The cure ALL: Hyper-oxygenation

     A much simpler type of Oxygen Therapy uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is what ozone (O3) forms on contact with water.  It can be taken orally if diluted with water to 1/200 or less, absorbed through the skin by bathing in it (anywhere from 1-8 pints of 3% H2O2 in a standard size bathtub half full), or in severe cases it can be injected (250 cc of .075% to .15% or roughly 1/1300 to 1/650).  Injections obviously require a physician’s assistance, but self-treatment is possible with oral and skin applications.  The principle is the same as with ozone blood treatment.  All hostile micro-organisms prefer lower oxygen levels than the body’s cells require to remain healthy.  Boosting the oxygen level revitalizes normal cells while killing virus and other pathogens.
     The domestic sales of hydrogen peroxide are rising at 15% per year, as the news of this option spreads at the grass-roots level.  The rapid expansion of the peroxide movement is especially remarkable considering there has been almost no media coverage, and, in fact, the FDA, American Cancer Society and other enforcers of established medicine have tried hard to discourage the practice. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen.  Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation as it spreads through the patient’s tissues.  This also destroys cancerous growths which are anaerobic.
     Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated over 50 years ago the basic difference between normal cells and cancer cells.  Both derive energy from glucose, but the normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, while cancer cells break down glucose without oxygen, yielding only 1/15 the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces.  This is why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar, and also why people who consume excessive quantities of sugar tend to get cancer more often.
     The anaerobic breakdown of glucose by cancer cells forms large amounts of lactic acid as a waste product, the same substance formed by fermentation of lactose, as in spoiled milk.  The liver converts some of this back into glucose, in an attempt to salvage a food source from a toxic waste.  In doing this the liver uses 1/5 the energy per glucose molecule than a normal cell can derive from it, but that’s three times the energy a cancer cell will get from it.  The more the weak, deranged cancer cells multiply, the more energy is lost to the normal cells.  Thus we find that low levels of both oxygen and energy tend to occur where cancer is present, and vice versa.  This wasteful metabolism becomes self-sustaining and dominant unless the oxygen and/or energy levels are sharply increased, or the cancer’s food source is eliminated.
     Dr. Christian Bernard, who performed the first heart transplant, said in March 1986 that he was taking peroxide and water himself several times daily to reduce arthritis and aging, and he recommended it highly at the time.  Since then he has come under heavy attack by the medical establishment for this position, and now states that he “is not involved” with the peroxide movement.  But he does not retract his original endorsement, nor deny that he still uses it personally.  Over a hundred physicians are already curing a broad assortment of “incurrables” with this natural anti-microbial agent.  This includes some forty or more in the US.
     A principal liaison to these free-thinking physicians is DR. Charles H. Farr, who wrote “The Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide”.  He directs the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation, and publishes the “IBOM Newsletter”, which contains procedural updates and technical refinements for physicians using intravenous H2O2 therapy on their patients.  By classifying the treatments as experimental they can get around the FDA’s archaic restrictions for now, until massive public demand and/or media exposure force official approval.
     Dr. Farr summarizes the beneficial effects of H2O2 in “IBOM” issue #2; these include killing bacteria, protozoa, yeast, and virus, oxidizing lipids from arterial walls, increasing oxygen tension intracellularly, stimulating oxidative enzymes, returning elasticity to arterial walls, dilating coronary vessels, and regulating membrane transport.  IBOM is at PO Box 61767, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX 75261; 817-481-9772.  Dr. Farr is at 1130 North May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120; 405-752-0070 and 799-8781.
     The oral and skin applications offer the option of home treatment, as no blood needs  to be drawn, and hydrogen peroxide is cheap and plentiful.  Keep it diluted though; in high concentrations it can irritate sensitive skin and induce vomiting when ingested.
     Veterinarians routinely give common 3% H2O2 to animals that have swallowed poison, to make them throw it up.
     The starting dosage is one ounce of .5% (1/200) H2O2 in water, and some find they need to start with less.  As the peroxide contacts pathogens in the stomach, it liberates free oxygen, so those with high levels of virus and streptococcus in their stomachs may feel slight nausea while the reaction is occurring.  The dosage is increased by an ounce per day, up to five ounces on the fifth day, then finally up to five ounces three times daily for a week (or until disease is no longer present).  Then the dosage is tapered back down over a five week period.
     Food-grade or Re-agent (these are 35%, dangerous if undiluted) is better for internal use, since the common USP 3% H2O2 contains small amounts of chemical stabilizers and other impurities.  It can still be used if food-grade is unavailable; it just isn’t as pure.
     An alternate dosage regimen uses three drops of 35% H2O2 in a glass of water three times a day, which is then increased by a drop per dose, per day, up to 25 drops per dose in extreme cases.  Candidiasis victims should start at one drop per dose, and build their tolerance gradually.  Some find the taste rather bleachy and unpleasant, and may wish to chase it with plain water.  It can also be mixed with fruit juice, and citrus juices in particular cover the taste pretty well.  Adding seven drops of 35% H2O2 to a gallon of drinking water, and shaking well, purifies it and gives it a pleasant waterfall-like flavor.
     For more dosage details and extensive references on H2O2@ taken internally, contact Walter Grotz, Box 126, Delano, MN 55328; 612-972-2144.  His progress report, “ECHO”, costs $1.  He provided much of the material regarding H2O2 in this article.  Another source is father Richard Wilhelm, Box 18, Union Rd, California KY 41007; 606-635-9297. These gentlemen have continued the research initiated by Dr. Edward Carl Rosenow (1875-1966).  They have located over 4000 peer-reviewed medical articles on the applications of hydrogen peroxide, some dating back to the 1800s.  They received the National Health Federation’s Pioneer Award in Medicine this year, for this ongoing research.  Walter Grotz, in particular, has been touring and lecturing extensively on the benefits of self-administered H2O2, literally saving lives wherever he goes, and bringing hope to people who have been told there causes were hopeless.
     Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach at the Bio-Genesis Institute in Rosarita Beach, Baja Mexico (714-964-1535), has achieved a remission rate exceeding 70% in over 300 patients, at last count, most of whom had been previously told they were beyond hope, and had “tried everything else”.  Bio-oxidative therapies are now applied to all cases that arrive at this clinic, and all respond except for those who arrive already very close to death.  The Guadalahara Medical School, Mexico’s largest, is initiating their own tests this summer, and will add it to their curriculum upon verification.  As Dr. Donsbach has pointed out, no US clinic or institution has ever tested intravenous H2O2 as a treatment for cancer, so any claim that it is not effective is not based on clinical trial, and amounts to willful disinformation.  The Gerson Institute and La Gloria Clinic in Mexico are also using Hydrogen Peroxide therapies on their patients, after the staff tested it on themselves and found it beneficial.

AIDS, Cancer, Cured By Hyper-Oxygenation (Waves Forest)Medizone Testing Ozone Blood Treatment
In the summer of 1986, Medizone obtained from the FDA an IND (Investigative New Drug) Approval for ozone, which falls under the heading of drugs even though it isn’t. They verified that ozone destroys the AIDS virus in vitro, and completed their animal tests in the fall of 1986. The tests demonstrated no indication of toxicity, at ten times the equivalent amount that is proposed for human treatment. Medizone is at 123 E 54th St. Suite 2B, NY, NY 10022: Phone is 212-421-0303. Medizone says that it has obtained the rights to US patent #4,632,980, on “ozonation of blood and blood products”, from the company “Immunologics”, in exchange for Medizone stock shares. The patent pertains specifically to inactivating lipid-envelope virus. In humans, this includes AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Epstein Barr virus, and cytomegalovirus, among others.
Medizone obtained tentative FDA approval in April 1987 to begin human testing, but, for a variety of “bureaucratic reasons”, the FDA has postponed the actual start of the tests eight times now, with requests for further data, some of which had already been given to them. Twenty months now have passed << as of December 1988 >>, along with several thousand AIDS victims, since the first announced starting date was postponed. The Medizone staff is hoping to finally begin in the spring of 1989, but are no longer announcing expected starting dates with much confidence.
…As the Company’s future hangs on their decision, no one at Medizone wants to risk antagonizing the FDA by speculating about their actual motives for stalling such a broad-spectrum cure. All this can be done with virtually no publicity. The official reason is that the accepted procedure for publishing medical breakthroughs is to complete all the tests first, even though victims may die waiting for the cautious, methodical testing procedure to run its course. No one in the industry wants to raise false hopes, let alone repeat the medical disasters that have resulted in the past, from rushing approval on new treatments.
[During the Clinton Administration, the FDA gained “fast-track” approval, which means that new drugs are allowed more quickly into the market, with disclaimers.]
On the other hand, the enormously expensive and dubiously effective drug AZT was widely publicized and many months before it was approved in the US, as is ongoing research into possible AIDS vaccines. In fact, FDA Commissioner Frank Young has even announced a proposal to make experimental drugs available to AIDS victims as swiftly as possible, without waiting for full FDA approval procedure to be completed. So there appears to be a severe double standard involved here. It seems that highly profitable “treatments” with serious side effects can be promoted through massive news coverage, while an actual cure, repeatedly demonstrated in Europe, with minimal cost and no apparent harmful effects, must be delayed and kept quiet while panic and deaths mount. Surely at this stage the benefits of unauthorized publicity will outweigh the risks.
Safe Purification of Blood for Transfusions
Ozone infusion also provides a simple method of purifying stored blood and blood components, eliminating any possibility of disease being transmitted by transfusion. It also pre-oxygenates blood to be transfused, greatly reducing the burden on the body receiving the blood. This application alone, of the Medizone process has enormous profit potential, and the treatment will have vast international demand as the news spreads. This has not gone unnoticed by various investment analysts. “Confidential: Report from Zurich”, “Penny Stock Insider” and “Low-Priced Stock Edition”, among others, are urging their readers to get in on Medizone now, comparing the opportunity to getting in on Xerox, IBM, or Polaroid when they were still unknown.
Various physicians have independently discovered ozone to be also effective against cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, arterial circulation disorders, colitis, gum diseases, and assorted children’s diseases. Some of these findings have now been collected and published in the volume, “Medical Applications of Ozone”, available from the International Ozone Association, 83 Oakwood Terrace, Norwalk, Ct 06850. Some of the medical uses of ozone have been appreciated for years in Europe, Brazil, and elsewhere, as well as its advantages over chlorine for water treatment (no toxic residues, 5000 times more rapid disinfection) but its still relatively unknown in the US.


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  7. Does this really work? I have heard good things about hyper-oxygenation in the past, but are you endorsing ingesting hydrogen peroxide? Wouldn’t oxygen or dialysis treatments work better for purifying the blood? Please let me know because I am very curious to know.

    • Dialysis has been used, but it does not HEAL. It only enables the organs to keep functioning, as long as dialysis is continued. Oxygen, is exactly what this whole post is about. Oxygen in a natural formation (Not altered by our medical community) will be readily accepted by the body and absorbed into the blood stream, tissues, organs, and even cells. Where as oxygen from a doctor, does nothing more then force one to breathe better under dire circumstances.

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    • Read Brian Peskin…The Hidden Story Of Cancer….It changed my life on cancer for sure…He took Dr Warburg research futher…It lack to oxygen to the tissue that is the reason for cancer. His web site is I have also wrote a resourse that I give away with all the links, lectures,articles etc…you will be shocked….Because I had cancer and take this extremely seriously…It all has to do with essential fatty acids and processed food and the oil…
      my email is if anyone would like the resource

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