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“It is when we touch another soul with kindness and understanding, that we connect most deeply to ourselves. What could be more beautiful than millions of visionaries seeking to touch the entire world? I applaud the vision, scope, and practical methods by which 10 Million Clicks is spreading peace.” — Robert A.F. Thurman, President, Tibet House,

World Peace by Internet
By Peter Shepherd
With the horrors in Iraq, impending trouble in Iran, the genocide in Africa, and so many countries near the brink, I’ve joined a project that directly helps the victims of war, while building long-term peace. It’s such a significant project that it’s endorsed by:
a.. Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who calls this “.a beautiful and remarkable concept.”
b.. Deepak Chopra who wrote: “What a magnificent project!”
c.. Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul series: “.a mission of the highest human spirit.”
d.. Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and President of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence) stands behind this international project.
This project is has the potential to create peace on a scale inconceivable before.
The current problem with peace efforts is that they are attempted by high-level governments officials, who may have their own conflicting political agendas. The turmoil in the world today proves that this method is unable to create peace. The reason it fails is because government is powerless to create peace if its people are in a state of unrest.
To create peace, you must involve a country’s citizens not just its leaders.
10 Million Clicks For Peace does just that, and the reason it’s the best hope we’ve got, is that for the first time in history 1-out-of-5 people in the world can directly participate in the peace process.not just government officials. Why 1-out-of-5? Because that’s how many of the world’s people are connected to the Internet.

The Internet – which was ironically invented to permit communications after a nuclear war – is now the most promising tool we have for the creation of world peace. You and I can now reach out to all the people we know, and they can do the same, and on and on, until everyone in the world has access to the tools for creating personal peace. Millions of people can learn what should have been taught in every school from grade one. how to live vital happy lives, in harmony with ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our co-workers.

We are all connected, and now you can see how one positive action can affect hundreds of people.
Do you know the idea of 6-degrees-of-separation, where everyone is connected to everyone else through a chain of no more than 6 other people? If you want to reach your government official, you might know a friend, who knows an attorney, who knows a senator. etc. It’s a powerful idea, and the folks at 10 Million Clicks For Peace have done one better…

You can measure the peace you’re creating in the world.
Imagine a gauge or meter that could instantly show you how your positive actions were spreading out into the world, affecting hundreds of people, and then thousands. It would be a magical kind of meter that allows you to follow along to see how your voice of positive messages affects one person after another.

Well, today, that meter exists. It’s called a Personal Peace Impact Meter, and it’s how you can see the huge positive effect your simple actions can have on the world.multiplied! No matter how far down the line someone is from you, you’ll be able to know for sure that you’re connected in a positive way. It shows you the positive difference you’re making, along with simple steps to create more peace. You are more powerful than you thought, and now you can see it, measure it, and use it for good.

Could this project be the “tipping point” for world peace?
“The tipping point” is the interesting idea that it doesn’t take a majority of people to agree on something before the world moves in that direction. In reality, it only takes about 5% of the people to agree, before the world changes. It’s not just an idea. There’s a great deal of real-life evidence to support it, because most people will just go along with whatever seems to be happening.

10 Million Clicks For Peace will soon reach out to over 65 million people who have opted in to various mailing lists. That’s one-percent of Earth’s population, and those people will tell their friends, and so on, using the tools provided by 10 Million Clicks For Peace.

If you’re ready for world peace, if you want to bring the world’s troops home, if you want to change the news rather than watch it, if you want to help heal the damage done… 10 Million Clicks For Peace is simply the most innovative project, using the best technology, supported by the world’s most visionary peace makers.

What one of the largest refugee charities in the world says about 10 Million Clicks For Peace… “Mercy Corps wholeheartedly endorses this innovative initiative for peace. 10 Million Clicks for Peace is a shining example of what each of us can do, as partners for peace, to be the change we want to see in the world.” –Mercy Corps

Help us move the planet to peace today!


P.S. What’s really neat about this is that they’ve made it fun and easy. Anyone can help with just a few clicks of their mouse. And it all makes sense. We don’t need to wait for international negotiations. We can create peace ourselves–right now–using the power of the Internet.

The world cannot change unless human consciousness also changes. What’s most significant, in my view, about this movement is that 10 Million Clicks give you – and each person that you contact – a powerful personal growth and success course (at no cost or obligation). World-famous speakers and best-selling authors are working with them to make global peace a reality. This idea makes sense… teach people all over the world how to become more personally peaceful, happier, and more successful, and national politics will transform, because countries filled with aware, peaceful people simply don’t participate in violence nor do they allow their political leaders to start wars.

Peace is more possible today than ever before, because citizens of all countries can now talk to each other directly. With 1 out of every 5 people in the world connected to the internet, we’re realizing it’s no longer a case of “us” and “them.” We’re all in this together. We’re all connected. We can collaborate and we want to… because we all hope for a happy future, a place where we can live and love our families.

Sign up – at no cost – and your “Messages of Peace” eCourse will arrive soon, containing the wisdom of the world’s best speakers and authors on peace, happiness, health, and success.



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