpower expanded. Your embodiment will change-larger kidneys, better blood pressure, and so on.

If you are around 50 years old at the time of the Shift, it is safe to add as much as 130 to 150 years. The average life span can easily reach into the high hundreds. Even this can be extended, if it is desired. You choose.

The portals will actually be fully open prior to the three days of darkness, but they will not be evident at all. After the three days of darkness, they will be extremely evident. By then, the Galactic Brotherhood will already have made their presence known.

Internal portal workers will be those who are already evolved into the Fourth Dimension and they will help others to evolve in a gentler, loving fashion. They will also help to dispel any residual fear.

External portal workers will experience the Shift from the highest element. It’s difficult to explain in third-dimensional terms; however, if you have chosen to be an external portal worker, know that you made the commitment before coming onto the Earth plane. The commitment probably saved you 10 to 20 lifetimes in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, and you will be rewarded in the light of Master Jesus and all of the Grand Masters who will be there in assistance. All of you will be light beings, and once in the portal, you will feel the love from the Fifth Dimension.


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  1. I do believe all of what had been discussed on this webpage, but to me moving into the fourth dimension sounds like dying and moving on as spirits. All the other dimensions above the fourth sound like move evolved souls. Am I wrong?

    • The biological vessel (our physical body) wouldn’t be needed if the consciousness passes from it…

  2. Another question, what if I move into the fourth dimension and my kids are left behind, or vise versa? How am I able to comfort them? And once we are all in the fourth dimension, will I be with them?

  3. Hey Rula,

    Your kids come into this lifetime free of previous lifetime baggage as we came in with. They are the crystal children or shift children…embodying more intuitive abilities, etc (see Doreen virtue’s work) then as folk. They are the ones helping to raise the consciousness of this universe….indigos born in 1970s onwards questioned systems of organizations, crystals are born from 2000 onwards (depending on where you read this…dates can change)…needless to say in 2008 there was a huge influx of babies being born….all very precious and sensitive helping to raise the consciousness.

    Hope this helps! So don’t worry about them…they are already there….honor your path and raise your consciousness that is your path to take to reach your true potential or essence! Blessings

  4. Thank you for your sharing.It is very nice post.

  5. Fine,I truly enjoyed reading this and I can see certain truths in what you have just said. But may I ask this 2 questions:
    1) You mention Master Jesus, is he the Jesus mentioned in the bible? I mean with all due respect there are some real lies and deceptions in the bible that I totally consider as crap.
    2)I worship no one but myself as I am a reflection of the divine God source. So does the shift apply to everyone or to certain religious denominations?

    Thank you

    Love and Light

    • The being called “master jesus” is indeed the Jesus in the bible. But it is also more then that. It is the essence of the soul of jesus.

      Remember that the bible has accounts of jesus’ life. It was not written by Jesus. Remember too that the bible has been rewritten, edited, and redistributed many times over. Kinda reminds me of the telephone game we played as youngsters. The bible is a good place to learn about how Jesus chose to live his life through another’s perception. But when studying anything, religion included, it is always wise to go to a variety of sources rather then reading one book and saying you know it all. 🙂

      It is good that you hold yourself in high esteem and follow your heart and emotional guidance. Each path walked is a very personal path. As humans the majority of us look to someone else to find the answers, when all along they are waiting right inside of us. If we can just slow down enough to listen more people would follow a path similar to yours. The shift itself applies to all, as long as they choose it. Free will is a powerful thing, and the shift is just one of the many possibilities available.

  6. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but you definitely add value. Bravo.

  7. Dear Brethren,

    First of all I would like to thank you, so much for answering me. I can truly feel the vibrations of truth resonating from what is written here. Now If I may, I would like to ask a couple of questions, of which are of paramount importance to me and you’ll see why.

    1)May I ask on the type of meditation I should be doing and please if you have any suggestions to aid me, I would greatly appreciate them.

    2)This is the BIG one,please bear with me as it is a little long. I have been married for 18years now. However me and my wife stopped making love about 4 years ago, due to marital problems,etc,etc. Anyhow I still respect her and love her unconditionally as I am learning to do to anyone else (including my enemies and those who meant to do me harm. Now recently, a few days before 2011, I received a some greetings e-mails from diverse persons. However one e-mail seemed to have out shined the rest, this was from a Lady, who is a member of a medieval society and also an author.Immediately I wanted to compliment her back and almost ignored all the others.She replied so warmly and lovingly back to me. Then I wrote her back and saw her picture and from this moment on we fell in such an unexplainable grip of love and bliss, that I still cannot believe still. We feel such a bond to want to live together, as also teaching spirituality to each other. We are also planning on our ascension together. She is unhappily married and lives in the UK, and I in Malta.I know I am acting purely according to my inner being, but the urge to be with each other is really getting heavy. We both believe that this is a Divine Twin Flame reunion. If you can, please teach or instruct us further on what should be done. My God! This is so very new to us as we never experienced this kind of passionate Love ever!

    Thank you

    Love, Light and Blessing

  8. I don’t want to leave my dog. Who will take care of him? Can I take him with me?

    • Our pets have come here to teach us unconditional love and loyalty. That being said, I can’t imagine we have to abandon our families during these times.

      • That is also my #1 concern. My dogs and cats. I spend most of my free time involved in animal rescue and cannot imagine a life, in any dimension, without animals. They are my heart and soul.

  9. Thank you for sharing.. However I wonder what is going to happen with our pets ?

    • Our pets have come here to help us remember unconditional love and loyalty. That said, I find it hard to believe we would have to abandon our family during these times.

  10. I truly enjoyed reading this message, thank you. Davorka

  11. I also find meaning and truth in what you are saying. Years ago I had the strangest dream. On the first night I dreamed that I was asked to help 2 angelic beings. On the next night I dreamed that I had to enter a hotel conference room and there again I saw the 2 angelic beings. They were there with other people as well. for some reason I felt I had to walk through a fire. After which I saw the beings but everyone was dressed in different period costume. I was told that what I had just done was unsual because I had no training. I was then introduced to the people on hand. I remember meeting Mme Currie, King Edward and many others as well as the 2 angels. I was told that heaven was not some mystical religious place. I was told that the angels actually existed simply on a different plane of existance. I was told that great changes were coming our way-meaning planet earth and that all of the beings were gathered to disuss how best to proceed. I have searched all of my life for meaning and understanding of this dream. I believe that I am finally on the right path. However-there is no-one here to help me. Could you possibly provide a list of books to read, or sites to visit to come to a better understanding of how to proceed. Love and light to all.

    • If it was my dream, I’d interpret it like this:

      On the first night I dreamed that I was asked to help 2 angelic beings. ~ You have powers unknown to you, and we are trying to reawaken this memory within your consciousness.

      On the next night I dreamed that I had to enter a hotel conference room and there again I saw the 2 angelic beings. They were there with other people as well. for some reason I felt I had to walk through a fire. ~ Here we are again! Welcome Back! Are you ready to go through the fire of purification? Are you ready to release your old thought forms and patterns in a willing gesture to cultivate your gifts?

      After which I saw the beings but everyone was dressed in different period costume. I was told that what I had just done was unsual because I had no training. I was then introduced to the people on hand. I remember meeting Mme Currie, King Edward and many others as well as the 2 angels. ~ Congrats for following your heart’s call. You are rapidly realigning with your true self. We angels and others will continue by your side for the rest of your life, to guide you through your new relationship with spirit.

      I was told that heaven was not some mystical religious place. I was told that the angels actually existed simply on a different plane of existance. I was told that great changes were coming our way-meaning planet earth and that all of the beings were gathered to disuss how best to proceed. ~ Here in this connection to self, you can see all times and creatures because you have realized that time is man made, not a truth. In truth we are all energy, spiritual energy. You now have access to anything you can imagine! Including an unlimited supply of support.

      As far as how to proceed.. that is a much harder issue to address. Each of us have very different jobs here on earth. Consider too that we are also growing spiritually by leaps and bounds through our life experiences, this is a time great change, and even greater understanding. I advise you to ask yourself a few things that will lead you to your path. What is it that makes my heart happy and my spirit fly? How can I best be of service to humanity? What would my friends say are my good qualities? What reactions do I feel in my body when I think upon a certain path, or opportunity? This is where I started out. But given your access to angels, you can also try simply asking them or your spirit guide. Then pay attention to outer signs. You may see a sign which brings to mind one of your current options, or you may even be blessed with a chance encounter of another starseed who’s meant to be alongside your path.

      Wishing you tons of inspiration, and blessings. ~Kat

  12. thank you for all that comes to me to help with what i feel and think, it is good to have help and assurance to prepare me

  13. Thanks this post is wonderful reading. Gives interesting insights.

    After reading it yesterday I return today again. Today I notice it was written 2007. Is it still current and do you have any updates for this current point in time?

    • I occassionally feel called to post “Energetic Updates”. Though I must admit I’m not much of consistent blogger. Check around… the keywords are ascension symptoms, energetic updates, and lightworkers. Those will bring you to some posts you’ll find interesting. Plugging those into google too will help you waste a few hours on enlightenment. 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. I sense the truth of your writhing especially relevant in New Zealand as we have been having the earth quakes here so this could explain it nicely thanks. Certainly more prepared now for anything 🙂

  14. Thank you for this post. I have seen the similarities between the ‘Son’ (Jesus) dying and being resurrected in three days and the upcoming ‘Sun’ dying and coming back in three days.

  15. This really resonates within me as to what will happen. It was as if I had already read this before, what you wrote seemed to already be within my knowledge. It is a very exciting time and I so look forward to each and everyday.

  16. What a great piece. Thank you so very much for these wise words of wisdom.

  17. […] THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS Update from Kirael Kirael 'The Great Shift" by Fred Sterling KIRAEL: When I put this one in on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how thrilled everybody was going to be with it. I know they are thrilled. Everybody asks me-me poor medium gets asked this a little bit more than I do because he is on Earth a lot more than I am: When is the three days of darkness going to happen? Well, let me put it to you as best as I ca … Read More […]

  18. I’m not sure where I first heard about the 3 days of darkness, but for me, it was at least 40 years ago that I first became aware of this oncoming experience. In ancient Chinese history, there is an accounting from thousands of years ago about the Earth standing motionless and in darkness for 3 days. If I remember right, it was from a document of the time of the Yellow Emperor, which was at least 6-8 thousand years before the current era. I’m guessing it was an event that coincided with the dimensional shifting that occurred when Atlantis sank. I have to laugh, cuz even tho I’m “old”, I know that I am destined to experience this dimensional shifting. I also loved the comment about living to being very old. I’ve told my kids that I intend to live to be at least 135 years old, just so I can attend events within their lives. Already, I’m finding that I don’t eat much, and I’m returning to my vegetarian habits, which I had given up to fit in more with my social situations.

    • You might find it interesting to know the Mayans, Aztecs, Hopi and Lemuria also have the three days of darkness in their history. 🙂 Congrats on getting back to putting your body first, and honoring it as a temple.

  19. What about animals? (:

    • You might want to check out the comments, I’ve voiced my opinion on our extended family there.

  20. yes

  21. Thank You Kirael –
    my heart opened wide while reading your words and tears fell ! something cleared and i now know for sure that all the suffering here on earth so far hasn’t been for nothing, every soul shall arise.
    I’m looking forward to the ride of my Life and to the new golden age to come in the very near future. Blessings and Peace to all, especially those folks who haven’t yet ‘ got with the program ‘

  22. I found this fascinating and in many ways it makes a lot of sense to me; however, I spent last night worrying about it – despite your advice NOT TO PANIC – wish I wasn’t such a coward! My concerns are on a practical level: will all the buildings collapse? Will a lot of people die? Will there be any warning that it’s about to take place? What will happen to those who are travelling when it starts, to women who are in labour, to the vulnerable, the sick and the very old, to our pets (as others have said)? Last but not least, how will we contact loved ones who are not within easy reach to see if they’re OK and how will we find them again afterwards (if ever)? I hope you can forgive me not to being like those who’ve responded so positively.

    • You seem to be forgetting that most of us will sleep right through it. Remember that we are never alone. There are many who are willing to help us, both human and spiritual. Great Spirit and Mother Earth has taken care of us continually, why would he stop now? We are here to experience the change, and come out the other side bringing a new consciousness into being.

  23. thank you… this is amazing 🙂

  24. […] The Shift: Three days of darkness (via Kat’s Musings) THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS Update from Kirael Kirael 'The Great Shift" by Fred Sterling KIRAEL: When I put this one in on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how thrilled everybody was going to be with it. I know they are thrilled. Everybody asks me-me poor medium gets asked this a little bit more than I do because he is on Earth a lot more than I am: When is the three days of darkness going to happen? Well, let me put it to you as best as I ca … Read More […]

  25. Mmm. Thank you for sharing this.
    Around the time you posted this, I was having interesting dreams. The one which made a lasting impression upon me was one where the earth began shaking. Not like a jarring earthquake, but a strong, steady vibration. In the dream, I looked outside and saw a field with cows grazing. From above came tornados which sucked up each individual cow, which did not frighten me in the dream. I had thought that this meant that food would become scarce… now I think it means that we will begin to utilize plant nutrition more.
    All the best to all.

  26. Dear Kat, much love and gratitude for the writing. Do you have any information on what the internal portal worker is and what the external portal worker is? I would like to understand the meaning as it I will be commencing some portal work myself shortly. With divine love, Ramanprit

    • Ramanprit, I have heard of portal work before, but never the phrase internal portal or external portal. The question did however bring to mind a few things that I felt I should share.

      Portal work is simply directing energy to an event or time/place which is not part of our “current waking reality” in an effort to bring about change. A few years back, I learned a bit about ho’oponopono. Which is a Hawaiian technique that brings change through energy direction. The difference between ho’oponopono and other portal work is that it’s directed towards oneself. The concept is that everything that is outside of you, is mirrored from the inside. We are all the same, we are all connected. By acknowledging, accepting, and sending love to that part of your self you are able to heal those things in the outside world around you. Perhaps an internal portal?

      You can find some more about it here.

      Wishing you great joy, miraculous beauty, and majestic transformations, Kat

  27. In one lucid dream i holded some girl hand all trip and explained about lucid world. At the end some guy in the back said, dont hold the line. Loked at right and saw lots portals like rabbit holes, and we jumped in one of them. Opened my eyes instantly after jump. Like this portal was back to my body 🙂 btw i love lucid world, for me its like my home. Always waiting to back there!

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