Meditations with the Elders

“Our religion seems foolish to you, but so does yours
to me. The Baptists and Methodists and Presbyterians
and the Catholics all have a different God. Why cannot
we have one of our own?”

The Creator gave each culture a path to God. To the
Indian people, he revealed that the Creator is
everything. Everything is alive with the Spirit of
God. The water is alive. The trees are alive. The
woods are alive. The
mountains are alive. The wind is alive. The Great
Spirit’s breath is in everything and that’s why it’s
alive. All of nature is our church. We wake up in
church, we walk all day long in a church, we eat with
our families in church, we go to sleep in church.
My Creator, let us leave people to worship You in the
way You have taught them.
By: Don Coyhis


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  1. Fantastic quote – thanks for sharing that.” All of nature is our church”…that is beautiful.

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