Entering the Portal of Mystical Realities

Not only did article resonate with my perspective of things, but she also uses “a field of wildflowers” in her last sentence, in the same manner I typically do! Anybody who knows me, can imagine my face after reading this! Lovely coincedences.  Here’s my all time favorite wildflower photo, taken of course by me.

Enjoy the insight. Lots of love and miraculous blessings to you. ~Kat

Entering the Portal of Mystical Realities

There are times when it may seem your existence here is as dry as
broom straw. By this, we refer to a brittle feeling within that lacks
resiliency and flow. Many on the Earth experience this and reach for
that which blunts the force of these feelings. Such actions result in
addictions that deaden the existence even further.

When your spirit lacks vitality and color, this is a sign you are not
giving it what it needs to flourish. One aspect of this is a
misunderstanding that physical reality feeds your spirit. In fact, it
is your spirit that feeds your physical reality. When you attempt to
live in reverse, taking sustenance from the outer world, you quickly
deplete your spirit.

Feeding your spirit what it needs to grow is much like feeding your
body what it needs to thrive. While much of the sustenance for your
body comes from cosmic life force energy, the food and other
substances you put into your body either facilitates or hinders your
body’s ability to receive this energy. When you take in substances
that deaden your vitality and create blockages in your physical
system, you open the door for disease to manifest. So it is, when you
attempt to feed your spirit with mundane, one-dimensional experiences
of the physical world, it begins to shrivel and withdraw from your
existence. There are many in your world who exist with just a spark
of their spirit intact. These beings find themselves susceptible to
afflictions and diseases of the body, mind and spirit.

Awakening to the Mystical

When you realize your existence has become dry and ruled by habit, it
is time to withdraw some of your focus from physical reality and
awaken your sleeping spiritual senses to the mystical energies all
around you. As you attune your senses to the realm of the “unseen,”
you are able to explore and experience a vast array of energies that
deepen your spiritual understanding. This paradoxically gives you a
richer experience of physical existence.

We offer here some ways you can begin to access the portal of mystical
realities in your daily life. The first step is the same as with all
things — that is, set your intention to do so, then begin to shift
your focus and attention through right use of will and desire. Once
you have taken this first step, you can take the further steps of
listening to your imagination and trusting the images it brings you,
and remembering and interpreting the messages your soul brings you in
your nightly dreams.

The Doorway of the Imagination

In your world, the imagination is often considered a second-rate
instrument that “makes up” things. The realm of the imaginary has
come into such scorn that many stifle the messages of their
imagination early in life. This is one of the greatest points of
misunderstanding in your world! Your imagination is your bridge to
higher consciousness. It is your greatest means of accessing other
aspects of yourself, such as your higher self, your oversoul, and
other incarnational selves that exist in other timeframe dimensions.

Cutting yourself off from your imagination is like attempting to
function with only half your self intact. It’s true, many adapt to
such a “half” existence, but it is always with a great feeling of loss
and a knowing that something important is missing. When you lose
connection with this wise and knowing part of yourself, you go through
life without knowing why you are here. True love eludes those who are
not in touch with their soul. Life becomes an endless striving for
material gain that never quenches the growing thirst for spiritual

Those who have cut themselves off from their imagination can choose to
reconnect by changing their beliefs about the imagination. Understand
and accept that all the images your imagination brings you are real
and true and apply to you. Your imagination only brings you images
that are an energetic match for your present reality. Sometimes, in
order to understand the full meaning of these images, it is necessary
to view them in a symbolic rather than literal way. Perceiving your
existence in a symbolic way requires you to take a few steps back from
physical reality and enter the realm of the mystical.

The Theater of Nightly Dreams

In much the same way, your nightly dreams bring images and messages
that shed light on the state of your present-moment consciousness.
They also offer glimpses of past and future moments as they apply to
your present moment. By setting the intention to remember these
messages and understanding their meaning, you gain access to the realm
of the mystical.

Some of your nightly dreams center on processing waking experiences.
Ideally, at some point during the night, you complete this processing
and enter an elevated dream state where you are able to receive
information and guidance from your higher self and guides. In this
state, you may also commune with aspects of your self that exist in
other timeframe dimensions.

As you become advanced in your dreamtime experiences, you are able to
attend spiritual teachings all over the universe, or serve as a
volunteer traveling in dreamtime to assist other souls in your world
and in other dimensions. There are many possibilities you are able to
explore as you become adept in dreamtime travels. We will speak more
on such possibilities next week in a discussion titled Entering the
Portal of Angelic Intervention.

To set up the probability of accessing elevated dream states, you can
consciously choose to process and distill the meaning of your waking
experiences before you enter the sleep state. One way to do this is
to interpret the meaning of significant events from your day in terms
of dream symbols. When you process your waking experiences prior to
entering the sleep state, this frees time and energy that would
otherwise be used processing your waking experiences.

Another step is to speak to your higher self and guides before you
fall asleep about the journeys and understandings you wish to
undertake in your sleep state. Become clear about the areas on which
you wish to focus. This sets up a framework of intention that takes
you into the timeframes, dimensions and journeys you wish to
experience during your dreamtime.

As you learn to navigate the universe of the subconscious during dream
states, you learn to bring the realm of the mystical into your waking

By entering the Portal of Mystical Experiences, you learn to feed your
spirit by awakening your spiritual senses to the realm of the unseen,
which has the power to grow your spirit and enrich your experience of
physical existence. Within this portal, you encounter two doorways –
one leading to the imagination and the other to the theater of your
nightly dreams. Both offer access to the realm of the mystical where
your highest probabilities beacon like fields of wildflowers.

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