Do you know your purpose in life?

I AM Raphael, the Angel of Healing and Transformation and it is a
delight and an honor to be here with you once again. There have been
so many changes, so many shifts of energy that each time we come
together in this way all is new.
The question is asked this day of how a divine human determines or
even finds their life purpose. There are layers to this and I begin
this day by saying that the underlying energy of believing that there
is a purpose to your life is one of them.
There are many who have come to this earth who do not truly have a
purpose for being here other than the whole experiencing of life
itself, in density, living in a world of duality. Nothing more and
nothing less. For these ones they are content to go about their day
to day existence, never imagining that there is more to life than
what they see around them, never stepping foot outside the small
human box in which they live their entire lives. This small
existence, this experiencing of a focused life, is the entirety of
their life purpose. There is nothing wrong with this and in their own
way, these ones who live their lives without ever truly stepping into
the consciousness and awareness that many of humanity are now opening
themselves to, have a role to play in All That Is, for nothing is
ever lost or without meaning.
You know that you are here to enjoy the experience and the discovery
and experience of your passion is what brings depth and meaning to
the human experience.
For those who are now awakening and for those who have had much
awareness in their lives thus far, the energy of having a purpose for
what they are experiencing, what they are seeing and what they are
feeling in every moment is paramount for them. For this is what truly
gives meaning to the divine human, knowing that you are here for a
reason and that there is more to your physical life than you are
perceiving with your human senses.

And thus we come to the question in that many are wondering just how
to discover what they are here on this earth to do, to accomplish or
even simply to experience. For many are feeling a lack in some ways,
a hole in their experience where surely something wonderful and grand
should be present for them. This is the area of energy, of beingness
where the conscious ones seek to place their purpose for being on
this earth. And this is the place where your passion belongs.

It is actually very simply my friend. Your divine passion and the
experiencing of that divine passion in all ways, is the foundational
purpose that you are here on this earth in the form that you are
using to ask this question. You know that you are here to enjoy the
experience and the discovery and experience of your passion is what
brings depth and meaning to the human experience.

So how do you find your purpose, which is your passion? I say to you
now my friend, that if you do not allow yourself the time of being
with you, with yourself only, sitting quietly and listening and
feeling, you will struggle more with this than you can possibly

*The answers that come to the divine human come from the places of
being quiet, of being with oneself. And in this society which is
increasingly busy and full of attempt to fill time to show that one
is diligent, dutiful and honorable to others, there is less and less
time to devote to the inner self, which is now crying out to be heard!

You can not find your purpose, discover your passion and move into
the realization of it if you do not give yourself the time to seek it
I ask that you take a moment and feel the energy of this, for there
is much here. Your world is too busy at times and your physical body
can suffer right along with your own soul, which hungers for the
expression of your passion just as much as you do! For in the
discovering of your purpose, the realization of your passion, you are
fulfilling the path of your own soul.

To begin from the beginning, sit quietly with yourself and imagine
that there are no time constraints, no place you need to be, nothing
that you need to be doing. In this quiet and safe space you have all
the divine time that you could ever possibly need. And in this
beautiful space you will find that you have all the peace that you
need as well, for peace is one of those things that is most lacking
in the busy world.

In the place of peace and quiet and regardless of what your mind is
saying to you, let everything go. Let go of the demands of your outer
world and breathe deeply, slowly moving your attention into the
breath and being fully present in your body.

In this place, begin to imagine what you would like to do in your
life if there were no constraints placed upon you at all. Imagine
that you have all the abundance that you desire and your life can
then be anything that you choose it to be. It is in this place where
you can now simply ask yourself, “what would I do? How would I
express my divine being in my life?”

In a perfect world, what would you do before all other things? What
brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment?

The more you are able to let go of your outer world, which is a
compilation of the needs and desires of others, the more you will be
able to move deeply within to find your own soul self and then to
listen to what it has to say to you. Allow yourself to feel the
energies that come to you, feel them without fear and without
judgment. For when you go into the judgment of yourself and take on
the belief that there is something that you “should” be doing
or “have to” be doing, then you are stepping completely out of the
flow of divine energy that is coming to you in this place directly
from you.

In a perfect world, what would you do before all other things? What
brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment? Allow yourself to bring
these ideas and dreams into your present space and examine them. For
these are the foundations of your soul purpose my friend. These are
the directions to living a life that is truly what you came here to

*And my friend, your mind may jump in here and give you all the
infinite reasons why you should not be doing this or that and this is
a good time to simply tell your mind to get out of the way as well.
You are letting go of the mental aspects and in this space it is
vastly more important to be in connection with your heart instead.
Tell your mind to leave you alone during this time and it will, for
you are the divine master and are one to be honored.*

Explore the energies of your heart and see what is there for you.
Allow yourself to bring in any energies that feel passionate to you,
whatever their form or substance. And then my friend, simply play
with the images and feelings that come to you. And when you come to
one that fills your heart with joy, that brings a flush of energy to
you, then that is one of your divine purposes in this life.

I use the plural of “purpose” here to illustrate that there is more
than one divine purpose, for life is full of many expressions. And
when you determine a course that you’d like to take, an adventure
you’d like to embark upon, simply know that this is not for a
lifetime. And in any moment you can make another choice, for it all
about the experience and it is all about what brings you joy and
fulfillment. And if that changes from one moment to the next, then be
at peace with that as well.* For you are not here to answer to some
higher being who tells you that you can only do this or that.* You are
here to discover that which brings you joy and then experience the
full expression of the unfolding of that expression in your physical

You are here to discover, to explore, to learn and to find that which
is your highest expression. Be at peace my friend, for you are doing

I AM Raphael and it is once again a delight to share this time with
you. At any time you are feeling lost or unsure, take yourself away
from the energies of others and breathe in the energies of you. For
you are the foundation for your life and there is no one who can
bring more comfort and knowing to you than your own soul.

We are complete.

~ Archangel Raphael

About the Channel
Jeane R. Pothier has been doing channeled messages from Spirit for
over ten years now via the Internet. Her background includes years of
in-depth research into metaphysics, alternative medicine, Shamanism
and spiritualism while seeking answers to her own personal questions
about these shifting times and the massive changes experienced in her
life. The clarity of her energies are foundational for the messages
that come through from the other realms, transmitted without editing
and changes, bringing through the great love and compassion available
to all.


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